Naughty Mom – Chapter 11

Squeezing and pulling her spongy tits, Mike eased his cock slowly up the burning wetness of her fuck tunnel. Angela cried out girlishly and let her shoulders drop to the floor. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Mike now held onto her hips as he fucked his big prcik slowly up her churning cunt.

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“It’s so biiig!” Angela gasped. She started humping again, feeling the pressure of her pussy walls enveloping his aching cock. “Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard!”

Mike moaned as he sank on top of her, fucking his cock up the hilt in the buttery sheath of her pussy. He pulled out, then fucked his prick in again, making her cunt tunnel loosen slightly around the steely stiffness of his oversized cock.

Then he started fucking her hard and fast, reaching forward and milking her big tits. Mike crouched over her back, panting with the strain of fucking her tight aching pussy. He fucked his big cock deeper and deeper into her fuck tunnel with every stroke.

“Oh shit, what a big cock you have!” Angela grimaced as the lust flowered deep inside her burning pussy channel. “Harder! Fuck my brains out! Make me cream all over your big cock!”

Mike intensified the speed of his fucking, making Angela’s knees bounce painfully on the floor as he reamed out her slippery pussy with bone-jarring fuck thrusts. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. His cock seemed to grow as his prick shaft bathed in her oozing pussy juices, stretching the walls of her fuck hole wider around the invading shaft of his prick.

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“Nnngg!” Angela thrust her hand under her belly, pushing her fingers through her matted pussy curls. “Harder!” She caught her clit under her fingers and started to jack off, rolling her clit hard. “Fuck me faster, Mike! I’m so hot for your prick!”

Mike changed the angle of his attack so his cock would fuck even deeper into the horny mother’s pussy. Then he started to ream out her silken pussy hole as hard as he could. His hips worked like a machine, battering her hairy little pussy almost brutally with every stroke of his cock.

“I’m cumming, Mike!” Angela clawed the carpet strands, gasping and grunting like an animal as her pussy tunnel throbbed uncontrollably around his stiff cock. “Fuck me harder! Unhhh! Fuck the shit out of me! I’m making it, lover! I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnngggggg!”

Her cunt creamed, suctioning uncontrollably around the driving hardness of Mike’s cock. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Mike fucked her furiously through the throbbing pulsations of orgasm, moaning as her pink pussy walls clamped around his prick.

But he somehow managed to keep the wad of jism inside his balls. When he finally pulled his smoking, quivering prick out of her hairy pussy, Angela didn’t have to ask what he wanted next.

“Get the Vaseline,” Angela panted. She stretched out on her belly, and covered with sweat, lewdly put her hand between her ass cheeks to rub her asshole, warming up for the impending invasion of cock meat.

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“You know where it is. The bathroom.” It was hard to speak after being fucked so ahrd. “Go and get it and I’ll let you fuck my ass as hard as you want!”

Mike stood up and went to the bathroom. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. His cock throbbed as he remembered the exquisite tightness of Angela’s shit tunnel, which he sampled for the first time the day before. He had told her then how much he wanted to fuck her between the ass cheeks again.

The bathroom window was wide open and as Mike opened the medicine cabinet he could see his house. He thought of his beautiful big titted mother waiting for him, and his cock throbbed even stiffer as he imagined fucking the daylights out of her as soon as he was done with Angela.

He had no idea that someone in the house might be watching him too.

“Oh, why doesn’t he come home to fuck me?” Janet whispered. “Doesn’t he know how horny I am? Oh Michael, please come home and fuck your mother’s hot cunt.”

She was trying to concentrated on a television show, but the picture kept blurring before her eyes as a wet horniness burned through her cunt. Janet glanced at the clock and looked hopefully at the front door. But it didn’t open. She didn’t know how much longer she could last without cumming.

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Miserably frustrated, the horny mother turned off the TV and went into the bathroom. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Her cheeks flushed with the same as she opened the cabinet under the sink and reached for the vibrator.

Her husband had given it to her as a joke a long time ago, and Janet had hardly used it since. Ordinarily, she preferred a good finger on her clit while jacking off. But without her son’s big cock inside her, Janet longed for something else that was big and stiff.

Her hand shook as she pulled out the vibrator and prepared to sit on the toilet, intending to jack off on the john. Then she happened to glance out the window and immediately stopped moving.

That was Mike, she thought trans fixedly. Yes, that was Mike for certain, in the window of Angela’s apartment building across the street.

Janet shook her head to clear her vision. But she would recognize her son anywhere, even from a distance. Mike was standing in a bathroom, opening a medicine cabinet. He obviously didn’t see her. Janet watched while he took something out and retreated from sight. Stepping up to the window, Janet studied the exterior of the opposing building. Second floor, to the left… why, that was Angela’s apartment. Her son was in Angela’s bathroom.