First time sharing of my Slutty Wife

For years my wife and I had spoken about the possibility of of inviting another person into the bedroom we finally decided to start looking online at contact sites to see what was out there myself looking for a nice young woman my wife had other ideas and soon we had got chatting to a nice young guy from Bristol, Mark a 19 year old guy who loved the idea of an older woman. Home of Group sex story, erotic sex story, wife sharing sex story, literotica and free sex story.

After a few chats we managed to work out a time for him to come and visit us no commitments just see how we get on the next week I was like a k** waiting for Christmas I was so excited but eventually the time arrived and I set off to pick him up from the train leaving my wife to get herself ready.

On the drive back I could tell Mark was really nervous like us this was his first time doing anything like this back at the house my wife was still upstairs so we grabbed a couple of beers and sat in the lounge relaxing ourselves just making small talk eventually.

Angela came down and got a glass of wine and joined us and joined in the conversation and we all got to know a little about each other then we got down to chatting about the the evening ahead and we all agreed that we got on and that we would like to take it further I was already rock hard just thinking of Mark and my wife together.

I couldn’t wait any longer and got up and told Mark to come and sit next to my wife she didn’t need any encouragement form me and soon they were kissing each other the first time I had seen my wife with another man and it felt fantastic watching them explore each other with their hands only stopping for my wife to remove her t-shirt and bra to give Mark easier access to her tits her hand frantically trying to undo his belt and jeans her hand was soon inside his shorts.

I was ready to cum myself now I was so turned on by the sight in front of my eyes Angela was trying to pull Marks jeans down but was struggling so I stepped in and took his trainers off and pulled them off for her revealing Marks now hard cock within seconds she was kissing and licking away at him taking his full length into her mouth it was only about a minute later Mark tensed up and I could see the inevitable was about to happen and sure enough he started to buck and fill Angela’s mouth with his cum most of the time she spits but I was desperate to see her swallow his load and it was if she read my mind she took it down.

While they both got their breath back I went and grabbed a duvet from upstairs and laid it on the floor for them both Angela took the rest of her clothes off and laid down Mark followed and lay next to her both exploring each others bodies.

Mark going down between Angela’s legs teasing her with his tongue it wasn’t long before he was hard again and he started to position himself ready to enter her we had agreed before hand to use condoms but in the moment completely forgot and soon Mark was pounding away at Angela’s pussy.

It was an amazing sight to see his cock in my wife’s pussy I was now playing with my cock I could tell I wasn’t going to last long so knelt at the side of Angela’s head and offered her my cock which she greedily accepted within seconds I was filling her mouth and for the second time that night she swallowed a load.

Mark’s thrust were getting quicker now and for the second time he bucked and tensed and dumped is cum into my wife’s pussy he rolled off and lay next to her I couldn’t wait to see his cum leaking out of her and I went round and pushed her knees apart and there slowly leaking out of her was Marks hot cum I started to wank my cock at this sight and got myself hard again and now took my turn to fuck her her wet sloppy hole before also filling her with my cum.

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and all agreed it was an amazing experience one which we have repeated on many occasions now with various guys we have met and hope to continue into the future.