Susie, the Widow

About 20 years ago, a couple moved into the house across the street from my wife and I. Ol’ Henry Carter did himself right with his new bride, as Susan (Susie to her friends) was at least 15 years younger than Henry, was a former beauty queen, and took care of herself with a gym membership, personal trainer, and vegetarian diet. At the time, Susie was somewhere around 40, and Henry was in his late 50s. My wife and I were around 30.

Over the years we got to know the Carters quite well, and I enjoyed Susie’s bright personality and slightly dirty sense of humor. She also hinted at some of Henry’s capabilities in the bedroom, and I guess she might have married him for more than just money.

About five years ago Henry was diagnosed with skin cancer, and he and Susie spent a long few years battling the disease until it killed him earlier this year.

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After Henry died, Susie remained in the house, and after my wife left me a couple years ago she seemed to become a bit friendlier to me. At times, she would bake things for me, bring me coffee from the local coffee stand, etc., all because she was “worried about me.”

I saw Susie at least three times a week, taking a walk or watering the roses, and once in awhile even used her nice home gym when I didn’t feel like driving to my normal gym. On this particular day she was in the gym at the same time I was, and we chatted as we went through our workouts. Let me tell you, for a woman that recently turned 60, she looked great – she still ate a vegetarian diet, spent a couple hours a day in the gym or doing yoga, had a personal trainer, and about 10 years ago had her breasts lifted. And because she told us, I knew they were a 34 C.

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After we were done, Susie asked me if I’d like to come in for a shoulder rub and glass of iced green tea. This was bold, but not out of character for Susie. As this was unfolding I did not know what level of sexual activity she had been involved with lately, but do know she had gone five years without intimacy while Henry was sick. And as a highly sexual person I knew this was hard for her.

After a few minutes of massaging my shoulders she commented on how tight I was and told me to stretch out on one of her yoga mats and take off my t-shirt. She attacked my back with enthusiasm, moved down to my legs, and then told me to flip over. Susie is not a shy person and she is very comfortable with her body and with others, so she had no trouble massaging my chest and quads, and did not seem to be bothered by the few times she brushed my balls or penis. However, her actions were having an effect on me, and there was nothing I could do to hide the growing bulge in my shorts. Now that it was obvious, I opened my eyes and looked at Susie, she leaned down, and we locked lips.

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From this point, it was on. We were two unattached adults, and after the “dead bedroom” period of my marriage, I was open for adventure. So after just a minute of wild French kissing, Susie grabbed my shorts and pulled them and my compression pants down and off. So even though my fully engorged cock was out and waiting, I stopped her, sat up, and took her tank top and sports bra off. Boy, her plastic surgeon did a good job, her tits were still firm, pale skin with small, light pink aureolas and nipples. Reactively, I grabbed her boobs with both hands, squeezed them and kissed and sucked both nipples, and we were both kind of blinded with lust.

Susie had a goal though, and she broke away and pushed me back down. Immediately she was down to my crotch, licking from base to head, then taking my whole length in her mouth. Her hunger and experience surprised me, and I was in absolute heaven. As good as this felt, I knew I had some stamina that day, so I could lay back and enjoy without fear of coming yet.

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After a couple minutes of giving me head, Susie stood up, walked over to a sofa and sat down. I followed, knelt down between her legs, and spent the next 10 minutes using my fingers and tongue building her up to a couch soaking, head squeezing orgasm. After giving her a few minutes to recover, I positioned myself with my tool nestled in her labia, and slowly started working it in. Susie was surprisingly tight, and I immediately felt her pelvic muscle squeezing my cock. I fucked her like this for a few minutes, loving the sight of her round breasts shaking around, and felt myself getting close. To stop the action for a minute I helped her off the couch in to a kneeling position, and then entered her from behind. I slowed it down a bit at this point and just took in the sight of my very wet cock sliding in and out of my beautiful, mature neighbor’s pussy.

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Since I had a vasectomy a number of years back, and Susie knew it, as we both approached climax, I buried my dick as deep as I could, like I was sheathing a sword in a stone, and exploded with a groan inside her. Then we collapsed on the the couch, sweating and glowing from the mutual orgasms.

Later that day after a few chores and a shower, I was rock hard again for some reason. So, I grabbed a tube of body lotion, laid back on my bed, and relived the moment, knowing there would be more to come.