Kristen’s Wish

Welcome to the world of Kristen Archives. We will start with how Kristen gets into Literotica and all the orgy sex stuff after she is visited for a photoshoot. Enjoy the story and don’t forget to leave your comments. Let’s get on with the story now.

“Logan, your two thirty is here,” Kristen informed her boss, photographer, Logan Klein.

Without looking up from the proofs he was reviewing, he replied, “Set her up in studio three, and get the lighting set up!”

“Sure thing, boss,” Kristen replied, “you’re gonna enjoy this one, she’s a stunner!”

Kristen Archives > A day at the pool

kristen archivesHearing that, he put down his viewer and said, “Well in that case, get the video camera started, after all, she said she wants to be in pictures, so let’s not disappoint her!!!”

Ten minutes later Logan breezed into studio and three and with an extension of his hand said, “Hi, I’m Logan, and you’ve already met my assistant Kristen, and you must be Angie!!!”

From the way her small hand was shaking, Logan could sense that Angie was really nervous about posing, and he took great pains to ease her fears!

“Say,” he said smoothly, “you are a very beautiful woman, and these pictures are a gift for your husband!?!”

Kristen Archives > Slutty Wife’s Revenge

Angie shook her head and replied, “Our tenth wedding anniversary is coming up, and I decided to give Dave, he’s my husband, some intimate photos of me as a sorta surprise!”

“Well,” Logan intoned brightly, “lots of women are doing just that very thing, and just between you and me, their husbands or boy friends just love it!!!”

“Oh, I hope so,” Angie opined nervously, “I so much want to make him happy!!!”

“What ya say we start off with a few of you in the clothes you have on now, just to get you used to being in front of the camera,” Logan suggested!

“Uh, okay,” Angie answered in a relieved voice, “that’s a good idea!!!”

Kristen Archives > Fucked by a big cock Shemale

“Here,” Kristen said, “before we start have a drink of this, it will calm your nerves, it’s just white wine!”

Angie took the glass, drained it, and asked, “What do I do first?!?”

For the next five minutes or so, Logan took at least thirty snaps of Angie in various poses around the studio, while praising her at every opportunity!

“Wow,” Logan enthused, “you’re a natural, don’t you think she’s a natural, Kristen,” while she nodded her head and enthusiastically agreed with her boss!

Even though she was no model, Logan had to admit that she was taking to posing like a duck to water, and while Logan was changing his film, Kristen offered Angie another drink of wine, which she eagerly drank to the bottom of the glass!

When Logan was ready to shoot, he suggested, “Okay, honey, you’re doing just great, let’s unbutton the blouse and show a little cleavage, Kristen, get in their and help her please!!!”

Kristen Archives > Susie, the Widow

Angie, looking a little confused, just stood there and let Kristen open the front of her blouse and expose her large breasts which were encased in a pretty white lace bra!

“Oh, man,” Logan said, “your hubby is one lucky guy, I’d love to see his face when he sees your photos!!!”

Angie laughed a nervous laugh, but settled into serious posing as soon as Logan’s camera began clicking away!

“Great,” Logan said, “turn to the left a little, good girl, show me that kittenish look, oh yeah, dip your shoulder a little, bend over just a tad, okay that’s good!!!”

“Let’s get a little more daring,” Logan said a matter of fact, “okay, Kristen, unhook her bra and let it slip down a little, but don’t take it all the way off, I want her breasts to kinda hang out just above it, like they’re spilling out!!!”

Again Kristen offered some wine to Angie, and while she was drinking it down, Kristen unhooked the 36DD bra and let it slip from Angie’s big breasts!!!

Again, Logan just started clicking away and Angie began posing, following his orders to a tee!

Kristen Archives > I got fucked like a slut

Logan had photographed literally thousands of naked women, but for a woman of thirty five, Angie had one of the most fantastic chests he had ever seen!!!

“Wow, baby, when I said your husband was a lucky man, I misspoke,” Logan said smoothly, “he hit the lottery, you are incredible!!!”

Even from twenty feet away Logan could see the red rising in Angie’s embarrassed face!

“Hey, baby, don’t be embarrassed,” he went on, “if you got I flaunt it I always say, and let me tellya, you’ve got it!!!”

After a few more minutes, Logan announced, “I’m out of film again, Kristen, take her into the dressing room and give her the works, and I’ll get the Leica-flex set up!!!”

In the dressing room, there were literally hundreds of different bra and panty combinations of all sizes and colors to choose from, and Kristen offered, “Since you’re a blonde, let’s try black for contrast, how does that sound!?!”

Kristen Archives > Public threesome with a dirty whore

Kristen selected a lacy black bra with matching panties and garter belt, and held them in front of Angie to see how they would look on her.

“I think we have a winner,” Kristen said, “what do you think?!?”

Angie looked in the mirror, tried to imagine what she would look like and said, “Yeah, I think they look great!!!”

“Good,” Kristen replied, “now get out of your things so we can get these on you!!!”

When Angie was naked, Kristen looked her over and said, “You really do have a beautiful body, “I think Dave is going to love these!!!”

The bra was cut so that almost the entire breast was exposed, it was really no more than a shelf that helped project the breasts upward, leaving the nipples exposed, while the panties, were of course crotch-less, revealing the vaginal crack of anyone wearing them!!!

When she was all “dressed”, Angie looked in the mirror and had to admit she looked pretty good, she had only one question, “Do you think that crotch-less is too crude!?!”

Kristen Archives > The Detention