A day at the pool

Whenever I get time off work I spend a lot of time down at the local lido in the summer reading lushstories and mingling with ladies.. and one day as I got out of the water and went back to my stuff I noticed a woman sitting reading, probably in her 50’s. She was leaning forward slightly and as I walked by I could see down her costume almost to her nipples.

Being a horny fucker I went passed her loads of times before she realized what I was doing and she looked up from her book and smiled as I went by. The next time just as I approached she sort of pushed her shoulders together and leaned forward even more and I saw the lot. I was so mesmerized I actually stopped and she looked at me and asked if I liked what I saw.

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I stuttered and stammered not knowing what to do and started to walk away but she called me back and told me to sit down. I was too surprised to do anything but obey and as I sat she leaned forward again giving me a close up of her gorgeous tits.

“Are they better than your girlfriend’s?” she asked.

“No, I mean I haven’t seen hers” I said, totally flummoxed. She stayed as she was and I couldn’t take my eyes off them until I felt her hand on my thigh. I jumped so much she laughed and told me not to be so nervous, but I’d never had anything like this before and didn’t know what to do, I mean she was probably as old as my mum.

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Her hand stayed on my thigh and she looked at my crotch and said, “Mmmm I think you do like them seeing what it’s doing for you.”

I realized my hardening cock was making a bulge in my trunks and tried to cover it up.

“Don’t be silly” she said “I’m flattered that you’d get a hard on for me.”

Oh fuck, ladies didn’t talk like that, or so I thought as my cock twitched and grew a bit more. Then she said she had to go and as she got up her hand went straight to my bulge and gave my cock a squeeze.

“You’d better stay there for a bit until that dies a bit or you’ll have all the ladies after you.”

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She was right, my cock was straining to get out so I sat and watched her go and once my cock had softened a bit got my stuff together and went to get changed and go home where I was definitely going to have a wank over this.

When I got outside and started across the car park to get my bus I saw her standing by her car. “Can I give you a lift?”

I didn’t know what to do or say I wanted to but knew I shouldn’t. But as I hesitated she opened the back door and told me to jump in. I did as I was told, expecting her to get in the driver’s seat, not get in the back with me. All the windows were darkened and as soon as she shut the door she unzipped her top and they were on view. She hadn’t put a bra on and I had a full view of her fantastic tits, just inches away. I must have looked an idiot, I know my mouth had dropped open and I was staring but she wasn’t fazed at all. I hadn’t got a clue what to do and she realized this and took my hands and put them on her tits making me stroke them.

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I just let her control me, mesmerized by what was happening and as she groaned softly I could feel her nipples getting hard, just like my cock was. She let go of my hands and pulled my head down and told me to kiss them, I did. Then she made me suck on her nipples and I could feel them getting really hard.

Next thing I know she grabbed my head lifted it up and kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth. I couldn’t believe it but was loving it and as we kissed her hand went to my cock and stroked it over my trousers. I gasped as we kissed and her hand was moving, my zip was going down, her hand was inside now.

I didn’t know what to do so did nothing. Then my cock was out and in her hand. She broke off the kiss and pushed me back, holding on to my cock. Then the unbelievable happened, she went down on me and took the whole length into her mouth as she stroked my balls.

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I was so embarrassed, I knew I’d been leaking pre-cum and that any minute I would cum my lot. I tried to tell her, to stop her but she didn’t and I finally blurted it out “I’m going to cum.”

Did she stop? Did she fuck, she just started rubbing it and sucking. That did it, I started cumming and it seemed to go on forever and she sucked and swallowed and kept on stroking until I finally sagged back.

She sat up and asked me if that was good. I was still too embarrassed to say anything and just nodded as I kept on looking at her gorgeous tits. My cock was getting softer now as I knew it would and she looked at it and said how cute it was and then reached out to it stroking it and my balls again. I knew it wouldn’t get hard again for ages, it never does, but she had some sort of magic because it was reviving already.

“There” she said “I do believe it’s growing again.”

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I couldn’t believe it was happening, it never did this, but as her hands stroked it grew and grew. She went on her knees in front of me and began sucking it again and it felt great but she seemed to be doing something else. Then I found out what, as she stood up naked from the waist down. A lovely hairy pussy, wow, what now I thought. She knelt on the seat straddling me pushing her tits to my face and then her hand was on my cock as she lowered herself. Oh shit, she was going to fuck me.

I sucked on her nipples as I had before as I felt her pussy on my cock and slowly felt it going in to the warm sexy cunt; it was amazing. Slowly she lowered herself on to me until I was in right up to my balls. Then she lifted up slightly and said “OK Mr, fuck me.”

Her language, wow, I was shocked but did as she said, driving my cock up into her as she held herself just above me. It got worse, the language, “oh yes, fuck me. Stick that hot young cock up my cunt and make me cum; go on do it, harder, fuck, oh yes, I’m cumming, keep going.”

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I couldn’t believe it was happening, only guys spoke like this but then she dropped on to me and began grinding against me. “I’m cumming oh fuck yes I’m cumming” she groaned as I felt her juice running down my balls.

“Do it now, fuck me hard and shoot your load in my cunt.” I was close to cumming and that really brought me off as I exploded inside her wet cunt.

She finally got off me and sat next to me her hand on my cock again as it began softening. Then she did up her top and pulled on her skirt and said she’d better get me home. She dropped me off saying perhaps she’d see me at the pool another day and thanked me for a good time.

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