My wife fucks a repairman

My husband had a very demanding job at the hospital and he was never home. As a surgeon in a renowned hospital in town, he would get phone calls even in the middle of the night, to rush out and try to save lives. I was just 26, avid erotic sex story reader and at the height of my sexual desire.

A couple of times my husband had left me in bed wanting more, as he rushed to the hospital. At my age all I wanted was sex-sex-sex, but my husband was not giving me enough, which disappointed me a lot.

There were times he would spend the night in the operating room and return home in the early morning. My attempts to initiate sex then would be futile, since he was too tired to satisfy me. I decided to purchase toys like vibrators and dildos, but they weren’t enough. I needed a man, breathing hot air while slamming hard into my pussy.

I loved my husband because he was a dedicated man and in my sexual hunger and desperation I would visit the hospital for a quickie, but even then I was not satisfied.

There is one incident that really broke the camel’s back and turned me into a shameless slut. My husband had been locked up performing surgery for over 24 hours. My hormones were going crazy.

I needed a man and fast.

I called my husband but he was not picking up. He had been working for over 30 hours. I decided to check up on him and take him a change of clothes. I had to wait 30 minutes before he could get a break. We went into the doctors’ quarter, where he could change. As soon as he closed the door behind us I jumped on him, planting hot kisses on his cold lips.

‘Baby, I want you. Please fuck me. Fuck me on this table right now,’ I begged.

Looking into his weary eyes, I started undressing to motivate him. I know my body was great, my boobs were pert and full and that morning I had shaved my pussy. This was enough to give any man a hard-on.

He sat down on the couch to watch me undress. When I pulled down my pants I saw a hint of interest in his eyes at the sight of my well-shaven, teen-like pussy. But it didn’t last long. I ran to him and tore off his shirt sending the buttons flying all over the room.

‘Baby I don’t have much time, I have to get back to surgery,’ he said.

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His protest was too weak for my raging hormones and I fished out his cock. It was not yet erect but I knew with a little sucking it would rise to its towering length. In less than 30 seconds the long, hard dick filled my mouth and I knew I would get a nice fuck.

I had to ride him because he was too tired. All he had to do was keep that cock erect and inside me and leave the rest to me. I pushed him back on the couch and climbed on top of him, using my left hand I parted my pussy lips. Before his dick could go the full length inside me the pager and the intercom blared.

‘Dr Shepard, you are needed into room 567B, emergency, please hurry.’

Disappointment spread all over my face.

‘Fuck, you have got to be kidding me,’ I said in total frustration.

There was nothing my husband could do. He gently pushed me away, picked up the clean clothes I brought him and rushed out. I lay on the couch frustrated. I knew what he was going to do was important but so was fucking me.

‘Damn,’ I said.

It was 2.00pm when I got home and I wanted to go straight to bed. I didn’t even want to talk to anyone.

My mind was so occupied with my sexual hunger that I had forgotten about the house repairs I had organized.

A company van was parked outside the house and a strong muscular man was reading a newspaper in the driver’s seat.

‘Hello, ma’am. I was just about to leave. I was scheduled to start at 1.30,’ he said.

I mumbled an apology and headed inside, with the repair man following me. He was there to fix the water system, I guess. I left him to get on with his work and headed to the bathroom for a quick bath, then to bed. I dipped myself into the tub to try and drown my sexual frustration and completely forgot about him.

The water was soothing and I was feeling sleepy. It’s dangerous to sleep in a bathtub because you can easily drown, so I told myself I will just soak myself a little. I guess I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up by a tap on the shoulder. I was startled because in my mind I thought I was alone.

In shock I quickly stood up and stood dripping wet, face to face with the repair man.

‘Ma’am you were sleeping in the bathtub and I have pipes to fix in here,’ he said politely.

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We were standing close to one another and I was stark naked. He slowly lowered his head and gazed from my breasts all the way to my feet.

A slight smile broke on his face as he turned around to hand me the towel. The smell of his sweat was arousing and my sexual desires were still at their peak. He handed me the towel but instead of wrapping it around my body I dropped it on the floor as I stepped out of the bathtub.

He pulled me closer and planted hot kisses on my lips. His lips were soft and as he sucked my lower lip I was busy removing his sweaty shirt to expose a massive chest, full of hair.

‘Wow,’ I mumbled, as I ran my hand across his chest. This was so arousing. I had never had sex with a man who had so much hair on his chest. He lowered his strong arms down to my ass and grabbed and squeezed my cheeks a little.

I went down on my knees and opened his jeans. My heart was pounding and my nipples were painfully erect. I pulled out a thick cock – as muscular as his arms.

This cock would rip me open. His hands were caressing my hair and he gently pushed his cock into my mouth. It was huge. I could hear him moan as I moved his dick inside my mouth. In my mind all I could think about were the ways I would fuck this guy. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I took his hand and led him to the bedroom where I would fuck his brains out.

When we entered the bedroom he picked me up and tossed me on the bed with my legs wide open, his arms went to my boobs and he twisted and fondled them gently. I am not a screamer but when his lips touched my cunt lips I screamed with ecstasy.

This guy was a professional. His beard and mustache were rubbing my clit and all my pussy could do was pulsate and drip into his mouth uncontrollably. He shoved his tongue inside me and I knew couldn’t take it anymore. I dug my nails on the back of his neck pushing him deep and splashing his face with so much cum he almost choked.

My body shook and the whole bed vibrated but he didn’t stop to give me time to catch a breath – he moved to my tits sucking them and biting my nipples gently.

I was on fire and as he sucked my boob I slid my hand to get hold of his dick. I directed it to my swollen cunt. My pussy was tight and I felt a little pain as he drove his massive tool home. He ventured deep as I moaned and screamed and spread my legs even further. He took my already weak legs and placed them on his shoulder. I swear no man had ever gotten so deep.

He continued fucking me as I screamed

‘Give it to me, fuck me harder, don’t stop just fuck me … fuck that pussy … f…u…ck’.

He flipped me on to my side and entered from the rear. One hand was stroking my clit, I had never seen a man with so much stamina and I even didn’t know his name. We were soaking wet as he brought me to my knees.

He entered me from behind and the sight of my breasts slapping my face and his balls hitting my pussy lips was more than we could take because in a few minutes I felt my body stiffen as well as his, as he shot loads of cum inside me.

It felt so warm as it filled me. I screamed and he moaned as we dropped on the bed, wasted.

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‘Ma’am, that was wild sex. You really needed it,’ he said.

I smiled and nodded.

‘I’m sorry I have to go, but here is my card in case you need those pipes fixed again,’ he said with a corny look on his face.

I watched him dress and I wanted him again. I had become such a bad girl, a cheating wife.

That evening I called to check on my husband only to have him tell me he wouldn’t be home until the following morning. I picked up the card and made a call.

‘Hello, I think my pipes need repairing, they are dripping wet,’ I said.

‘I’ll be right there cheating wife,’ came the reply.