Wife takes on a Lifeguard

Hello fellas! Welcome to Just Erotic Stories. I would like to share a sex story related to my wife’s sexual escapades with a Lifeguard.

Last night I had some VERY vivid scenes in my head as I dozed off and I’d like to share some of them.

The room is very dark, and I hear some talking but can’t make out the words. A circle of warm light appears, revealing you standing there in your bright blue sleep top and striped bottoms, talking to someone in the shadows. At a gesture from you, they step into the light. It takes a moment to see that it’s the lifeguard, still in only his swim trunks. You say something to him, he smiles and nods to you.

You reach out and put your hands on his chest, sliding them down to his stomach and around his waist, as he leans forward and kisses you on the neck. As he does, you look directly at me and smile. You look back at him and begin kissing his chest as his arms encircle you, pulling your bodies together.

His hands slide across your back to your waist, you lean your head back and close your eyes as he kisses you tenderly on the lips. The kiss deepens and I can see your mouth open as you lean into him, his hands now sliding down your back to cup your bottom. He lifts you up, your legs wrapping around him, body leaning back away from him, and the two of you slowly grind against each other.

I can see the hardness of your nipples through your top as you moan and let your head fall back while he slides you up and down against him. You are moving up and down faster and faster, both of you lost in the feeling for a moment. Then you turn your head toward me again, and after watching me for a moment, I see you mouth the words “turn me around”.

You are reading this sex story on Just erotic stories. He sets you back on the ground and you kiss again, more gently this time. You turn around, pushing yourself back against the erection I can now see clearly through his trunks. He puts his hand on your hips and you lean forward. He begins again to push himself against you, slowly sliding himself up and down. You are bent all the way forward now, supporting yourself on something in the darkness, your bottom pressed hard against him. You look into my eyes as once again the tempo of his motion begins to rise.

Faster and faster he is grinding against you while I stare into your eyes, and suddenly you pull away from him and turn back around. Putting your hands on his sides, you slide slowly down to your knees, kissing across his stomach, then down his trunks, kissing and licking the tightly stretched cloth and causing him to tense up as he tries to push harder against your mouth.

I can see you smiling as your hand slips up under the bottom of the pants, and then you are slowly stroking him as you continue licking the huge bulge in his trunks. His throws his head back and moans when you gently nibble the tip, then begin rising again.

Back on your feet again, you stretch up to whisper in his ear. He steps back out of view and then I can see his trunks land back in the pool of light. There is some other motion in the darkness but before I can make it out, you turn away from me and slowly slide your pants down, bending deeply as you push them down to the floor. You lower yourself to all fours, then slide your arms all the way out ahead of you, pressing your breasts to the floor. The light reflects off the smooth, shiny material of your black panties as you slowly slide back up to all fours, look back at me over your shoulder, then crawl away from me.

The light follows you and I see that the lifeguard is now lying on his back, feet toward me. You continue crawling over him, licking him slowly as you go but not stopping until your feet are beside his head. You turn and kiss him slowly, and again I can see your mouth open as you taste each other.

Then you crawl back toward me, your eyes locked onto his penis. The skin usually covered by his trunks is a more golden color than the bronze of the rest of his body, his shaft somewhat longer and thicker than mine, the hairs around the base short and lightly colored. You are reading this sex story on Just erotic stories. It stands arrow straight, pointing toward you as you move back down his body. As you near it, you look up at me again.

Our eyes lock as you open your mouth wide, moving forward while I watch it slide past your lips. He twitches slightly as your tongue contacts the head, and you move more slowly as it fills your mouth, and finally you close your eyes as a slight shudder goes down your body when it touches your throat. You close your lips around it but don’t move for a few seconds, then your eyes open again, this time looking down as you slowly slide your lips back up the length of him.

Without taking your eyes off the now moist member, you lay your head down beside it and slowly lick at the base. I see his hands slide up the outside of your legs, across the panties, and then to your hips, The hands wrap around the side of the panties, and the panties pull away. You raise yourself back up until you are sitting on your knees with his face under you. You relax into position and I can hear the sound of his tongue working gently on you. You close your eyes for a few moments, reaching out to fondle his erection as he licks you.

I can see your chest rising and falling more quickly, your nipples hard under the thin blue fabric. Your eyes close and you lean forward, breath becoming ragged. You are stroking him more urgently now, your hand moving up and down rapidly, then you drop your chest back down on him, your head on his thigh and I can see the orgasm running through your body, tensing as you moan, gripping him tightly, then relaxing again. You lay there for a few seconds, eyes closed, hand on his shaft, then you raise back up and crawl toward me again, lingering to rub your breasts on his hardness.

You are reading this sex story on Just erotic stories. You stop and press your chest against the floor, knees still on the ground and slightly spread. He rises up behind you, looking down to savor your shape before he begins to slide himself into you. His hands run across your back and legs, then his hands wrap around your hips as he pushes more firmly. You look into my eyes as he fills you, becoming unfocused as he begins thrusting more steadily.

The tempo builds slowly, him pulling you back into him with more urgency each time. Soon I can hear the sound of you against him as he pounds in and out. Your mouth opens as you gasp for air and I see a second orgasm course through you, leaving you limp as he slows pace and then pulls out of you, and you slide prone with a sigh. After a few breaths, you raise your head and say something to the lifeguard. He smiles and leans back as you sit up and take your top off.

You roll back around to your knees, this time facing him and turning so that I am to your side. You kiss him slowly, running your hands down his back and under him, then around to fondle him again. Your tongue begins working its way down his body, licking his shoulders, arms, and chest as your hands continue to gently massage.

Soon you have worked yourself back down to hands and knees and your tongue is licking at the base of his erection. He lays back, and you press further down, running your tongue along his scrotum and back up the length of the shaft. Your hand wraps firmly around the shaft and strokes a few times before your mouth engulfs the tip. He moans and you look over at me again, holding eye contact as you stroke and suck him.

In a few strokes I can see him begin to tense, and you look up at him, slowly pulling your mouth off of him, stroking as you lower your face down to lick the soft skin between his legs, then a long lick back up to the tip. Watching his face you begin once again stroking him with the head in your mouth, until his breath is fast and shallow, then you take him out, this time relaxing onto your back and pointing at him, then between your legs.

He works his tongue up your legs, slowly licking from your ankles up to your waiting pussy. You wrap your fingers into his hair and pull his face more into you for a moment, then up and away. I watch his mouth work up and across your stomach and give a kiss to each nipple, then your neck.

You are reading this sex story on Just erotic stories. Your hands are above your head and he grasps each wrist, holding you under him. He enters you again, and begins gently rocking back and forth with you under him. You seem relaxed, almost drowsy looking up at him as he moves slowly in and out. You say something to him and he leans down and kisses you, then pulls out and rolls you over, flat on your stomach with him above you.

This time he enters you impatiently and is thrusting more quickly and deeply. Your head lifts up and you say something to him. His strokes become quicker still, then he pulls free of you and as you raise your bottom up toward him his warm semen squirts onto your cheeks and spreads up to your lower back. You turn and catch my eye, and with a mischievous smile, you reach back, dip two fingers into the warm cum on your back, and lick and suck them clean while watching me.