Staying By the Side

I’m blindfolded and can hear you doing something in the other room – some rustling. Some shuffling around – is that a bag you’ve opened? I discreetly test my bonds. They’re tight. My hands tied carefully to my knees – I could feel you slowly tying them. Meticulous as always. Checking to make sure they didn’t hurt me or cut off circulation. Then tying rope around each ankle, again, slowly, carefully so I wouldn’t feel pain from the bondage you’ve added to me. I try and move my ankles – just a bit, I don’t really want to escape, just want to know. Know if I could… I can’t. That part had been a little more rough. Forceful. You grabbed my ankle and spread it as far as you could – then tied it off to something to the side and behind – forcing my leg to spread open. Then came back for the other one of bdsm sex stories.

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bdsm sex storiesI can still hear you in the distance – are you actually getting something? Or just making me wait, hands tied to my knees, pussy and ass spread to you – immobilized, unable to see and completely at your mercy. Leaving me here to worry and overthink what you’ve planned for this little encounter.

I can hear your steps coming closer – my pussy clenches at the sound. Then…nothing. Complete silence.

The silence stretches – I try to stay still. To listen. Where are you? What are you doing? My pussy is clenching in anticipation – already wet.  You are reading this bdsm sex stories on just erotic stories dot com. It’s been soaking since you first slipped the blindfold over my eyes. Ages ago at this point. Or merely a moment ago? Time has slowed to an almost stop. Have I been here five minutes or five hours?

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My body jumps, or at least attempts to jump, when you brush a finger over my clit – the lightest of touches but it sends my body into overdrive. I try and push my pussy up – up towards you and your touch but I. Still. Cant. Move. You chuckle – a soft, low chuckle, barely a whisper. You are reading this bdsm sex stories on just erotic stories dot com. Then brush my clit again. Feather light, barely there. Electricity spreads from my clit to the rest of my body. I can almost hear my moan – pleeease. I can hear you ask ‘please what?’ but words have failed me already. I’m putty in your hands and you know it.

“Please touch your little clity? Please make you cum? Please what, slut?” I groan – I want all that. And more, your cock – you fingers, your mouth – everything please. “Please touch your pussy, sire. Pleaase.” i can barely get the words out – but you heard them.

Next thing I know your finger is circling my little clittly, oh so softly. Then slightly harder, and then harder – then your fingers slipping into your soaking wet pussy.

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I’m begging you to cum. I can feel it building – slowly but with force. Please sire, please I need to cum. Please let your little slut cum… No. no. no. no. Not yet slut. You keep saying no… I can barely hold on and I stopped thinking forever ago. My world has boiled down to you. You are reading this bdsm sex stories on just erotic stories dot com. You touching my clit. Your presence standing over me – saying no. Don’t cum…I’m begging over and over and over. Please – I’m so close. Please let me cum… and again and again -No. Then I feel it – my orgasm is so close to the surface I can’t stop it – “Please sire, I’m going to cum… PLEASE”




I scream. My orgasm stopped – ruined by your hand coming down directly on my clit. I can feel my pussy get hotter, and even more blood rush to it. My breath is coming in short pants now – sweat pouring. My whole body is on fire. My mind is alternating between wanting to beg for you to go back to playing with my pussy and begging for you to stop. My pussy is on fire. It’s still on the edge of orgasm, but can feel the tingle and heat from where you slapped it.

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Then your hand returns, softly, teasingly to my clit. You start again. Rubbing my hot, wet little clit. Fingers pushing into my soaking pussy. It doesn’t take long before I’m a begging mess again. On the edge of orgasm. Then, right as I reach the final edge, right before my body falls into the abyss of orgasm…

THWACK. THWACK. THWACK… you keep going this time… has it been ten? Fifteen? I lose count. Then you start your teasing touches again – playing with your pussy. This time with your mouth – lips sucking my clit in hard, then soft. Fingers still slowly, teasingly fucking me.

Making it come closer and closer to cumming. Then stopping. Then starting again. Fingers. Mouth, THWACK. Never in any particular order. Never for a certain set amount of time… Just teasing me to the edge then stopping it. Over and over and over.

My world has narrowed even further – just you and your hand and your mouth and your pussy – pain and pleasure and mindlessness. I’m begging again – I have no idea what for. Just an endless stream of please, sire, please Mister A, please…

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Please more. Please stop. Please don’t stop. Please. Please Please… I need to cum so badly it hurts. My pussy – your pussy, it belongs to you now more than me, is throbbing. Needy. Soaking the bedspread beneath me. You are reading this bdsm sex stories on just erotic stories dot com. The rope is cutting into my wrists and my knees and my ankles from where I’ve tried to close my legs. Tried to stop this beautiful, painful torture – but at the same time trying to move upwards – towards you. Towards your hand and your mouth and your fingers.

I’m on the edge again… You’ve stopped. I can feel my pussy throbbing and clenching in subconscious expectation of another slap. It doesn’t come.

Instead I feel your cock – your beautiful hard cock slam into my abused, soaking wet pussy.

“Cum for me slut – cum right now!” I can hear you and my body obeys. My pussy is clenching and cumming on your cock as you fuck me – hard and brutal and deep. “Cum again.” I do. And again, I can’t stop cumming as you cock fucks your sore, needy pussy. Over and over. I can feel your hand at my throat, closing off my air- your mouth next to my ear as you harshly whisper “cum again slut. Cum for me now.” I can’t help it -I’m cumming and screaming and moaning. My pussy is clenching around your cock over and over as I keep cumming.

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My mind, my body have shut down -they’re yours at this moment. Completely and without reservations.

You let go of my neck and pull out – then I can feel it. Your hot cum on my face. I open my mouth wide as I can, like a good slut. I can hear you groan as you jerk off over me – covering my face in your cum.

“Clean me off” you order as you stick you semi-hard dick in my mouth. I moan as I clean off that beautiful perfect cock – your cock. Gently I suck the last bit of cum from the tip.

You’re untying me now. I can barely move. My body and my mind still feel like they’re trying to swim through molasses. You are reading this bdsm sex stories on just erotic stories dot com. But at the same time I feel free – a bird flying through the air. I’m free of the bondage you put on me earlier and my legs collapse. Your slowly pulling the blindfold off – I keep my eyes shut tight.

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Then, I’m in the best place in the world – your arms. Naked. Exhausted and overheated. We’re both sweaty. But my face is buried in your chest, inhaling your scent, while you pet my hair. Your calling me your sweetie – your pet. Your plaything. My body is shaking and cold and hot and everything is too much and all I can think is yes, yes please to all of that. To being yours – your sweetie, your pet, your slut. I bury myself deeper into your embrace, deeper into your chest and smile.

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