Lisa, my exhibitionist wife

Hello. I am going to share this sex story about my exhibitionist wife – Lisa, on Just Erotic Stories. . I hope you guys like it.

The oppressive heat, gray skies, and the soaking humidity pressed on me as I approached the house. The grass was wet underfoot, but not from rain. The day did not encourage energy, yet I felt animated as I neared the door. I entered without knocking as I had been instructed. The air conditioners were not functioning; the house was as warm and damp as the outdoors. Everything was so still it seemed no one was at home. I went right to the den, a small cozy room with a large leather couch and lots of books.

Lisa laid on the sofa, her head on the armrest, her right foot on the couch, her left on the floor, and her arms at her side. She wore a long, salmon colored, satin nightgown. She didn’t move as I entered, not even opening her eyes. I sat in the armchair facing the sofa and stared at her.

The satin followed every contour of her body, and left no doubt she was wearing no underwear. Her nipples were clearly visible, and gave me the impression her thoughts were erotic. As I sat looking at her she slowly started to caress her breasts with her right hand. The rest of her body was immobile; it seemed as if an outside force guided her hand. Bit by bit her nipples hardened, trying to poke holes in the satin covering them. Her breathing changed, becoming deeper and less even. Her legs opened and closed against each other, causing the nightgown to ride up her thighs. The contrast between the satin, her skin, and the dark leather made her radiate warmth that was more than the sultry heat of the weather. Her left hand reached between her legs and started to lightly stroke her pussy. She didn’t lift the nightgown but gently rubbed the satin in circles. My breathing now matched hers, yet despite my excitement I remained still while I watched.

She resembled a dreamer, and I was not about to interrupt, even if she was acting. Her movements were so soft and sensuous they were beautiful to watch. She did not seem in any hurry as she slowly stroked her pussy, and made circles around her breasts. Her belly rose and fell in an increasing rhythm, but her fingers continued at a deliberate pace. Her mouth had fallen open and her tongue licked her lips from time to time. Slowly her legs opened allowing her hand to put more pressure on her pussy. The room appeared warmer, and yet I knew the temperature had not risen. Lisa was clearly getting close to orgasm, but she was not hurrying.

Watching her soft movements, and the definite effect they were having, was giving me a sexual rush I had never felt before. It was beautiful to watch, the actions so controlled, and yet the excitement so clear. Never could I have kept such a slow pace as I neared the finish. Her cheeks had become flushed and her hands were more precise in their actions, but the pace had not increased. Just a slow march toward the goal desired with a sensuality that inflamed me to behold. Still I didn’t move for fear of breaking the spell and not being able to see the conclusion. Such radiant lust, I observed her in awe.

By now her nightgown had pleated itself into the folds between her legs, it had a long deep crease that was showing signs of being wet. Yet her fingers never tried to enter the furrow, but just rubbed the sides and the start. I was waiting for her to lift the hem of the gown and insert her fingers, but it didn’t happen. She continued to caress and twirl until she was clearly at the edge. Then she pinched her nipple and pushed hard on her crack while her legs clenched and her chest heaved. Her face became flushed, her mouth opened, and she moaned softly in a deep breath. Watching that moment was so exciting and so beautiful I had a hard time staying still, but as before I didn’t want to break the mood.

It took her a long time to come down and regain her normal breathing. When she completely relaxed, she let her legs fall straight, put her hands behind her head, opened her eyes, and said: “Hello, Gerard, maybe you would like to join me.”

She reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. She threw the garment at me and lay back on the leather. She licked her lips as she caressed her thighs and breasts, leaving me no doubt about her desire to attain another climax. This time I was not going to watch. Quickly I got rid of my clothes and knelt by the couch. I replaced her hands with mine, feeling the heat of her passion through my fingers. I leaned forward to kiss her deeply, playing with her tongue and sucking it as if it were her clit. She responded by taking my head in her hands and pressing her mouth to mine. Then she pushed my head to her belly letting me know she wanted me to swallow her pussy. I was glad to oblige. Her previous orgasm had left her smelling of sex and pure hot woman, it was intoxicating and I licked her wetness with delight. She kept her bush trimmed so her lips had no hair around them making her smooth, slippery, and easy to graze. I could have feasted on that delicious muff for hours but I had an urge somewhere else that was distracting me.

I pulled her to the sitting position and placed my impatient cock against those smooth lips. It seemed she was looking for the same thing, for she slid forward and sucked my pole right up her channel. My hips began creating their own rhythm as I pumped in and out of her soaking box. Watching her had produced an almost insatiable itch and I was driving to scratch it. Yet even as my body was trying to put out the flames of passion my eyes were fanning them. Looking at her, leaning back against the dark leather, her flat belly rising to meet my thrusts, her breasts becoming flushed, her nipples stiff, her mouth open and gasping, and her eyes boring into mine was taking me even higher. Gazing at the joining of our loins, seeing my pole withdrawn then disappearing into her with the mixture of our juices making it shine, gave me another visual stimulus. I felt almost detached viewing this hot scene as two people gyrated together on that leather couch. The picture was so sexy it was driving me over the top.

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I could feel my breath coming faster as the intensity of our actions increased. My body responded to the impulses, both visual and tactile like a runaway train. I had no control over its actions. In truth I didn’t want to change a thing, the beauty and excitement of this encounter were too sublime to resist. So I went with the sensations, grabbing her hips and exploding into her as I let my body release all its’ built up energy. Lisa was right there with me crying out and biting my shoulder as she too erupted in ecstasy. The rhythms of our orgasms were rocking us like a primitive dance over which we had no control. We were carried away by the sound of our hearts as they drummed the beat of rapture at a fever pitch. I held her tightly as the pulsing subsided and our bodies melted together in the heat.

“You like to watch, don’t you Gerard?” she asked, as we regained our breath.

“Lisa, you have no idea how radiant you look as passion engulfs you. Observing your mounting ardor is enough to fill me with desire for days. Even now, after being drained by you, I feel the heat rising again as I look at your alluring body. The image of you caressing your pussy through the satin gown will remain printed in my lecherous mind for years.”

“Then maybe you would enjoy watching something really hot.” she said, “Come by here on Thursday evening. Let yourself in and come right to the den, but be quiet. I will give you a vision to remember that might put what you just saw out of your mind.”

I tried to get her to tell me what she had planned but she wouldn’t say and just laughed at me. She admitted she enjoyed performing for an audience, and that she had also found the past hour intensely stimulating. I left her lounging naked on her leather sofa still smelling of torrid sex. I promised to return on time for our next appointment, and went home imagining all kinds of wild scenarios.

On Thursday the heat had not abated and the humidity was still high. As I entered Lisa’s house I noticed, again, that she had left the air conditioners off. I quietly walked to the den, went in, and sat in the leather armchair. The coffee table had been removed and the shades were drawn. The room had a strong aroma of sexually aroused woman. On the couch sat two naked ladies facing each other with one leg against the back and the other on the floor. Lisa perched at the left end and a magnificent red head sat opposite her. They both were caressing one breast with one hand and the other was busy on their pussies. Lisa was right, this was truly a hot scene, and I knew that as I watched it I would be stimulated as never before. The two women were totally absorbed in mutual observation. By the smell of the room I could tell they had been playing together for some time, and I assumed they would be in no hurry as they continued. Therefore I felt it best to strip off my own clothes and get comfortable for the show. They carried on as if I did not exist only looking at each other.

Their hands were making small circles on their breasts, drawing attention to those beautiful globes. Lisa, having dark hair and olive skin, had chocolate areola about the size of silver dollars. Her nipples were hard and as big as pencil erasers, all of this sitting on top of two small melons. The red head, had skin the color of cream with strawberries in it. Her tits were slightly bigger than Lisa’s and were perfectly round with tiny nipples. She had almost no areolae but what was there was raspberry red as were her nipples. I could see they were enjoying the feelings they were giving themselves for they were breathing deeply and pinching their nipples. The red head had her middle finger curled into her crack but was not moving it, she was concentrating on her tits. Lisa, on the other hand, was rubbing her muff in synchronization with the hand on her boobs.

She was staring at the other woman fixing her eyes on her bust as it rose and fell with the deep breaths being taken. Slowly the red head, whose name I later found out to be Colette, removed her hand from her pussy to reveal a completely bare muff. Colette licked her fingers, sucking on the middle one like a Popsicle, while gazing deeply into Lisa’s eyes. With her digits wet she returned to her slick box and caressed her pink lips and the cleft at the top. She certainly had Lisa’s attention and mine also. This girl liked to tantalize herself, or maybe it was because they had been playing this game for a while, but she was slow and precise in her motions. Her right hand continued to pull and squeeze the nipple of her right tit while her left made figure eight’s on her glowing crack. Her lips were becoming a deeper pink and it was clear her juices were beginning to flow. While observing this scene Lisa’s hands began to move involuntarily, soon she was working her own pussy aggressively while pinching her nipples hard.

As I viewed the action my erection demanded attention so I gave it a rub or two, but I wanted to just watch the two women without being involved. I was here to be a true voyeur. The scene was incredibly erotic to observe because of the time they were taking with each stage of their excitement. Seeing as they were in no hurry they enjoyed every move, and closely witnessed the other’s progress.

Colette took the lead and began to concentrate on the succulent flower between her legs. With both hands she spread her petals and let the pink center show. Lisa viewed this action with wide eyes and increased rubbing of her own blossom. Both women had become glossy from their nectar, and their fingers slid up and down on a honeyed trail. It was clear they enjoyed, as much as I did, the visual side of what was happening. Both watched intently what the other was doing and would mirror their actions. The pace increased, as did their breathing. Their skin became flushed and their nipples were pebbles that were almost ignored until Colette pinched and pulled one. Lisa was quick to copy, which sent her into a trance. Her right hand was squeezing the swollen tip of her right breast. Had she not been as excited I am sure she would have cried out in pain. Yet she seemed to want even more pressure as she pinched and twisted her tit. Her left hand was plunging into her canal and rubbing her juices on her clit.

By now both women were near the culmination of their erotic journey. As they uncovered their nether nubs and spread their elixir for lubrication, I could view the changes in color and shape. I watched as their lips became darker and their clits more prominent while their fingers played lecherous music on their organs. The sight was driving me wild, and I was not alone. I saw the gleam in Lisa’s eyes as she fixed her attention on the hand plunging in and out of the shaven muff of Colette. The view was inspiring her to rub her own lips with more insistence and causing her even more excitement. Her climax was beginning and her pleasure was evident as she licked her lips and moaned loudly. Her hand worked faster in rhythm with the movement of her hips and the contractions of her pussy. As she went over to ecstasy Colette watched intently and started to come also. She was less forceful as she put both hands on her slit and ran her fingers up and down the sides almost avoiding her button. But she couldn’t resist the urges and finally pinched her clit as her hips bucked in orgasm.

You can imagine that I was barely able to contain myself as I observed such vehement sexual release. The visual excitement was causing me wild urges I knew I had to control if I were to be invited again. I sat there, with a rigid pole, waiting for the women to decide to include me.

“Poor Gerard, you look as if you need some attention.” Lisa said as she smiled at me. “Come on Colette, lets reward him for not interrupting us.”

She pulled me onto the couch between them and they both started to caress my inflamed body. Having four hands running all over my sensitive skin was sending me into bliss. Colette then dipped her fingers into her honey pot and scooped her jism to spread it on my cock. As she slid her digits up and down my pole Lisa went to her source and followed suit. Soon there were four hands playing with my manhood and all I could do was watch and experience the heavenly sensations. Needless to say I didn’t last long. I felt my explosion begin in my lower back and rocket up through my balls. The girls knew it was coming and squeezed my nuts as they rubbed the head of my shaft. My release was spectacular as the liquid shot into the air and landed on my chest. The girls didn’t stop until I began to go soft, then they sat back and commented on how I clearly enjoyed what I had been watching.

Lisa had been completely correct in saying that the scene would make me forget the one of the previous week, and now all I hoped for was that they would invite me back again. There is no doubt I had discovered the voyeur in me, and it seemed that Lisa enjoyed playing the exhibitionists to fulfill my fantasy. Such was the beginning of a truly mutual relationship.