Naughty Mom

“Oh, Son! I had no idea you had such a big cock! Fuck me with it, darling! Fuck your juicy cunt of your naughty mom!”

The dirty novel was open to page 70 and Angela felt her eyes glazing over as she read the obscene words. Incest. It was a story about incest. About a mother fucking her son.

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Naughty Mom Erotica > Creepy Landlord leads to Group sex

“Mmmm, it’s going into me now, darling! What a big, stiff prick you have! Do you like the way Mommy’s pussy sucks your big, hard cock?”

She was in the bedroom, standing in front of the closet that contained all of her divorced husband’s effects. It was a cool night and Angela had hoped to find an extra blanket amidst all the boxes and shoe cartons. Little had she known that she would stumble across George’s collection of pornography.

There were ten magazines and books altogether and Angela found herself immediately reaching for the novel she now held. She felt so weak that she thought she might faint. Never had she read something so shocking, so obscene…

Naughty Mom Erotica > The Side Job

“You’ve got it in me now, lover! Unh! It’s all the way up Mommy’s cunt! Fuck me, Son! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Angela stopped reading and forced herself to close the book. For a full minute she stood with her eyes closed, measuring the sensations that coursed through her body. There was no denying it. She didn’t have to put her hand between her legs to feel the wet pulsations of her horny, juicy cunt. This was turning her on.

Taking the book with her, Angela went into the bathroom and shut the door. She turned on the lights and looked at herself in the mirror.

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She was thirty-six years old now and the book was a threat to her-she had a teenage son of her own. Angela knew she didn’t look thirty-six. Waves of thick, sandy-blonde hair framed her youthful, wide-eyed face. There were tiny laugh lines around her ripe lips but she could still have passed for her mid-twenties.

Slowly, Angela looked at the reflection of her body in the mirror. All she had on was a transparent, ice-blue negligee that barely reached her crotch. Her body was still incredibly stacked, long-legged, with slim hips and waist and a firm, peach-shaped ass, her tits lusciously over sized for her delicate frame. Angela could make any man get a hard-on if she went without a bra.

Naughty Mom Erotica > The Detention

Why had she worn this skimpy negligee tonight? The only one living in the two-bedroom apartment with her now was Tony, her teenage son. He hadn’t seen her in it but what if he came into the bedroom?

Her huge tits were clearly visible through the fabric. She could see the shape and color of her large dark-pink nipples. What would Tony have thought at the sight of his mother’s luscious tits? For the first time, Angela wondered if she was trying to seduce her son.

The apartment was very quiet now. It was after midnight. Tony still hadn’t gotten home. He was out on a date and Angela pictured him fucking some girl. He was very handsome for his age. Did he have a nice big prick, like George had had? Did her son Tony have a nice, big cock?

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Angela opened the book again and started reading, this time on page 114:

“Unhh! Fuck my asshole, lover! My asshole’s so tight around your cock! Fuck your mother up the ass, darling! I want to feel your cum shooting in my butt!”

Angela shut the book quickly again. There was no denying how she felt now. Her nipples were painfully stiff, protruding through the negligee. Her cunt was a throbbing, dripping mess.

Angela backed up and took a seat on the toilet.

Naughty Mom Erotica > A day at the pool

Unceremoniously she lifted the negligee and tied the lacy hem around her waist. Groaning softly, she spread her shapely, milk-white thighs on the ivory seat. Her fingers pushed through the thick mound of her light-brown cunt hairs covering her lower belly.

Her cunt was still very tight and juicy. Angela opened the book and started to finger-fuck, speedily fucking two fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt.

“Unngghh! Fuck me!” Reading fast now, she dared to think openly of her boy’s prick as she whispered the words she wanted to hear. “Do you want to fuck me, Tony? Mommy wants to fuck you. Come do it to me, lover! Yes, yes just like in the book. Fuck me… fuck your horny mother…”

Naughty Mom Erotica > Family Party

It lasted only a minute. Angela jerked and writhed on the toilet, her huge D-cup tits jiggling lusciously under the sheer fabric. Then she fucked her fingers all the way up her pulsing pussy and whimpered as she came hard, feeling the contractions of her cunt muscles around them.

Then she took her fingers out of her pussy and rose from the toilet. The whole bathroom now smelled of her musky cunt juices. Angela walked back into the bedroom and made herself put the book back into the box she’d taken it from. The divorce settlement had been fairly generous, so she had no job she had to wake up for the next morning but it was still time to go to bed.

Turning off the lights, the horny mother crawled under the sheets and settled onto her back. Then she just rested there thinking, wondering what she was going to do about her lust.

Naughty Mom Erotica > Surprise Fuck!

It had been three months since the divorce had been finalized and it had been three months since her last fuck. That was too long, much too long. Angela had always been an extremely horny woman, which was one of the reasons why George had married her. Even during their worst fights, they’d generally fuck several times a day.

God only knew, there were plenty of men who wanted to get into her panties now. Angela smiled in the dark, thinking of her stacked, voluptuous figure. Long legs and big tits could still turn on any man… but her suitors weren’t arousing to her or at least not arousing enough to get her to spread her legs.

The only one she really wanted to fuck, more than she’d ever wanted to fuck George was… Tony. Even in the dark, Angela felt herself blushing.

Naughty Mom Erotica > My wife fucks a repairman

There was no escaping it. Ever since he’d reached puberty and she’d first seen his crotch bulging, she’d been desperate to suck and fuck her well-hung son.

Angela twisted on the mattress and wantonly started to finger fuck again, groaning as she fucked her fingers in and out of her hairy pussy. How did her friend Janet handle this? Did Janet get horny for her son Mike too?

Thirty-eight years old as well-built and pretty as she was, Janet was a widow who lived in a house across the street with Mike, her only child. Angela had become good friends with her since the divorce.

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Many times she’d noticed how handsome Mike was. Dizzily now, as her fingers fucked frantically in and out of her cunt slit, she wondered how Janet controlled her lust.