The Detention

It was 3:28pm, only two more minutes until the last class of the day was over. As I sat in my chair, waiting patiently, I did my routine glance around the classroom to make sure everyone was doing what I’d assigned. They had to finish the last chapters of “Catcher in the Rye”. I’ve never liked that book, but, as a teacher, I’m prohibited from teaching something other than the predetermined curriculum that the school board assigns at the beginning of each year.

This was my first year teaching two subjects. I had History, which is my favorite subject, and English, which was rather dull to teach in comparison. In fact, I often feel guilty after making the kids read something that I know they have absolutely no genuine interest in. I don’t see why I can’t have them read something cool like Stephen King for English class. I’m positive I could find a book that would allow me to teach all the necessary lessons while still entertaining the students.

99% of the time, while the kids were doing their work, my mind was elsewhere. I don’t know why I was having such a hard time staying in the moment. I was usually thinking about sex. Normally I think about history, or my finances but during that year, sex was on my mind constantly. One of the benefits of silent reading was that everybody leaned forward a little and had their heads down, so I got plenty of cleavage shots from the chestier girls. Because I was always thinking about sex, it felt like my eyes were made of metal and all these girls were magnets – really young, really sexy magnets.

But out of all the magnets in my class, Monica Dawson, (the girl that always sat at the desk in the back left corner of the room) was easily my favorite. Not because she was a good student, but because she was absolutely gorgeous. I loved my wife very much, but Monica was in a league of her own. She had beautiful shoulder length black hair, adorable brown eyes and absolutely luscious lips.

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I stood up and faced the board, trying my best to hide my erection. With only about a minute left in class, I wrote the homework for that night on the board. Just as I finished, the bell rang, prompting the students to gather up their things and leave… All except for Monica, who was sleeping with her face in the book.

Suddenly an idea came to me. I knew I needed to talk to Monica about her grades, but I might be able to kill two birds with one stone if I played my cards right. Maybe my thoughts were being polluted with sex because I hadn’t had any in a while. Word in the hallways is that Monica is a bit of a slut. If that’s true, then I might be able to have some fun with her and satisfy my cravings.

I waited for all the other students to leave the class before slamming the door behind them. Monica sat bolt upright, the look on her face told me she knew she was in trouble.

“Ms. Dawson? Can I see you for a minute?” I said, without taking my eyes off her.

Monica stood up and stifled a loud yawn as she made her way to the front of the room. I heard her gulp nervously as she perched herself on the edge of my desk.

“This is about my grades, isn’t it?” she asked, batting her eyes innocently.

“You catch on quick.” I said.

Monica didn’t say anything, instead ran a finger through her hair and tried to look like she had no idea what I was talking about.

“I know you can do so much better than Ds.” I said, opening up my filing cabinet and taking out her grade sheet.

“I work really hard on my homework and always show up to class ready to learn! So why am I still getting Ds!?” she asked, desperately.

“I wouldn’t know how hard you work on your homework because, well, I never see it.” I said, indicating all the missing assignments I had marked down.

“I have over fifty assignments missing!?” she gasped.

“I’ll tell you what, Monica. If you do these assignments and hand them in before the end of this semester, I can still give you marks for them. Now, I’m sorry, but I really should get going.” I said, getting up and heading to the door, even though I had no intention of leaving.

I knew the way Monica’s mind worked. She was determined and stubborn, except when it came to schoolwork.

“But that will take so long!” whined Monica.

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“Well, I’m sorry, but this is what happens when you let your assignments build up.” I said, pretending to turn the doorknob.

Monica grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

“Are you sure there’s nothing else I can do?” said Monica, very seductively.

She took my hand and brought it underneath her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and was very wet.

“What are you doing!? I’m married!” I gasped, reluctantly taking my hand away from her sopping wet pussy.

“Let’s face it Mr. Hartford, we both know that. But, I see the way you look at me when you think I can’t see you.” said Monica, still using that seductive voice.

“This is wrong. Not to mention that if anybody found out, I’d get fired.” I said, despite the fact I was too horny to care about my job.

“Relax Mr. Hartford, I know how to keep a secret. Nobody will find out, I promise… Now, why don’t you pull out your cock so I can suck it dry?” said Monica, getting down on her knees.

“Well, if you insist.” I said, pulling out my rock hard dick.

I was about to put it in her mouth, but Monica beat me to it. She immediately set to work, spitting on cock and stroking it with her tongue. Soon she started fondling my balls with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Every now and then, she would take my dick out of her mouth and stroke it some more. She kept going for about five minutes and only stopped when I picked her up and laid her down on my desk.

I parted her legs and began to eat her out. She was still soaking wet, so much so that her pussy juice kept dribbling onto my tongue. Her juice was much sweeter than my wife’s. As I licked her clit, Monica squealed and moaned in ecstasy. Without stopping, I unzipped her skirt and pulled it down past her ankles. As I took off the skirt entirely, I started to finger her pussy. It was so tight that couldn’t fit more than two fingers in it. As I fingered her, she automatically reached her hand down to her throbbing clit, but I stopped her.

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“No, no, allow me.” I said, moving her hand away.

Then I started to rub her clit, while still fingering her. After about another minute, Monica managed to moan:

“I can’t take it anymore! I need your cock, Mr. Hartford!”

“I think I can help you out.” I whispered, pulling my pants down.

“Stick it in me… I need it now!” moaned Monica.

I slowly slid my dick into her ridiculously tight pussy. I started off slow on purpose, to tease her a little. Monica gasped delightfully as I started to thrust harder. Once I got a good rhythm going, I yanked her shirt open, revealing a sexy lingerie bra. I unhooked it, unleashing her amazing tits. They were perfectly shaped, soft yet firm, round and perky. While still thrusting, I glanced over at her discarded bra and saw 34C written on it.

I leaned forward a little, allowing me to penetrate deeper, but also so I could play with Monica’s amazing tits. The ones I’d been staring at for so long. I started to massage them by squeezing and rubbing them. Next, I leaned my head in closer and licked her nipples. I thought they were already hard, but after I licked them, her nipples seemed to inflate a little, they were now even harder, which made her tits look even perkier.

“Your cock feels so good inside me, Mr. Hartford, I want to ride it!” said Monica, squirming in anticipation.

I took my throbbing dick out of her pussy and sat down on my desk. Monica hopped up on the desk too and immediately lowered herself on to my cock. It slid in so slowly. I shuddered and Monica moaned in pleasure as she kept lowering herself down. I reached up and played with amazing tits again while Monica rode my dick. She seemed to be an expert at riding cock, because she was doing this thing where she sort of rotated her hips in a circle while still keeping up the same bouncing rhythm. After a while, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, and it seemed like Monica wouldn’t be able to either, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the minute. And soon she had started bouncing ridiculously fast. I could tell she was about to cum any minute now. So was I, but I knew I couldn’t cum inside her.

“Oh, Mr. Hartford! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over you hard cock!”

She wasn’t kidding. Soon, I felt a gush of warmth spread over my dick. Monica tried her best to keep riding my cock, but the orgasmic pleasure was too much for her, she lifted herself off my dick and collapsed on the desk. Her legs were trembling and all the juices in her pussy were dribbling out. I rolled her over onto her back and knelt down over her.

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“Do you wanna fuck my titties, Mr. Hartford?” giggled Monica, spreading them open so there would be enough space for me to fit.

“Cum for me, Mr. Hartford! I wanna feel your huge load on my face!” moaned Monica, her legs still trembling from her massive orgasm.

I shoved my dick in between her perfect tits and started thrusting as hard as I could. All the juice from her pussy that had coated my cock was now being spread all over her tits like butter on toast. Monica tilted her head forward and managed to stick the head of my dick into her mouth and gave it a couple of good licks while I kept fucking her tits. A minute later I had reached my peak. I was going to cum and there was no stopping it now.

“You want it, Monica? You want my load all over your face?” I groaned, still fucking her tits.

“Yes, Mr. Hartford…” moaned Monica.

“I don’t think you really want it.” I teased.

“Please cum all over my face, Mr. Hartford!” moaned Monica, stifling a giggle.

With one final thrust, I came in a glorious burst of pleasure. It seemed to feel twice as good because of the fact that it was someone different than my wife. Thick blasts of jizz shot out of my cock and landed right on Monica’s face. She had her mouth open, so a couple of drops landed on her tongue, but the rest of it landed on her chin, her cheeks and her forehead.

Monica squealed delightedly and then she put the head of my dick back in her mouth and sucked the last few drops out. I groaned and sighed as my orgasm subsided and then gently collapsed, letting my head rest on Monica’s magnificent tits. She ran a sticky hand through my sweaty hair.

“That should cover at least a few of my missing assignments, right Mr. Hartford?” she panted.

“Oh absolutely, Monica… I’ll be giving you full marks for October’s assignments. Now you’ll only have five more months worth of assignments to hand in.” I panted, standing up.

“I’ll stay after class after on Thursday and we can work on November’s assignments. Does that work for you?” said Monica, grabbing a tissue and cleaning the jizz off her face.

“I’ll be here.” I said, as I finished pulling my clothes back on.

I picked up her bra, shirt and skirt from the ground and handed them to her.

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“Well, I better get home,” I said, grabbing my briefcase, “I don’t want my wife to start asking questions.”

“Well, I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow then.” said Monica, pulling her bra back on.

As I left my classroom, I peered over my shoulder to get one last glimpse of Monica’s incredible body. She was just pulling her skirt back up. I kept thinking to myself how easy it had been to manipulate her into fulfilling my dreams.

Everything I had done and said leading up to this had all been done deliberately. I knew Monica was the kind of girl who would happily fuck for her grades. Knowing what I had to look forward to for the next couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but smirk as I made my way down the hallway, heading for the parking lot…