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She stood back and admired the gleaming floorboards and spotless house. She had been working for hours to bring order to the house and it was perfect. Walking into the bathroom she took in her own appearance and the smear of dirt across her cheek and decided now it was her turn. Picking up her blackberry she scrolled to the local pizza deliver place and sent through an order for dinner and then glancing at the clock to note now long she had, she turned on the shower and shed her cleaning clothes.

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Stepping into the steaming shower she felt the hot, hard water hit her face. Looking up she allowed the water to wash over her face and hair. Pushing her long dark hair back off her face she felt the water stream over her shoulders and onto her large, round breasts. Eyes closed as the water poured over her she reached forward and taking the soap in her right hand she started to work it over her body. Lathering up she worked her hands over her shoulders and arms and then over her breasts.

She started working her hands from under her breasts, up and around her hard nipples. Glancing across through the frame-less glass shower at her image in the mirror she noticed how tanned and smooth her body was. She had long, toned limbs and just a dark landing strip of neatly trimmed pubes. Hot, she thought as she ran her hands down over her flat stomach and touched the top of her mound. As her fingers gently moved across her pubes, moving the skin of her mound up and down against her pubic bone and then across her cunt she dropped her head back and the ends of her hair brushed across her arse. She ran her fingers across the lips of her cunt and then, moving her legs slightly further apart, she allowed her middle finger to run along her slit, briefly touching her arse and then back to her clit. Working her clit with the tip of her finger she looked around and seeing her hairbrush on the vanity counter she opened the door of the shower and picked it up.

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With her left foot on the edge of the bath and her left hand working her breasts she gently took the rounded handle of the brush and inserted it into her cunt. As a shiver ran up her she started to work the brush up and down and found her rhythm. “Holy fuck,” she moaned as she felt the muscles in her vag start to tense and relax in time with the brush. She worked it harder and slightly faster and felt that familiar heat start to build. As she felt her cunt taking over she glanced up to see a teenage boy in a pizza uniform standing at the open bathroom door with his mouth hanging open.

“Fuck,” he said, openly staring. “Is that part of the service?” she asked, easing the brush out of her cunt and standing upright. “Not usually,” he replied, already pulling his shirt over his head and dropping the pizza to the floor. Kicking his shoes off he unbuckled his belt and unzipping his jeans, dropped them to them floor. Pulling the frame-less glass door open she stepped back against the wall of the shower and took in the tall, dark haired, naked youth in front of her. Longish hair, pale skin, hairless chest and as she dropped her eyes she took in his massive circumcised cock that was so erect it was pointing almost directly upward. Taking his cock in her hand she pulled him toward her and kissed him hard on the lips, working his cock with her hand. Without anymore foreplay she leaned back against the wall, placed her right knee over the shower taps and pushed his cock deep into her cunt.

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Taking his arse cheeks in her hands she showed him the rhythm she wanted and he pumped his cock into her hard. She looked into his eyes, he was there but not really and she kissed him, her tongue working deep into his mouth. She felt his hands on her tits and she knew she was ready to come. “Fuck me harder, faster,” she moaned and she felt the head of his cock as it hit hard inside her and then she shuddered and her cunt felt hot and good. Closing her eyes she lowered her leg and leaned back against the tiles. The water continued still running over her. She opened her eyes and ran her hands down his chest and then out across his shoulders. His cock was still hard and he had started masturbating himself. She watched his hand as it worked along the thick shaft of his pink cock.

Kneeling she glanced up at him and then took his cock into her mouth. First sucking, licking and then moving her head up and down she took him deep into her throat. She felt his head hit the back of her throat and she resisted gagging. With his balls nestled in her right hand she spread her left hand over his arse and ran her little finger around the rim of his arse hole. He moaned and taking her shoulders in his hands he raised her up toward him. He was young, maybe 18. He looked into her eyes and then taking her shoulders he turned her away from him and took a firm hold of her hips. She leaned forward with her forearms against the glass and rested her head on her arms. He ran his hands over her back and then plunged his penis into her vag from behind and started pumping her hard.

“Oh, yes,” she called out as he slapped up against her and his dick went deep into her. He picked up his pace and she felt his grip on her hips tighten and then she felt his hot sprog deep inside of her. She felt him gradually withdraw and then before she could stand she felt his tongue running up and down her slit as his hands held her arse cheeks apart. His nose brushed against her arse hole and then she felt his tongue running up and around her arse hole. Licking, pushing and his hand was between her legs and working her muff. His fingers were inside her cunt and his tongue was in her arse. “Fucking yeah,” she screamed out as his thumb started working her arse. Then she felt him stand and the head of his cock being rubbed up and down her slit and around her arse hole. As he worked his sprog across her arse hole she pushed her arse up against him and as his cock became hard again he started to ease the head into her arse.

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“Slowly,” she murmured and as he gradually entered his cock into her super tight arse she worked her tits with one hand. With his dick half in her arse she could feel his excitement building and she pushed back on him hard so that his dick was fully inside her. She felt her arse split slightly but she wanted him inside her and she let him pump her until he blew his load inside her. She straightened up and he pulled her body against his, their wet skin touching and with her back against him he reached around and took her tits in his hands and started nuzzling and biting her neck and ear. She turned around and kissed him. Her arse hurt and her cunt felt raw and she was exhausted. “I have to go,” he said as he gazed at her fantastic breasts. “Thank you for the pizza,” she said as he stepped out of the shower. “Anytime,” he turned and smirked as he pulled his jeans over his wet legs.