Rendezvous With A Married Man

It was a two hour drive up north to the cabin, It was a cold, brisk evening in January, the kind of night that when you walk on the snow it squeaks under your boots. I love those kind of nights. I knew there would be a warm fireplace for me when I got there, and a warm body to cuddle up to. He was a handsome man, in his late 50’s, six foot tall, 180 pounds. He had blue eyes and the most infectious smile, that you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him right away.

I met him online, in one of those adult dating web sites. We chatted for several months before I decided it was time to meet him in person. He lived downstate about three hours away from me, but he didn’t mind the drive, as he had to come this way when he went up north to his cabin on the lake. It was his get-a-way place, away from his job and his wife, who worked and never had time for sex any more he said. He worked in the city as a stock broker.

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It started out with us exchanging pictures and talking through our web cams. I loved looking at him. He made me laugh and I made him laugh. Our friendship grew into a very heated, lustful kind of relationship that most people wouldn’t understand unless they’ve been in that kind of situation before. You can fall in love online, even without the physical touching. It’s an emotional thing that is in your head, but isn’t that what sex and love are also? You have to have some kind of emotional bond with someone to feel anything first before you want to have sex with anyone. At least for me it works that way..

Our first meeting was casual. I met him at a coffee shop, where we had a private table in the corner where no one could hear us. He was waiting in his car where we had planned. I pulled up next to him. He got out right away and opened the car door for me. As I stood up, he gave me the biggest hug and kissed me right there in the parking lot. God, it felt so good and he kissed just perfect.

I love a good kisser and I knew he would be good in bed the moment I felt that kiss. I felt an instant rush of heat travel down my body and settle all around my groin area. I felt like I wanted to fuck this man right there and then….But we are adults so we went inside and sat down at that little corner table. We had a light lunch and sat there for what seemed like hours. I felt so comfortable with him.

He had to get going, as he was on his way to his cabin that day. We made plans to meet two weeks later at that cabin, since he would be all alone. I was on my way there right now.

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I pulled into the drive. What a beautiful area! No one around. All woods. A beautifully built place. All log cabin with a two-car garage. The garage door opened as I drove in, which meant that I was to park inside. There he was, waiting. He had his robe on. He looked so handsome as he grabbed me and drew me close to him and kissed me, then we went inside where this huge fireplace filled one whole wall and the ceilings were high with skylights. The fireplace was glowing invitingly and he pulled me to him again and I finally let my long fur coat open and to his amazement, I had nothing on underneath but my black lace thong underwear and black lace bra to match my thigh high black boots, which I had already taken off at the door.

“Wow, baby!! You are so beautiful and hot!! What a nice surprise this is!!”! “I thought you’d like this honey,” I said. We hugged and kissed. He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears and whispered how much he adored me. I let the fur coat fall to the floor. Our kisses got so passionate and hot, our tongues intertwining, flicking lightly into each other’s mouths. I let my tongue slowly go around his lips and then back into his waiting mouth. He slowly unhooked my bra and it fell to the floor as he bent over to suck on my ample tits, one at a time, while the other hand was reaching down into my panties, feeling my hot wet pussy. He let one finger slide inside. God, that felt so good! He slid my panties down my legs, bending over and lingering to give me a kiss and a flick of his tongue before standing back up, sending a shudder all through my body.

His robe fell to the floor. And his beautiful cock was standing at attention with a glistening drop of cum on the tip. I bent down to lick it off and gently give him a kiss there. He let out a soft moan. He smelled and tasted so good. He picked me up and laid me gently down onto this huge white bear rug in front of the fireplace.. This was always my fantasy, to be with a man on a bear rug in front of a fireplace. I knew he had gone out and purchased this rug just for me. He wanted this to be perfect. (He knew all about all my secret fantasies from our months of conversations)

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The kisses were long, soft, deep and sensual, that made me warm all over, our tongues feeling each other. I kissed his whole face. Running my tongue around his ear and into it, tickling him, then down his neck, kissing and taking in the smell of this man. I worked my way down his chest to one nipple, nipping on it lightly, then to the other, teasing them. I slid down his belly, tasting every inch of him with my tongue along the way. Down, down I went, teasing him. He wants me to get there faster but I won’t. I like to tease my men . I love to hear them moan, knowing I’m making them feel so good. My tongue finally reaches the tip of his hard, throbbing cock. I flick my tongue around the head then down the front till I reach his balls and lick one of them at a time while rolling the other one gently in my hand.

I lick my way back to the head that is dripping now with pre-cum and I lick and suck it off, running my tongue all around that beautiful head again before my lips wrap around it and I suck it into my hot, wet mouth, taking it deep into my throat as far as I can while my tongue wraps around it and I suck at the same time, always moving my tongue while sucking.He groans and writhes and lifts his hips wanting me to take it all. I love sucking on a man’s cock. It makes me real hot and horny. I suck and lick him and tease him for what seems like an hour, while my hands are playing with his balls and one finger is playing around the entrance to his ass. I can tell it’s driving him crazy. He’s got a hold of my hair, pulling it gently and gliding his fingers through it.. We’ve been waiting so long for this moment. I feel as if I belong here with him. I feel so comfortable.

“Turn around baby, I want to suck on your pussy while you are sucking on me.” I slowly turn my body around, never letting go of his cock..till my ass is facing him and my pussy is within his reach. He flicks his tongue all around my outer lips to tease me .My pussy is dripping with anticipation now, wanting that tongue inside me and him sucking on it… I almost forget to keep sucking on him, it feels so good….Then he has his tongue on my clit just for a second. The big tease. He’s as bad as I am. He continues to roam around the outer area, and then all of a sudden he has it all into his mouth, kissing it and sucking me gently, with his tongue moving in and out. God!! I knew he would be good at this, just by the way he kissed me…..I can hardly hold back my first orgasm. I can tell he’s ready to explode also, but we keep sucking and kissing each other till we can’t hold it any longer, so I slowly let loose of that hard, throbbing cock before it explodes into my mouth, although I love that too. But I wanted it all. I wanted to feel all of him and have that cock deep inside of me. I’ve been waiting too long for this moment.

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I move away from his face and turn myself around and slowly kiss his cock and lick it some more before I crawl up his belly, leaving a wet trail behind from my oh so wet pussy .I knew he wanted to put his cock into me right away but I continued kissing up his belly till I reach his nipples again and give them each a little bite. He groans even louder. I reach his lips and we kiss so passionately, so hot, our tongues going in and out, tasting our own bodily fluids on each others lips.We are breathing into each other’s mouths. We can’t get enough.I reach down between my legs where his throbbing cock is and guide it into my hot, wet, waiting pussy. Oh God!!! I’m in heaven. It felt sooo good. I slowly sit up right onto it, letting it go as deep as I could.

I twist slowly and move up and down on it. I lean over and let my huge tits fall on his chest while I kiss him and fuck him, grinding and moving my hips up and down in rhythm with his. Oh ! Why did I let myself go so long without sex?? I am never going to do that again. I want as much as I can get.We are breathing into each other’s mouths as we kiss and tongue each other. I have to stop moving for a few seconds to let my pussy have those wonderful orgasms that I love when I fuck a man this way….. He is holding off real good and enjoying every moment. I love a man that can hold out for as long as I want him to. Oh God!! Is this love or lust?? I can’t tell at this moment. It always feels like love at the time. But I can’t let myself fall in love with this man. He’s married.He will never be totally mine. I knew that coming into this .I just want to enjoy this moment in time.

I slowly sit back up and slide off his hard cock. I want more oral. So I slither up his chest till my real wet pussy is within his tongue’s reach. He eagerly licks all around and then darts his tongue as far into it as he can.. He is real good at oral. “Sit right up here baby, ” he says, as I get right up onto his face, holding onto the nearby chair that is sitting just beyond the rug. The fire feels so good coming from the fireplace, the flames dancing and making our sweaty bodies glow. I don’t want this to end. He is kissing my pussy so nice and flicking my clit just the way I like it. It feels so good that I have to explode with a tremendous orgasm. He sucks in my juices, moaning and I know he’s really enjoying this. I have to get off. It tickles so much now. So sensitive after I cum like that..

I slide back down till his cock is right there at the entrance to my pussy and I sit on it again and just ride him. I lie down on him, fucking him and kissing him. We are lost in ourselves, enjoying the time we have, for we know it will end all too fast. “Let me get on top now,” he says, so without missing a stroke, we hang on to each other and he flips me around till I’m under him now. I love a man lying right on top of me like this. Now it’s his turn to be in control. He fucks me slowly at first and it feels so good. Our pace is perfect as we get going, my hips rising up to meet his, his balls are slapping my ass now, as he’s building up to his climax. He lays on me and kisses me as he continues to fuck me. I am about ready to have another orgasm but I’m waiting till I know he’s ready and then I feel his body tense and he’s getting ready to cum.

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He lets out a growl as only men can do when they are cumming inside a woman. I explode with him. It’s wonderful. I can’t breathe and we are kissing and breathing in each other’s breath and we both start laughing. God, this feels so good. I don’t want it to end. ‘Baby,” he says, “This was the greatest sex I’ve ever had!” ‘God, you are good!” We laid there on that bear rug, exhausted, our hearts beating together as one, till we calmed down and felt the calmness over taking us. We laid there in each other’s arms, tired, happy, worn out, and loving the feeling it gave to both of us. He kisses me so gently and whispers in my ear, ” I love you baby.”

If only it were real. Damn, I hate waking up….