Office affair

Kathryn and Tyler had met back when Kathryn had started working at the hospital after graduating from college. At first Kathryn was quite and reserved. She kept her head down when she was around Tyler. She was embarrassed to admit she really hadn’t had much interaction with black men before. The more she and Tyler worked together, the more she realized he was pretty cool for a guy twice her age.

They had worked together for about four years. The first year they hadn’t worked much together but then her shifts started changing and she was finding herself working more with Tyler. She and Tyler had an interesting dynamic. He made her feel insecure and giddy. She always got worked up when he was teasing her. He was never mean or insulting, but he always pushed her buttons. Somewhere along him pushing her buttons she started looking at him in a different light.

Their relationship progressed, as did the level of their flirting. She used to just text him every once and awhile but now it seemed they talked two and three times a day. Whenever she read some of his texts she could feel herself get wet. It just about killed her. The only way to relieve the constant aching was to masturbate. It seemed like she was doing it more often, always wanting Tyler to be there to help relieve her, to kiss her, to touch her, to fuck her.

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Kathryn grew more anxious and excited as the holidays were coming around. She and Tyler had the night shift on Christmas. It would be just them for 12 hours. Many co-workers had offered to switch shifts so she didn’t have to work it, but she always gave the same answer, ‘its good money,’ but each time she said it, her insides quivered and danced around. Tyler hadn’t switched his shift either. Neither one of them had said anything about it. They just knew to keep the shift.

That night when Kathryn arrived she had brought a bag of homemade goodies for Tyler.

“Merry Christmas” she said and waved the bag in front of him. “Hope you saved room for more sweets!”

He grinned, “You are sweet enough for me and I saved some room for you.”

Kathryn rolled her eyes and gave him a shove. “You’re a horny old man.”

He shoved back “Yup, can you take care of that?”

“I’m sure your wife doesn’t appreciate that.”

“Well she’s not here.” He playfully wrapped his arms around her and squeezed.

She elbowed him, “You wish. I want you to suffer.”

“Ooh, I do like bondage.”

Her eyes rolled around, “Shut up. Are you ready to work early so we can chill later?”

“Aye aye caption, let’s get going,” He said giving her a grin and a salute.

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They both picked their assignments, worked on setting up rooms and putting things together for surgeries on Monday. They worked for a few hours and took a break for dinner. After dinner Kathryn went back to finished up what little she had left in her hallway. She needed Tyler’s help though to move a heavy piece of equipment back into storage.

Tyler came sauntering down the hall, an amused look on his face.

Kathryn raised her eyebrows, “Something funny?”


She threw her hands up, “What?”



“Yup, you. I could hear you on the other side singing those horrible pop songs on the radio.”

Kathryn’s face went beet red, “Leave my singing alone.” She huffed. “Help me move this into storage, ok?”

They each grabbed an end and lifted. The storage room was small and could barely fit much equipment. As they were trying to set it down, Kathryn lost her grip and dropped the board on her finger.

“Shit!” She jumped around and cradled her hand. “Ow, ow, ow. That hurts.”

“Calm down, let me see it.” Tyler gently took her hand. He looked at the front, turned her hand over, looked at the back, and then looked at her. “It’s fine.”

“Oh my gosh, you’re a dipshit. It really hurts.” She yanked her hand away.

“You want me to kiss it and make it better.” He made little kissing noises.

“Fine, smart-ass see if you can make it better.” She gave him back her hand.

She felt his lips kiss her finger, her hand, then up her arm. She tried to fight the urge to giggle, “I think you’ve covered it.”

“Have I?”

He kissed the nape of her neck, and then playfully nipped it. Kathryn’s body was beginning to tingle. Her nipples becoming painfully hard and she could feel her pussy grow moist. The temperature in the small room increased and Kathryn wanted her clothes to come off.

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Tyler stripped off his shirt. There was just enough light for Kathryn to admire his well defined chest.

“Not bad for an old guy.” She quipped.

“I will show you old.” He grabbed her and pinned her against the wall. His hands wrapped around her thighs and he lifted her up, her back still against the wall. His hips pushed into her, she felt his erection and she grinded against him. She wanted him badly. His lips crushed her hers and she could barely breathe. Everything was on fire.

Pushing her hands against his chest she stopped him.

“Pants… I want pants off,” Her chest rapidly rising and falling. He cupped her butt and moved her to the floor. Kathryn worked off her pants and as Tyler took his off, he then moved to her shirt. Unfastening her bra Tyler sucked on her nipples as they popped free. He slid his hand down to Kathryn’s wet pussy. As he rolled her clit between his thumb and finger, Kathryn almost came. “Fuck me. Please.” She whimpered her body quivering from adrenaline.

“Not yet.” He stopped and waited for her to settle down a little. Kathryn was about to cry because Tyler had stopped, but his erection caught her attention. She had never slept with a black man but had heard stories of them being well endowed. Tyler was no exception. He wasn’t porn star big but bigger than any white guy she had been with. She suddenly felt powerful, she pushed him down on his back and pinned him to the floor.

“I’m going to make you suffer.” She kissed his chest, then his stomach, then right above his cock. He moaned. She gently toyed with his dick, stroking it lightly. She bent down and licked the pre-cum off. She continued down his shaft enjoying the taste of him and loving how hard he was.

“Suck it. Oh my God, keep sucking me.”

Kathryn licked the underside of his dick and then went for his jewels. She kissed each one, and then lightly flicked them with her tongue. Tyler kept grunting and moaning, begging for her to suck him. She obliged and engulfed his cock in her mouth. His hips pushed his cock further in her mouth and she sucked harder. She loved hearing him groan but she wanted him to come in her, not on her. She stopped sucking and crawled up his body. Her hips positioned over his. “I want you in me.”

Kathryn moaned as his slide dick into her wet pussy. She started to ride him, her hips rolling and thrusting against him.

“Yes. Oh Kat!” Tyler grabbed her hips and pulled her deeper onto him. She cried out in pain and pleasure. He then sat up and rolled her onto her back. “My turn,” he said.

He fucked her as hard as he could, sweat glistened on him and Kathryn felt like she was ready to explode.

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“Tyler, I’m going to come!” her words barely able to come out. Her eyes were closed and she felt sensations starting to run up her entire body. “Tyler!!” Her pussy contracted and she exploded, her body tingling and shuddering. Tyler was close to his own release.

“Oh my God!” He grunted and moaned. She felt his cum fill her up. He collapsed on top of her, both of them trying to catch their breath. Tyler buried his head in Kathryn’s neck, “That was unbelievable. I could fuck you everyday.”

She smiled and kissed him, “Yeah, I had fun too. I know I’ll be ready for some more later.”

Tyler gently kissed her lips, then each cheek. Mumbling in her ear, “I want to fuck you in every room of this place.” She felt his hands play with her nipples. She didn’t know how but her pussy was even wetter than before.

“I think that we can arrange that,” she kissed him and pushed him underneath her, “starting now.”