The Side Job

When I was in uni, I read a lot of free sex stories, milf stories and was always super horny. I did many part time jobs to keep afloat taking on just about anything going. I was mowing someone’s lawn one day when a head looked over the fence and this woman asked me if I could do hers. Of course I could! I told her I’d call round when I’d finished. I carried on with the work and when I’d finished I put everything away, collected my money and went next door.

I rang the bell and waited and eventually she came out apologizing for making me wait but she was just going out and asked if I could start on her lawn and she’d be back soon before I finished. I was OK with that so she let me in the back garden, showed me where the lawn mower was and left me to it. It was a fair size lawn and I was only half way through it when she returned.

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She asked if I’d like a drink and brought out some coke. “You’re getting on well, it really needed cutting didn’t it?”

I agreed, drank some coke and started back mowing. There was quite a breeze and she was outside on her patio moving pots and stuff about and every now and then a gust would blow up her short skirt and I’d get a flash of panties. She was much too old, but my cock was getting harder with each flash. The warm weather and all the flashes were getting me quite hot and by the time I’d finished I was sweating.

I cleaned off the mower and put it away and went to her. “Wow, look at you, so hot and sticky, would you like to shower off before you go?” I said I’d be OK but she insisted I couldn’t travel home like I was so I agreed. She showed me inside and the shower was an en suite to her bedroom which we went through. She told me how it all worked and left me there.

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I’d got in and was showering when the shower door opened and she stepped in with me. I nearly fell over with the shock and covered my cock with my hands, “I thought you might like your back washed” she said taking the soap from me.

As she did that my cock started growing, she might be old, but she was female, naked and here with me. Then she reached round and grabbed hold of it, “Mmmm you are big aren’t you, you don’t mind if I do this do you?” she asked as she stroked it.

I couldn’t answer I was so worked up that I knew I was going to cum if she didn’t stop.

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She didn’t, and I did. Oh fuck what a cum that was my first hand job from a woman and as I was groaning through it all she kept whispering in my ear telling me how good it was.

I was very nervous being with an older woman and didn’t know quite what to do and when I turned round I nearly died, she was so fucking hairy, but for some reason it turned me on and her hand found my cock again and it was growing.

“Don’t you want to touch?” she asked.

Tentatively I stroked her tits, wonderful tits and as a I did her nipples got harder and she started moaning.

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“Why don’t we get out and dry off?” she said, so we did, her drying me and keeping me hard and then getting me to dry her. It was so fucking horny that my cock was throbbing the whole time as she stroked it slowly together with my balls. “Would you like to fuck me?”

Oh shit, what now, what should I do? I had no time to think any more as she laid on the bed taking me with her and spreading her legs wide guided my cock into her cunt. It went all the way in and I told her I was going to cum again.

“That’s OK baby fuck me hard and cum in me.” It was too much, I did just that, feeling a bit guilty and embarrassed at cumming so quick. She told me that was fine and promised next time it would be better.

Wow, it was going to happen again. I went home in a dream.

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A week later I was back mowing the lawn when Annette’s head poked over the fence and asked me if I could pop in for a little job she needed doing. I finished off what I was doing and went round to her place and she opened the door wearing a robe and it didn’t look like there was much under it.

She led me to the kitchen and asked me to check the pipe under the sink as she thought it might be leaking. So I laid on my back and eased myself so my head was under the sink looking for the leaking pipe. As soon as I was right under I felt her hands on my cock and it made me jump and I banged my head and tried to wriggle out, but she had sat on my legs and was stroking my hardening bulge.

“Just lay still for a minute, I think you’ll enjoy what’s coming.”

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It was weird, I couldn’t see what was going on, but my shorts were being tugged down and were around my knees as she started stroking my naked cock and I knew it had grown, I could feel it throbbing in her hands. I wasn’t expecting the next bit, all of a sudden there was warm air around it and then something warm and wet and it was a few seconds before I realise she was licking it.

Fucking hell, the bitch was licking my cock, I never knew this happened for real, only in dreams. Then it was in her mouth and she was sliding it in and out, oh fuck it felt good. Then when I thought it could get no better, it did, she kept the tip in her mouth and began stroking it with one hand while the other one stroked my balls.

It was too much? “I’m cumming” I called out, expecting her to take it out and jerk me off, but she didn’t, she kept doing exactly the same, stroking gently, massaging my balls and sucking the tip.

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I came, then came and I thought it was never going to stop as she stroked, massaged and sucked, draining me dry. I was exhausted and still couldn’t move and she didn’t stop, my cock and shrunk a bit but she kept going and before long I could feel it getting hard again. I’ve never managed that before, staying hard after cumming.

“I bet you could do with another shower couldn’t you?” she said as I felt her weight ease off my legs a bit and she helped me slide out from under the sink.

I just followed her to the shower wondering if she would come in again but she didn’t so I dried off and went into the adjoining bedroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was flat on her back with her legs open showing off her hairy cunt.

“Come on then baby she said come and give Annette some of your lovely cock.”

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I was nearly hard and as I knelt between her legs she reached down and guided me into her, slowly guiding it between her hairy pussy lips for me. I just lowered myself and began fucking her, unable to take my eyes off her tits as they bounced about.

“Play with my tits” she said as she took my hands and placed them on her lovely jugs.

I’d never had a naked pair of tits to play with and wasn’t sure what to do but instinct kicked in and began massaging and tweaking her nipple which were soon as hard as rocks. Now she was moaning and grinding against me. My cock was rigid, the earlier orgasm enabled me to keep going as she wanted.

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Then she started to kiss me, her tongue was straight in my mouth searching for my tonsils then it was out and she was nibbling my tongue.

That did it, I could feel the spunk rising again.

I told her so and she told me she was close as well and to keep going, so I started thrusting into her and she started moaning louder and just as I could feel myself about to cum she slammed against me lifting me from the bed as she ground her cunt against me before slumping back, completely spent, just as I was, having unloaded my spunk into her hairy cunt.

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