Our Honeymoon, sort of.

We walked down the wooden deck to our deluxe water villa, and it took all of my might to slow my pace with Derek’s.

I wanted to run through the door to our own private paradise, ditch our suitcases, and take off my sticky, sweaty clothes in front of my new husband. I was blown away by the surprise honeymoon to the Maldives, courtesy of our brilliant wedding party and family.

I always fantasized about staying in a water villa, surrounded by the ocean on every side, dipping my feet in the water as the tropical fish swim by. But at that moment, feeling Derek’s strong and warm hand grasping mine, I just wanted his hands all over my body and I couldn’t give a damn about the fish.

We glanced at each other longingly and I knew Derek felt the same way.

We finally burst through the door to our place and for a moment all our thoughts floated from our minds. It was the most beautiful place we’d ever seen. The balcony doors were open, showcasing the ocean, and the villa had its own chic kitchenette and luxurious living room. I stared out towards the vast waters until I felt my husband’s hand against my arm,

“We should check out our bedroom,” he said with a grin.

He didn’t give me a chance to inspect the room before his face was against mine, his lips eating into mine. He stopped only to whisper in my ear.

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“I love my wife’s hair,” he said with his face submerged in my brown locks.

“I love my wife’s neck,” he said as he kissed me right behind my ears.

“I love my wife’s breasts,” he said as he massaged my chest.

“And I love my wife’s pussy,” he said in my ear as his hand began to massage me over my shorts. I love the word pussy, and Derek knew that just saying it was enough to get me aroused.

“And your wife’s pussy loves you” I said, leaning into him to enjoy the sensation.

As we kissed, he raced to unbutton my blouse and I started to unfasten his shorts. We always liked to undress quickly, and even though we should savor the moment on our honeymoon, we didn’t want to waste a second teasing each other.

While still struggling with our clothes, we tumbled onto the bed. As he positioned himself on top of the sheets, I tugged at his shorts until they slid off, exposing his tight boxer briefs. I rubbed my hand up his hard cock and stared deep into his eyes. I could feel how much he wanted me.

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I pulled his boxers off and threw them on the ground. Before he’d managed to get any of my clothes off I leaned forward and wrapped my mouth around his dick. All I could think about was how much I wanted him inside of me. I held the base of his shaft and licked him all over.

When he was soaking wet, dripping with my saliva, I took his whole dick in my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat. I sucked as hard as I could, moving him in and out of my mouth until I could feel he was close.

When I came up, he grabbed me and laid me on my back. He pulled the blouse over my head, nearly bursting the buttons right off, and he pulled my shorts down to my ankles. I wiggled the rest of the way out of my boxers and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He pulled the sweaty shirt he still had on over his head and he pinned my hips to the mattress. His face was in my crotch, and I felt his warm saliva drip from my clitoris down into my wet pussy. As his tongue moved back and forth across my clit he put one finger inside of me.

“Oh baby,” he said when he felt how wet I was.

“You make me so hot,” I answered.

Leaning my hips into him, he twisted his finger around. After every few seconds, when my body would go rigid and I would start to whimper, he’d stop moving. I wanted to scream out. I was so close, but he wasn’t letting me. I wanted to push his head into my lap but at the same time I liked the way my clitoris was throbbing.

He slowly leveled himself out with me, not touching any part of my body, but holding himself inches from my body. I could feel the heat from his skin. I could taste his sweat.

Without any warning he pushed himself inside of me. And we both let out a gasp of relief.

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With the insane flight and all the excitement from the wedding, we barely had time to sleep, but despite everything we both had more energy than we’d ever had before. He pounded into me with so much force and speed I was motionless beneath him. I tilted my pelvis to take all of him inside of me, but it didn’t take long for the sensation to take over. With my muscles contracting around his cock, he had to stop moving so he wouldn’t come along with me.

With a big breath, he pulled out and told me to flip onto my stomach.

With my body still numb from the orgasm, he pushed himself inside of me once again. He knew this was my weak spot, and especially when I was so sensitive, I could barely breathe. With every gulp of air I took in I let out an intense moan of pleasure.

The louder I was the harder he pounded me, so pretty soon I was screaming at the top of my lungs and Derek was moaning my name as he finished inside of me.

Both of us lay there panting for ages and only then did I realize that the couple in the next villa must have heard us. I didn’t have time to be embarrassed, because Derek was tracing his fingers across my sensitive skin and this was, after all, only the first night of our week long honeymoon.