The Hike

Walking along the hiking trail alone enjoying the beautiful wooded hills, listening to my tunes with ear buds firmly in my ears. I love being outside walking and listening to music, I am 25 years old, decent looking short dark brown hair and brown eyes, nothing special but a bit of the boy next door look. I rounded a tight corner on the trail not hearing the approaching bike and rider bearing down on me from the opposite direction because of my tunes.

I was surprised, but not as much as the guy that slammed into me knocking me right off the trail and down the hill about fifteen feet. The rider throws his bike down, running down to me, asking all the way if I am ok? and stating that he is so sorry and that the didnt see me. The blonde roughly 26 year old leans right over my face looking so scared for my well being, “are you ok? don’t move, just lay there for a minute and make sure your ok before you move” he said still with a panicked look on his very sweet and cute face.

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I’m a little dirty and scraped up some and my leg is hurting but I don’t think it is broken I remarked as I try to get up. No stay still, the blonde said as he held my shoulder down, I’m so sorry, I just…. I stopped him by saying it was an accident and I’d be ok, my name is Joshua, er.. Josh. as I extended a hand to shake his. Joshua, nice to meet you, well not the best way but, anyway I’m Ryan, he said as he shook my hand with a firm grip. He pulled gently on my hand helping me up as he held my shoulder to help me get my balance, Ouch, I said quickly as I tried to out weight on my left leg. Ryan pulled my arm over his shoulder and took part of my weight while he asked if I thought I could make it back up the steep bit of hillside? I can carry you on my back if you want? he asked. I smiled looking into his nice blue eyes and told him that with a bit of help I could probably make it back up OK.

As we climbed the few feet to the trail I was really warming up to this guy,, my arm around his shoulder his around my waist, feeling his muscles moving under that oh so thin tee shirt he had on. We topped the climb and I sat on the trial, looking at my skinned knee and elbow, bleeding a bit but not too bad. I thanked Ryan for stopping and helping me back up to the trail and told him that he was very kind and that I would make it back home after I sat for a while. Ryan looked at me and said, “No way, Ill get you home, I did this to you and I’m not leaving you out here. I wasn’t sure but I thought Ryan just caught me looking at the leg opening of his shorts and the light bit of blonde hair on his legs.

I turned my attention to his bike, Is your bike ok? I asked. Yeah I’m sure it’s fine, Hey Joshua, you can sit on the bike and I’ll walk it back to my truck at the parking lot! Ryan said. Do you think we might end up at the bottom of the hill again? I asked with a laugh. Ryan helped me onto the bike, he held one hand on the handlebars and the other on the bar near the bottom of the seat sometimes bumping his forearm into my left cheek but not seeming to notice. Once we hit a bit of a tree root making the bike wobble, I put my left arm onto his shoulder to steady my weight. Ryan looked at my hand on his shoulder, I quickly pulled it away. No, it’s fine there, I like it, I mean it’s easier to balance Ryan stammered.

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Ok I said and placed my hand back on his firm shoulder enjoying every minute of it. After about a mile of this we reached the parking lot, thats me over there, the red Nissan pickup, he said, Ill help get you in and then put my bike in the back. I live right up the road about two miles I can get you cleaned up there, I feel so bad, Ryan said. I don’t want to impose, you can take me to my house an drop me off, I’ll be fine I was saying as he cut me off saying it was the least he could do after practically killing me. he said with a smile. That’s the first time I’ve seen you smile, it’s nice! I said, sorta testing the gay waters to see his reaction. He just smiled a bigger smile his juicy red lips almost inviting me to suck them into my mouth. I also didn’t want to tell him that we had to pass my place on the way to his, I lived on the main road just over form the parking area. Pulling into his driveway I saw a small but cute cottage style house with allot of trees. He ran around as I was getting out, got my arm over his shoulder and other arm around my waist. I can probably make it ok, I said as I looked into his eyes again but this time I didn’t look away so fast and neither did he, my heart gave a quick flutter.

He opened the door and got me to a chair, let me kook at those scrapes Joshua, he said, I’ll be right back. Ryan returned with a bowl of water a couple of towels, ointment and some band-aid’s. Wow Doctor Ryan is it? I asked with a laugh. He looked up grinning, and said that he just wanted to get me cleaned up and taken care of. He put the smaller towel into the warm water and started cleaning the dirt away from the small wounds, This felt so good I leaned my head back on the chair back and at some point let out a moan of pleasure without really meaning to. Ryan looked at my surprised look and started getting the warm cloth up farther to the leg opening of my shorts, Your a bit dirty up here too he said with a smile. I looked at him and said something corny about him being an angel sent from heaven to mend my wounds. making him laugh. He went higher with the towel slipping it into the leg of my shorts pushing them higher. Mmmmm I moaned again this time making sure he heard me. Ryan continued to clean my dirty legs and bandaged me up, still on his knees in front of me he ran his hand slowly but firmly up my leg and into my shorts teasing my crotch a bit at first and then putting his hand over my growing bulge. Well this is service, I joked at he massaged my balls.

I reached to his chest and felt his nipples, rubbing and lightly pinching them to get them erect. Then I pulled on his shirt at the shoulders taking it off of him exposing a nicely tanned chest that made me want to melt. I am in good shape but this guy was in great shape. He lifted me carefully to pull off my shorts and briefs, my hard cock slapped my body like a spring loaded mouse trap as it broke free from my clothing. Ryan dove onto it pulling it into his mouth sucking deep to my pubic hair, oh my God this is heaven! it had been several weeks since I had stopped seeing my last boyfriend the non working bastard and had not really had any sex, well with anyone but my hand that is. Ryan stood up, he dropping his shorts standing there, wow! I thought, this guy is unbelievable. His cock was big but not huge, very do-able in my book. Let me help you to my bedroom Josh, as he extended his hand to help me up. On his bed, Ryan pulled off my shirt and kissed my forehead, then nose, then cheek working his way to my lips, he seemed to be in no rush at all which suited me fine.

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I let my tongue dart in and out of his mouth then Pulling him on top if me kissing him hard on those sweet lips.I didn’t want to stop, this guy was the best accident I have ever had. Carefully I moved my slightly hurt leg out of the way as Ryan went back to my southern region and was sucking my balls one at a time into his mouth while toying with my asshole causing me to squirm in anticipation. Ryan rolled me onto my side pushing my good leg up tight to my stomach as he took those beautiful lips to my ass, licking, sucking and biting my ass and cheeks driving me wild. Oh Ryan, please don’t stop, fill me with that hot cock of yours, I said, put it deep inside me. Thats all he was waiting for, his stiff cut cock was already moist with pre-cum as he slid on a condom and pushed his erect penis into my wanting hole. Oh, Joshua, mmmmmm feels so good baby, I love your ass, it feels so hot. Ryan said as he slowly pushed his cock deep as it would go, he rested there for just a second, while moving his crotch in a circular motion causing his hard cock to dance inside me.

He started pumping my ass like crazy filling me to the fullest I can remember, my cock still very stiff and beginning to drip as well. His motion slowed as he pulled out and removed the condom, I don’t want to rush this at all, he smiled as he took my dripping cock into his mouth. he turned around and so I could suck on his balls while he worked on my cock, I slid my thumb into his ass while I sucked his balls then going to his hot stiff dick, I had wanted it in my mouth since he got me into his truck. Ryan took me to the point of no return, I’m gonna shoot my load baby if you don’t stop. I moaned. He didnt and I shot a huge load of cum down his throat as he kept sucking me so hard I thought I’d pass out from the waves of my orgasm. I rolled Ryan over onto his back, stating it was my turn! with a grin. Lifting his legs I dove onto his throbbing cock, swallowing it all in one gulp. Mmmmmmm Josh, baby, ohhhhhh… I am cumming baby. Those words were no longer out of his mouth and his hot cum was in mine, his hips bucking wildly as wave after wave of his sweetness splashing across my tongue as I sucked and swallowed his load. I fell forward onto him, my face in his crotch, lips against his still swollen cock, breathing hard all I could say was WOW! He puled me up to him pulling a sheet over us, we drifted off into slumber, my hand on his chest and his head on my shoulder.

I woke up from a noise outside to find that I was alone in bed, but could definitely smell something good and decided to wander toward the kitchen to find Ryan cooking, naked, what a sight! Hi, I said as I limped into the room, have a seat Josh, be easy on that leg or I may have to keep yo here for a long time till it heals he laughed. Sounds pretty nice to me! I stated still admiring his tight ass rippling as he moved. Im making some garlic pasta and pork chops, is that oK? you do eat meat? right? Ryan asked. I sure do eat meat. I answered with a wicked grin. I sat watching him, so at ease in the kitchen, well and naked helps too but I could hardly take my eyes off him, his gentle movements and quick smile. You can stay to eat I’m hoping, well, I mean , you don’t have to be anywhere right away do you? Ryan asked. No, I’m good till Monday morning for work, unless I call out sick because of my leg I said laughing, it’s really not that bad, probably just a strain. Well maybe I’d better keep you here tonight, for closer observation.

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Ryan said with a giggle and a wink. Mmmm sounds so very tempting. I said all the time thinking that I would love nothing better. Ryan finished cooking and brought two plates of food and some iced tea to the table. Wow this is great! I love garlic pasta and these chops are so moist. I said as I inhaled the meal. I didn’t realize how hungry I was, Ryan laughed and said there is more if you’d like seconds. We sipped the tea looking into each others eyes and started laughing about nothing, just the sheer joy of having eaten a nice meal with a hot naked guy. I felt stirring in my cock and it was a glass table so it didn’t take long before Ryan saw my semi hard cock jutting out from my lap. Can I take the dishes to the sink? I asked. No, I have them, you stay off that leg a bit longer. Ryan said as he cleared the table.

Ryan walked over behind me and ran his hands down my bare chest going all the way to my now fully hard cock as he leaned over and kissed my mouth,biting softly on my lips. We went to the living room and laid on the floor in front of the fireplace, I kissed those loveable, suckable lips of Ryan’s pulling him close and tight to my chest. I ran my hands down his back to the top of his ass crack, toying with it as best as I could reach. Ryan went to the bedroom for a second and came back with several condoms with a wicked grin on his cute tanned face. I took one form him and skinned it over my stiff rod and looked him in the eyes. Ryan laid on his stomach and raised his ass a bit, I took that opportunity to move in with my mouth on his ass, biting and licking, then inserting a finger to loosen him up some. I pulled his ass up a bit more then mounted him easing my cock into his very tight hole, holding onto his hips, I pulled him closer and farther onto my cock.

As he loosened up some I started pushing deeper and going faster riding his ass like mad. mmmmmm sweetie, your ass is fantastic! I whispered. Fuck me, Josh,, do it baby! give it to me deep! oh baby , it feels so good! Ryan panted. I tore his ass up, faster and harder than ever, just as I was going to cum I pulled out and popped off the condom and shot my hot sticky load all over his ass cheeks and back. Wow baby! Ryan said as I leaned onto his body spreading his cum all over between our bodies. I reached around and under him feeling his nipples, twisting them between my fingers loving every hot second of this hot man. I laid next to Ryan smiling at him as he stood up and sat onto my upper chest, his hard cock bouncing above my eyes and his soft sweet balls on my chin. I reached up pulling his balls into my mouth one at a time and running my tongue under his ball sac making him jump and moan. He started jacking his hard cock while I sucked his balls and fingered his hole. feeling his body tense and tighten around my finger that was still up his ass, I knew he was ready to blow his wad. I opened my mouth as he cried out as he shot his cum all over my face and into my mouth.

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He leaned over kissing me, tasting his own cum in our kisses, he took his finger and lifted a large gob of cum form my cheek and inserted it into my mouth pushing his finger all around in my mouth as I sucked it clean. How about a good shower to clean us off? Ryan asked. Fantastic! I replied as we got up and he helped me to his shower. Ryan took a washcloth with soap and washed my body, starting at my feet and cleaning his way up as the hot water spalshed all over his face and shoulders. He took great care around the abrasions form our crash but it still stung like hell from the water alone. He spread my legs and ran the cloth and soap under my balls and between my ass cheeks, it felt so good to have a man care for me like this. I tought. When he finished my back and chest he kissed me under the running spray of the shower, I held him tightly. I slid down to the floor of the shower drawing his mostly soft cock into my mouth just savoring it as my hands ran wild over his plump firm ass cheeks.

We got out and dried each other off going back to the fireplace, Ryan grabbed a blanket on the way where we cuddled laughing and touching each other. I looked at Ryan’s face and said thanks for running me down, this is the nicest day I have had in a long time and would have never met you if not for that blind corner in the trail. I said with a huge smile. Ryan just kissed my lips and said I was so sweet. We held each other and talked for hours, turned out he had lived here only a few months and didn’t know very many people in town yet where I had been here most of my life and knew about everyone. He had never had a real boyfriend, only a few guys here and there as he had lived in a pretty small town before moving here. I told him about breaking up with my guy when he moved across the U.S.either looking for work or probably trying to avoid it besides I didn’t really have the strong loving feelings enough to go with him. We made it back to his bed just before he fell asleep in my arms.

I lay there for a few minutes listening to his soft breathing as he slept feeling so very warm, safe and content, I was wondering how far this would go and hoping for a long term relationship with Ryan.