Slutty Wife’s Revenge

“What the hell is this!”

Michael Landers turned slowly toward his wife. She had been changing the sheets on their bed when she came across an unexpected surprise. When the couple finally stood face to face, Michael noticed his wife of three years staring back, her left arm pointing straight at him with a purple bra dangling off her index finger.

“Well, um, it looks like a bra,” Michael answered.

“Ya think? Gee Michael, I never would have guessed if it hadn’t been for you. What I really want to know is who it belongs to and what it was doing underneath your pillow. “

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“What are you suggesting, Meredith?” Michael learned early in his relationships with women that the best defense was to go quickly to the offense. “There’s only one person in this house who wears those.

“Well, Michael, I hope for your sake that you have started cross-dressing, because this certainly isn’t mine. “

“What do you mean, not yours? I’ve seen you in that plenty of times. “

“Damn you, Michael. I hate purple. You know I hate purple. Now tell me who it belongs to?”

“Maybe it changed color in the wash? You know I’m no good at that stuff. “

“Michael, you’re such an idiot. Now tell me. “

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Honestly, Meredith, you need to keep better track of your things. “

Michael turned to walk out the door when the bra hit him in the back of the head.

“What did you do that for?”

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“What do you take me for, Michael? I’m not stupid. I know who it belongs to, I was just hoping you would show me an ounce of respect and tell me the truth.

It’s Melissa’s. I was with her when she bought it. Where are the matching panties, Michael? Or wasn’t she wearing any? She told me it was for someone special. Little did I know…”

Her voice trailed off and she began to sob. Michael tried to give her a reassuring hug, tried to tell her he was sorry. His charms had worked dozens of times in the past. He was sure he could wiggle out of yet another predicament.

But this time, Meredith would have none of it.

“Get your hands off of me!”

Startled at the tone of her voice, Michael backed off.

“Aren’t I good enough for you, Michael? Aren’t I pretty enough?”

The funny thing is Meredith was pretty enough. They had met in college. Michael was two years older, the captain of the lacrosse team. Meredith was petite with raven colored hair.

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Her face radiated perfection and her body was pert and toned. By the time she graduated college, the couple was engaged. A year later, they were married. But it wasn’t enough. Meredith should have been all the woman he ever wanted, but Michael started to stray shortly after the honeymoon. Mostly it was with women at the office or at the health club. They were short term, sex-only affairs.

But Melissa was different. Although she was Meredith’s best friend, she was the aggressive one. Michael had spurned her advances as early as two weeks after the wedding, but Melissa couldn’t take no for an answer. Finally, Michael gave in and the two had been having a clandestine affair for nearly six months.

Melissa was everything Meredith wasn’t. She was tall and blonde, and decidedly bustier than his petite wife.

And her sexual appetite was insatiable. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, it didn’t matter. One time she even met him in New York during one of his frequent business trips. And all the while, Meredith had been none the wiser.

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Until now!

“Honey, I’m sorry. I can change, I promise. “

The sobbing had quieted and an eerie silence filled the room. Finally, Meredith wiped her eyes and rose from the bed.

“You’re right, Michael. You will change. I’m going to see to it right now. “

A puzzled look crossed Michael’s face.

“You see, Michael, I am a witch. I have been hiding this fact from you ever since we met. I wanted our relationship to be normal. I tried, Michael, but you cheated. You violated our vows. And now you will pay. I am tired of being made a fool of.

Before Michael could react, she pointed her finger at him, the same finger that just minutes earlier held the purple bra, and chanted a few words under her breath.

Michael stood transfixed as a silver light emerged from her finger and snaked its way towards his body, encircling his form. As the light got more intense, Michael started to feel a strange tingling sensation. It started at his head and quickly worked its way throughout his body.

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Soon, Michael became aware of something even stranger. For some reason, he found himself looking up at Meredith. It couldn’t be, he thought to himself. At six feet, two inches tall, he was nearly a foot taller than his wife, but now she was looking down at him… and laughing.

Smaller and smaller he got. By now he was barely three foot tall when he noticed more changes.

His skin texture was changing, from course, masculine tone to a
fine, satiny finish. His arms and legs were getting thinner. When he looked down, he noticed his right toes change into tiny hooks; his left toes became tiny eyelets.

His legs spread outwards then stretched behind him and hooked together. Then he felt a sudden, sharp tug as his arms arched behind his back connected with his legs… or what had been his legs.

He tried to speak, to tell Meredith one more time that he was sorry. But she dismissed him with a wave of her hand. The motion seemed to cause more changes as his skin turned the same shade of purple as Melissa’s bra. Another wave of Meredith’s hand and he felt a sharp explosion in his chest as two large cups emerged. His rib-cage reformed into underwire. By now, the changes were almost complete as he fluttered helplessly to the floor.

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Soon, his head receded into the fabric. Though he could no longer see or hear, he was very much aware of the sensation as Meredith picked him up off the floor and stuffed him into her purse.

Later that week, Meredith encountered Melissa at the Spa Lady Health Club. She had anticipated the meeting and made sure to pack what was left of Michael inside her gym bag.

After a vigorous workout, the two women chatted and talk soon turned to Michael.

“By the way, Meredith, how’s Michael? I haven’t seen him in a while. “

“Oh, we’re kind of separated,” Meredith answered with a giggle. “I got tired of his cheating ways. “

“Too bad. I always thought you two made the perfect couple,” Melissa replied. “I always wished I could find someone just like him.“

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“You know, Melissa, something tells me that you and Michael would be a good fit. By the way, I believe you left this at my house. “

With that, Meredith pulled the bra that had once been her husband out of her bag and handed it to her startled friend. With a playful wink, she then picked up her belongings and headed for the exit. Leaving her best friend and ex-husband to their shared destiny.