The Coves

This past weekend started out like every other. Things happened over this past weekend that has forever changed us. Like most summer weekends Karen wanted to spend the day on the boat. Karen likes taking nude selfies and to bring her best friend along. Having them on the boat is great because I can stare at them in their thong bikinis.

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The girls are twenty-one while I am twenty-two. We all met while our freshman year in college. Every weekend it’s usually the three of us together. Looking back at things, it was just a matter of time before line started to cross. There has always been a mutual attraction between everyone. Maybe we all were chicken to act on it.

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nude selfiesAt first the girls would wear bikinis but over time they started to wear thong bottom. Last weekend they finally went topless when we drifted in the gulf. I told Karen if they want to go out on the boat, that both of them will have to help clean up the boat later. They promised to help and make it worth my while.

We decided to leave early the following day. Last year I purchased a nice sea ray. One of the happiest days of my life and the second happiest day will be when I sell it. Owning a boat takes a lot of time and money, but it’s worth it. Women partially clothed or nude, what could be better? Laura picked up Karen around eight in the morning.

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They were going to head down to the store to get some food and drinks for us. After they left I went down to the marina to get the boat in the water and do a few things to get ready for our day in the sun. The girls arrive about thirty minutes later and we ready to make our way out. As we leave port the girls start to get ready.

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This is the best part of the day. I get to watch as the girls remove their shorts to reveal their sexy treasure. Every time we spend the day on the boat is like Christmas and they are my gift. Except they have not allowed me to unwrap them completely, yet. Once again both girls live up to my wildest fantasies with their bikini selection.

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The seas were pretty calm as we head out to the channel and past the lighthouse. Laura hands me bottle water while they enjoy a few rum and diet cokes. During the summer we don’t see too many people. Most of the crazy tourists are still up north in Ohio. Along the mangroves hugging the shoreline we can see a few fishermen. Around eleven or so we all were getting hungry and wanted to get something to eat. Someone came up with the idea of cabbage key. If you ever get the chance to go there, don’t. The owner is an arrogant jerk, the food is terrible, and the service is slow.

Since everyone was hungry we went to Cabbage keys. You would think that one would learn from our past mistakes. Once again cabbage keys lives up to its reputation (for locals, they still pack the tourists). The place was pretty empty and the girls wanted to stay outside and eat. They sat down at one of the tables while I went to the rest room.

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After a few minutes I returned to find a rum and coke waiting for me. Have to love my girlfriend she is so thoughtful. The waitress came back and took our order of three cheeseburgers and another round of drinks.

The girls were talking up a storm and still looking very sexy. Both girls fill out the bikini and I have to say that I am one lucky man to be sitting with them. With all the talking we really didn’t mind that our order was taking thirty minutes.

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One can make coal faster than get a meal here. Rob the owner was a complete jerk, again, as we asked where our food was. Rob answered with some rude smart-ass comment. The burgers were served a minute or two later but they were over cooked, but at this point we just wanted our food and to leave. We pay our bill and leave. Get back in the boat and take off.

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The girls remove their shorts and those sexy tight butt checks are free. That is what I love to see. We make our way back towards town. The girls were talking about going into the coves for a private show and drinks. Once into miracle, or miserable mile as most people call it, we slow down. The girls notice a few boats off to the south and want to head in there. Slowly I maneuvered the boat to a spot in the back.

I didn’t realize how secluded we were. Mangroves were all around us and they shielded us from passing boats, to be honest I was surprised the water is deep enough for us. Karen looks at me and gives me that wicked smile. The girls giggle and run down below. I can hear them talk but they are far enough that I can hear the words they are saying. When they come back topside they tell me that they are going to put a show on. I watch as Karen walks behind Laura.

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My cock is growing at the impending show. Desperately I try to keep in control. Karen pulls on the string and Laura bikini falls off her. Her nipples are all ready hard and they look delicious. Laura playfully slaps Karen for doing this, a little game that they play. Next, Karen reaches and unties her suite. Even though I have scene Laura topless a few times nothing has ever transpired. I am doing everything I can to keep from getting a hard-on.

Laura says, “Lets go down below.” As she walks down below Karen and myself follow her.

Karen knows my struggle and playfully grabs Laura’s 34b’s. “What would you like to do with these, honey? Do you like them better than mine?” “They are quite sexy, but I love yours!” Trying to maneuver this minefield. “You know, I never knew why men obsess over tits. But I have to admit they do feel nice.

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I mean, I have felt mine before, but never someone else’s.” She plays with her nipples as a little moan escapes Laura’s lips. “Hum, maybe I should feel them too?” Finally I get to touch that sexy body. As my fingers reach her breast, Karen moves her hand away. Her nipples look so hard and sexy. As I make my way over to them a boat pulls up next to us. I hate this when people do crap like this.

There must be a square mile of nothing and they have to pull next to us. The girls stay down below while I go topside. He nods and his first mate waves (I assume his wife). They pull up next to us and ask if we mind. Most boaters are very friendly, and like to stay in groups.

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They toss me a line and we tie our boats together. Karen tries to hide as she hands me a bumper. Never realizing that she was a closed exhibitionist before. She has that look, like she is being naughty. Personally, I love that look because I will be getting some! She looks so sexy as she tries to cover herself. However, she is unable to completely hide herself from me.