Naughty Mom – Chapter 10

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Angela stood on the lawn fronting her apartment building, smiling as she listened to the faint sounds coming from the little house across the street. They were almost undetectable at such a distance — to any passerby they would have been hopelessly lost in the other street noises.

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But Angela knew what they were and she felt her pussy moistening as she made out the soft moans and groans. Her son had succeeded in his objective. He was obviously giving Mrs. Janet Douglas a good, hard fuck.

Mmmmmm, she must be having a good time in there, Angela thought. You are reading this amazing mom son sex story on just erotic stories dot com. Her pussy got wetter as she imagined her son’s huge cock shaft fucking greasily into the widow’s wet, clinging pussy. For the first time, Angela felt a brief pang of jealousy. She wished she could be over there to get a good fucking too.

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Sighing, she turned and started to walk back to the building, figuring that she would spend the rest of the afternoon fingerfucking herself while waiting for her son’s return. Then something caught her attention.

It was Mike, walking rapidly up the sidewalk toward his home. Angela felt a wild fear as she saw him, cursing herself for forgetting Janet’s child. There was no telling what would happen if Mike walked in to find his mother’s pussy being fucked by Tony’s long thick cock.

“Oh, Mike!” Angela shouted. She raised her arm to wave him over. “Could you come over here for a second?”

Angela knew enough about Mike to be sure that he was an obedient boy and was surprised when he turned toward her with obvious reluctance. “What is it,” he said sullenly.

“Could you come up to my apartment for a minute?” Angela said, thinking quickly. “Please.”

Mike hesitated. “Well, I wanted to talk to my mom.”

Boy, is he being stubborn, Angela thought. “It’ll only take a minute. I need some help moving some boxes. Tony isn’t here to help me.”

Mike frowned and crossed the street to join her. You are reading this amazing mom son sex story on just erotic stories dot com. Angela suppressed a soft gasp as she looked at the front of his pants. Her friend’s son had a gigantic hard-on throbbing stiffly through his pants.

Then all of a sudden Angela had a glimmer of realization. Her mind worked swiftly, putting two and two together. Janet’s insatiable lust, Mike’s reluctance to visit her, his big hard cock.

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He was fucking her! Just like Angela and Tony! He was hurrying home to give his mother a good fuck!

Mike saw what Angela was looking at and he looked slightly embarrassed as he stood before her. “Okay. What kind of boxes?”

“Oh, just some old things,” Angela said. She turned on her heels and walked back into the building, careful to make her ass cheeks wiggle seductively. “Just follow me. It’ll only take a minute.”

Once in her apartment, Angela searched her mind for some boxes heavy enough to require a man’s help. She had to keep Mike busy for awhile… not just so Tony could finish, but so she could fuck him. Angela had decided she had to fuck him as soon as she’d seen the big boner in his pants.

“God, it’s hot today,” Angela murmured, shutting the apartment door behind them. “Mike, I want to help you, but I honestly can’t work in these clothes. Hold on for a minute while I change into something cooler.”

Mike grumbled something under his breath and sat on the couch. You are reading this amazing mom son sex story on just erotic stories dot com. Angela went into her bedroom. A quick glance in the closet showed nothing that she couldn’t move by herself. She had to seduce her friend’s child on the first try.

So she dressed accordingly. A minute later, after regarding her reflection in the mirror, Angela had to blush at her own boldness. She wore the sheerest two-piece bikini she owned, a skimpy thing with a top much too small for her ample tits. Angela stared at herself, seeing the way her huge tits bulged out of the cups, the nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

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The bottom showed most of her ass cheeks and wispy strands of pussy hair were visible around the crotch. Angela took a deep breath and entered the living room. If this didn’t turn Mike on, nothing would.

Mike had been reading an old copy of Cosmopolitan. His eyes bulged as he saw her. He dropped the magazine on the floor.

“I hope you don’t mind the bikini, Mike.” Angela walked toward him, using a gait that made her huge tits bounce and jiggle. “But it is cooler and I thought I could do a little sunbathing after we move the boxes.”

“I… I don’t mind,” Mike stammered, staring at her creamy tits.

“But honestly, first we ought to get to know each other a little.” Angela sat beside him on the couch and placed a familiar hand on his thigh. “I hardly ever talk to you, Mike. And your my best friend’s son.”

Mike’s mood changed completely when he saw her in the bikini. You are reading this amazing mom son sex story on just erotic stories dot com. His face was flushed and he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her long, tapering legs and slim waist and mouthwatering tits. The big bulge in his pants had grown a lot stiffer, as if his cock was about to explode from his zipper.

“That’s f-fine with me, Mrs. Moore,” Mike stammered.

Angela knitted her brow in pretended worry. “Mike, ar you sick? Why are you staring at me like that?”

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Mike gulped hard and shifted on the couch, trying to conceal his huge prick. Angela sighed, acting as if she were noticing his hard-on for the first time.

“Oh, I see. Mike, I’m sorry I came out here like this. Maybe I beter go change. I guess the bikining is a bit much for a boy your age.”

“No, that’s okay,” Mike said quickly. “I don’t mind.”

Angela smiled and moved a little close. “Honestly, the way you’re looking at me! It’s like you’re trying to stare through my top! Don’t you have a girlfriend?”