Naughty Mom – Chapter 11

And then Janet remembered that his shoulders had been bare too.

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A hot flush of rage seized her, making her fingers shake as they gripped the windowsill. Swearing under her breath, Janet dropped the vibrator and put down her skirt. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Then she stalked out of her house, headed resolutely to the apartment of her former best friend.

“Okay, Mike,” Angela murmured, looking at him anxiously over her shoulder. “Now you don’t want to hurt me with that big fucking prick of yours! Ease it in, lover! Give me a chance to get used to you. Then you can fuck my asshole just as hard as you want!”

Mike crouched on the floor behind her ass, groaning as her strong ass ring sucked around the tip of his cock. Her shit hole and his cock shaft were dripping with a liberal coating of Vaseline. He was preparing to fuck his cock deep into the naked mother’s ass guts.

“Unh!” Unconsciously, Angela thrust her hand under her belly, lightly fingering her cunt as she looked over her shoulder and watched her teenage fucker wincing as he stuffed his cock up her ass. “Oh fuck, Mike. It already feels so enormous! You’ve got such a big prick! You’re almost as fantastic a fuck as my son!”

Angela was teasing him, and Mike responded with a heavy fuck thrust between her ass cheeks. Angela groaned and fell flat on her belly on the floor, squashing her tits on the rug. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. But she kept her fingers inside her hairy pussy slit and continued to finger fuck as Mike pushed his cock slowly up her ass tunnel.

“Easy, lover! What a big fucking prick!”

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Mike moaned as he felt her stretched asshole ring sucking around his cock, milking his prick into her ass guts. Sinking his fingers deep into her shoulders, he moved slightly up her naked body, so his big prick would fuck more directly into her churning ass tunnel.

Then he started fucking into her again, lowering his head and watching his veined cock shaft disappearing between her ass cheeks. In and in and in his prick went, the meaty inches spreading the mother’s asshole wide. Angela groaned and finger fucked her pussy harder, feeling little stabs of pain as her asshole struggled to accommodate his enormous cock.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Mike groaned. He heaved behind her, fucking every inch of hard-on into the rubbery grip of her shit tunnel.

For a moment they just lay prone together, their flesh pressed as Mike’s cock soaked in the clasping sheath of Angela’s shitter. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Then he pulled out slowly, feeling her ass muscles drag around his cock until only his prick knob parted her puckered asshole.

“Unh! Fuck me now, Mike!” Angela started to hump eagerly beneath him, pushing her asshole onto his rigid cock. “It feels good now! I can take it! Fuck my horny asshole! Hurry, fuck it hard!”

Tightening his grip on her shoulders, Mike fucked his cock back into her asshole, making Angela groan as her cheeks were again packed with prick meat. Then he started fucking her, reaming out the forbidden warm the of her shitty ass with long driving strokes of his cum-swollen cock.

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“Harder, Mike!” Frantically Angela fingerfucked her pussy, feeling her big tits jiggle on the carpet as the fucking strokes of Mike’s hard-on rocked her body. “Unh! Fuck my ass off! Make my asshole cum on your big beautiful prick!”

Mike groaned as her rubbery shit muscles clutched around his cock, sucking his prick into her asshole. He started fucking her asshole as hard as he could, his balls slapping her pussy crack with every thrust.

“I’m gonna cum!” Already Angela could feel luscious heat building in her belly, coursing through her pussy and asshole at the same time. “Unh! Oh yes, keep fucking me! It’s so goooood! I love your hard dick!”

Mike fucked his cock into her as guts and Angela felt his prick pulsing with every stroke into her shitty ass tunnel. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. She loved getting fucked up the ass. Clawing the carpet, she rocked her hips madly to meet every stroke, bouncing her pussy on her hand as her thumb rolled fiercely on her swollen clit.

“I’m cumming, Mike! Nnnnngggg! Keep fucking me! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ah, fuck! I’m cuuummmiiinnngggggggggg!”

Her asshole spasmed, the tight shit tunnel sucking tightly around Mike’s cock. Again and again she came, feeling the fuck juice gush on her fingers as her asshole convulsively sucked around her teenage fucker’s big prick. Her climax lasted so long that Angela nearly fainted, dazedly seeing spots of color flash before her eyes as she writhed in a frenzy of lust.

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When she came to, Mike’s cock was still as hard as bone inside her ass. Angela moaned and braced herself as the naked boy continued to fuck her ass hard and fast, thinking now only of his own cum.

“I’ll kill you, Angela! I’ll kill you for this!” Angela shrieked in surprise and looked at the open door just in time to see Janet shut it and stalk into the living room. Angela groaned and turned her head away. Mike’s cock was deep inside her asshole, fucking hard. There was no denying what they’d been caught doing.

“Mike!” Janet’s face was a mask of fury as she advanced on them. “Get off of her this instant!”

Mike pulled his cock slowly out of her seething asshole and rose to face his mother with his stone-hard prick still pulsing before him. Angela worriedly watched the scene unfolding. She was surprised to see that Mike didn’t look frightened. If anything, he seemed angry too.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Janet put her hands on her hips and glowered at him, as if he were a baby again and she was scolding him for spilling his cereal. “How dare you…”

“Cut the shit, Mom,” Mike said drily. “I know you fucked Tony too!”

This accusation seemed to knock all the wind out of Janet’s sails. Anger faded from her face, replaced by a kind of nervousness. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. She took a step back, her tits heaving under her dress as she looked anxiously between Angela and her son.

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Angela laughed and rolled onto her back, shamelessly naked before them. Perhaps this would work out for the best after all.

“I know you fucked him,” Mike went on, advancing on her, “you fucked him a couple of times. You weren’t going to tell me about it. You’re just mad ’cause he’s not fucking you right now! He’s the next best thing to me, right?”

“Michael!” Janet was still under the impression that Angela didn’t know about her incestuous fuck sessions with her son. She lowered her voice to a whisper. “Don’t talk like that in front of her for God’s sake!”