Naughty Mom – Chapter 11

“Cut it out, Mom! She knows all about it! It’s all out in the open now! Shit, I think what I ought to do is fuck you right in front of her!”

“Michael, no!”

Janet squealed as her son attacked her, lewdly burying his head in her huge tits through the dress and squeezing her ass cheeks. Janet struggled to get away from him but he was too strong for her. The next thing she knew she was stark naked, her dress on the living room carpet.

“Mmmm, Mike! You’re such a little savage!” Angela purred. Hungrily she stared at Janet’s huge tits and hairy pussy mound, remembering how good Janet’s cunt had tasted when she’d sucked Janet off before. “Go ahead, Mike! Fuck her! Fuck her right on the floor!”

“No, Mike!” Janet’s tone was now meek and submissive. “Please! Not right here!”

“Cut it out, Mom! You’re such a horny bitch!”

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Mike pushed his onto her knees, with his cock quivering right in front of her face. Then he thrust his hnads roughly in her hair and jammed the bulbous cock knob against her mouth.

“Suck it! Suck my dick, Mom! I want you to give me a blow job, so Angela can watch!”

His whole cock shaft was slimy with Vaseline, the spongy prick crown throbbing against Janet’s cheek. Janet tried to turn her head away, not wanting the big prick shoved down her throat.

“Suck it, Janet!” Angela spread her legs on the rug and started to fingerfuck, watching the incestuous action transpiring right in front of her. “You know you want to! You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. He’s got such a big, juicy cock to suck! Mmmm, look at that big hard-on! If you don’t suck it, I’ll give him a blow job myself!”

Janet immediately looked at Angela’s lust-contorted face, her lips parting in shock. Mike took the opportunity to jam the knob of his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmmpphh!” Janet nearly choked as the big prick shaft was fucked down her throat, her lips stretching to the bursting point around the meaty width of his cock. At first she felt ashamed and degraded, realizing that her own son was raping her, fucking her mouth while Angela watched.

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Then the very depravity of the scene started to turn her on. Janet felt her pussy getting wet, her clit and nipples swelling with obscene desire. Her son’s cock tasted so… so obscene! She couldn’t believe it turned her on to have his prick in her mouth!

“Suck it, Mom!” Mike rocked his hips, fucking her face. “Show Angela what a good cocksucker you are! Work out on my prick!”

Janet hesitated a moment, realizing that she had no alternative. Then, blushing with shame, she tightened her lips around the veined hardness of his cock shaft and started sucking as hard as she could.

“Ooooh!” Angela stared wide-eyed at the spectacle before her, of her best friend kneeling on the rug with her son’s hard-on fucking down her throat. “Do it, Janet!” She started to jack off harder, bouncing her ass off the rug. “Work out on his prick!”

Now that she’d finally given in, Janet was insatiable for the taste of her boy’s throbbing cock meat. Her hand came up, encircling the wet root, slippery with Vaseline. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. She jacked his cock fast and hard, taking his prick down her throat.

Soon the slurping, smacking sounds of a good prick sucking filled the whole room. Janet bobbed her head faster, her eyes shut tightly, she shamelessly allowed her son to fuck her face in front of her best friend. Her free hand pushed between his thighs, squeezing the hairy sack of his balls.

“Ahhh!” Mike put his hand gently on the top of her head, no longer needing to encourage her. “Christ, Mom! You’re the best cocksucker in the world!”

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His cock was completely clean of Vaseline now and the prick knob tasted delicious between Janet’s lips. She swirled her tongue around his cock head, lapping up the cum juices dribbling up from his balls. Suddenly Mike pushed her harshly away.

“Okay, Mom!” he said sharply. “That’s enough! Now I’m going to fuck you like a dog! Get on your knees!”

Janet blushed as she turned from her boy and got in the dog-fucking position, shooting a nervous glance at Angela. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. But Angela was obviously enjoying herself, fingerfucking while she watched.

Janet’s huge tits swayed pendulously over the carpet as she lifted her ass, spreading her knees in preparartion for the impaling thrust of her son’s cock. Mike knelt on the floor between her thighs. But he didn’t aim his juicing cock head at her pussy slit. Instead he pressed it on the puckered ring of her ass.