Naughty Mom – Chapter 11

“No, Mike!”

“Oh yes, Mom!” Mike slid his hands up her sides, holding her securely in position. “You deserve to get your butt fucked for making it with Tony!”

His cock still had a little Vaseline on it, but by now it was mostly dry and Mike wasn’t going to stop to put any more of the jelly. Janet winced as she felt his big prick fucking into her shit tunnel, stretching the walls of her asshole painfully around the invading thickness of his cock.

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“No, Mike!” Her moans were soft and girlish, but she knew they were to no avail. “Oh, stop! It’s all dry! You’re hurting meeee! Nooooooo!”

Mike ignored her, sliding his hands up to her tits, holding the hanging tits to keep her into position. Angela decided he had a sadistic streak as she watched him hammer his cock cruelly into his mother’s asshole.

Janet fell flat on her belly, quivering as her son fucked his cock to the balls in the sucking heat of her shit tunnel. Mike didn’t give her a chance to get used to having all of his cock. He quickly started fucking his mother’s ass hard and fast, fucking his stone-hard prick relentlessly through the tighlty puckered ring of her asshole.

“Do you like it, Momma? Do you like getting your asshole fucked?” Harder and harder he fucked into her, sighing as the strong muscles of her shit channel gripped uncontrollably around his prick. “Mmmm, your ass is so tight today! I’m gonna cum, Mom! I’m gonna shoot my load all the way up your butt!”

“Oh, oh, Son!” Janet grimaced and shook on the floor beneath him, helplessly ravished by the in-out strokes of his cock. “Can’t stand it! Unnggghhhhh!”

Then the pleasure started.

She’d had her asshole fucked plenty of times before and she could now feel the slippery shit walls loosening around the invading strokes of his cock. The pain was gone now, displaced by an intense, throbbing pleasure. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Unconsciously Janet started humping, thrusting her asshole onto her son’s huge cock.

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“You’re humping your ass, Momma,” Mike sighed, working sweatily on top of her. “You dig it now, don’t you? Say it, Mom! Say it!”

“Fuuuuck meeee!” The moan was long and guttural and Janet’s cheeks were crimson with degradation as she voiced her pleasure in the incestuous ass-fucking. But she started to hump much faster, thrusting her asshole onto her son’s cock.

“Fuck her!” Angela’s voice was a horny hiss. She was close to cumming now as she watched, fucking her fingers in and out of the hairy juice-drenched lips of her cunt. “That’s good, Mike! That’s the way! Fuck her hard! Fuck your mother!”

Mike started fucking Janet’s asshole as hard as he could, fucking his prick all the way into her shitty ass tunnel with every thrust. Janet dug her fingernails into the carpet. Shamelessly horny now, she started pounding her hips to meet his fuck thrusts.

“Fuck me, Michael!” she panted. “Unhhh! Yes, I love it now! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!”

Groaning lewdly, the big-titted mother worked her ass feverishly to meet his fuck strokes. She thrust her hand under her belly and started to jack off as her son reamed out her asshole with relentless fuck strokes of his swollen prick.

Then they were fucking in unison, their flesh banging sweatily together as their bodies ached with lust.

“Unnggghhh,” Angela groaned. She shivered uncontrollably as her pussy prepared to cream on her fingers. “Oh God, oh fuck…”

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Then the apartment door opened again and Angela found herself face to face with her own son.

“Jesus!” Tony gasped.

Tony dropped his school books, turning his head from side to side to gape at the three-way fuck scene on his living room floor. Janet and Mike were now too enthralled in their ass fucking to pay any attention, though they’d noticed him come in.

“Jesus!” Tony repeated. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. He watched Mike hump his mother for a moment, seeing the shaft of his prick between Janet’s ass cheeks. Then he turned his gaze back to his mother, who was now staring hard at the big prick growing rapidly in his pants.

“Tony, never mind them,” Angela panted. “Come over here and suck my pussy! Momma needs a good cum!”

Tony paused long enough to strip naked, glancing at his mother’s pussy and the ass fucking couple on the floor next to him. Then he crossed the living room, sprawling on the floor between his mother’s long, slim legs.

“Suck it, Tony!” Angela put her hand behind his head, guiding him into position as he burrowed his face against her crotch. “That’s a good boy! Mommy needs you to lick her pussy good!”

Tony glued his lips to his mother’s hairy cunt. For a moment he just licked up all the fuck oil, delighting in the musky taste of his mom’s pussy cream. Then, realizing she need to cum fast, he moved his tongue up to her clit.

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“Awwwww! Suck it, Tony!” Angela peeled her pussy folds apart, banging her heels on the floor as she felt her son’s lips envelop her straining clit. “Suck it, lick it! Make me cum!”

Tony sucked her clit hard, drawing it out of its fleshy hood. At the same time he jammed two fingers deep inside her throbbing cunt. Skillfully, he fingerfucked his mother’s hot pussy, pounding his knuckles on the puffy flesh walls to either side of her aching slit.

“I’m cumming,” Mike groaned. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. His expression was now dazed with lust as he fucked his cock relentlessly into Janet’s asshole. “Oh fuck. Ahhhhh!”

He collapsed on his mother’s sweating body, fucking his prick to the balls in Janet’s asshole. White cum erupted from his prick, spurting torrentially into her ravaged, throbbing shitter.

“Unggghhh!” Janet shook helplessly as her son’s cock juice spurted into her burning ass. “I’m cumming too, Mike! Fuck me! Fuck my asshole! Unh, unh, cuuuummmmiiinnnggggg!”

Her asshole spasmed repeatedly, sucking around her son’s prick like a milking machine. Janet jerked and humped madly on the floor, going from one cum peak to the next. Then she groaned heavily as Mike pulled his wilted cock out of her ass tunnel.

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Both of them turned in time to watch Angela getting off on her son’s tongue.

“Suck it, Tony! Unggghhh!” Angela dug her fingernails into his neck, pounding her aching pussy onto his mouth and fingers. “Suck meeeeeee! Mommy’s cumming! I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnggggg!”

Her pussy creamed, throbbing around his fingers and gushing fuck juice onto her son’s fucking tongue. Tony kept his mouth on his mother’s cumming cunt, eagerly licking her until her hairy little cunt slit stopped pulsing. Then he rose to his knees between her legs, and as soon as Angela saw her boy’s enormous hard cock, she knew where he wanted to fuck her next.

“All right, darling!” Angela wiggled her ass expectantly. “Come on up and fuck me!”

Tony moved right into position, fitting his puffy cock head into the hairy slit of his mother’s pussy. You are reading this sexy mature porn story on just erotic stories dot com. Angela looked over his shoulder at Janet and Mike. Their eyes were glazed as they watched.


Her moan was long and earthy as her son fucked the big cock into her pussy, spreading the slippery walls around the invading shaft of his prick. Angela twisted her legs around his waist. Then she started humping, pounding her creamy cunt onto his prick.

It was good to know they were watching, she thought wantongly. It was good to know they both had two young studs to fuck.