Sexy Christmas with the family

When I woke up on sexy Christmas morning, I wondered briefly why I was lying in my parents’ house on the sofa bed in the guest room and not in the bed in my room that I still had here even though I had been at university for a year. Then it occurred to me that I had left my room with my sister – or more precisely my stepsister – after I had picked her up from the airport yesterday.

After my parents had separated and remarried, we found ourselves in a rather complicated patchwork constellation. Miriam, my father’s new wife, was not only five years younger than him at 37, but also brought a daughter from her first marriage into her new one. Mona stayed with her father to finish school, so we didn’t see each other so often. Which was a pity because we got along so well.

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Mona had recently come of age and was two years younger than me. Her Abi was due next year, while I was reporting from my first year at university and we were immediately on the same wavelength again. I couldn’t help but look at her more or less inconspicuously because I was completely aghast of her change. The last time I saw her was a year and a half ago, when I said goodbye to a playful girl with leftovers of baby bacon. And last night at the gate a young, damn mature and incredibly hot woman had taken me in her arms. Her long brunette mane framed a cautiously made-up and incredibly sweet face and reached down to her hip. As I could see under her tight jeans and the tummy top, she still had the baby fat, but now it was spread over hot thighs, a crunchy ass and two handfuls of impudently firm looking tits. Of course she made fun of me staring at her in disbelief, but she was also flattered because I obviously liked what I saw. The way she played with me, she had more than laid aside her childish innocence.

I still had to grin about it as I stood up and followed nature’s call. As soon as I left the bathroom, I heard it rumble quietly in the kitchen and followed the noise. It was indeed Mona who was searching the cupboards and obviously didn’t spend much time with her luggage last night, but grabbed one of my shirts to sleep. She didn’t wear much more and so I had a good look at her long legs and also noticed a tattoo on her ankle and her bright red painted toenails. Then she stood on her toes and stretched out to a wall unit, the shirt slipping up and revealing the view of her really gorgeous ass in a very tight black thong.

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“Good morning, sis,” I greeted her. Immediately she turned around and beamed at me.

“Hi, little brother,” she purred, came up to me and pressed a smack on my cheek. She had only closed her shirt with two or three buttons, so that I could see the beginnings of her breasts. “Doesn’t bother you that I borrowed your shirt, does it?” she asked and grinned mischievously up at me.

“No problem,” I returned with a smile. “What are you looking for?

“I need a cup of coffee”, she asked with a girlish look, “but I didn’t find anything – will you make one for me?

“Not when you get rid of that erotic bedroom look,” I said grinning. She gave me a hug, but actually turned a little red. “But as much noise as you made, I’d rather help you before you wake up our parents.”

“And we don’t want that, do we?” she whispered quietly and stroked almost pensive lightly over my naked torso. As usual, I had slept in boxer shorts that were wide enough not to immediately notice how my best piece stiffened. What a slut, I thought, as I grinned about putting on some coffee. Mona swung elegantly onto the work surface and watched me. “Thank you so much for picking me up at the airport and leaving me your room – very comfortable bed, by the way.”

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“Gladly – I even made the bed fresh for my favorite sister,” I threw in and switched on the coffee machine.

“I’m your only sister,” she giggled.

“At least until our patchwork family produced new ones,” I gave back and leaned against her at the stove while the coffee went through. That provoked another giggle and a teasing smile from my stepsister. While we waited for the coffee, she looked at me with her still somewhat dreamy look.

“And?” she finally whispered, “do you have a girlfriend right now?”

“Yes”, I returned a little surprised. She had never been interested in that before.

“She’s definitely a sweet bunny, isn’t she?” she asked almost dreamily, playing with a strand of her long hair.

“Sure,” I returned with a laugh, “but what’s the matter with you?

“I’m just curious,” she purred, placed her leg next to me on the stove and rubbed her thigh slowly while she leaned back. That looked really hot now, as she squatted there in my shirt and with raised leg on the worktop and grinned at me teasingly. My little stepsister had really grown up.

“And what about you?” I wanted to know. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Sure,” she said with a throw-away gesture, as if there was nothing less important. “But he doesn’t have as much to offer as you do,” she purred, gently bit her lower lip and stroked the hem of my boxer shorts, which had clearly bulged in the meantime.

“I gave “Really? back and could only shake my head with a grin.

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