Sexy Christmas with the family

“Actually,” she repeated and followed with a rather lecherous look: “For example, he had never gotten a coffee cup out of my cupboard before.” Of course, she knew from her previous search exactly where they were and opened her legs slightly when I bent over, reached past her into the cupboard behind her and took out two cups. Mona pushed herself towards me, pressed against my throbbing tail and kissed me violently. I also pressed myself towards her, felt her hot step and pushed my tongue into her mouth, which she acknowledged with a soft moan. She pulled me closer and wrapped both legs around my ass. At some point we looked at each other breathing heavily.

I asked “Mona, what is this?” with one last bit of decency, although of course it had long been clear to me where this would end.

“Until two years ago I was a grey wallflower,” she whispered with flashing eyes. “I have some catching up to do. She began to pull down my shorts and looked deep into my eyes. “And if you pull my panties down, we can finally fuck! There was nothing more to add and so I shoved my hands under her shirt, which she hectically unbuttoned, reached under her thong and pulled it down quickly. While I slipped my shirt off her shoulders and finally admired her girlishly firm tits, she pushed my shorts down. She immediately grabbed my plump, steeply erect latte with a firm hand as I completely stripped my pants.

I grabbed her ass, pulled her hectically forward into position and she stretched her legs up. Her shaved, wet shiny column under her cleanly trimmed bush stretched out towards my tail and I rubbed my deep purple, bulging glans just short over her swollen labia. Then I pressed my belt ansatzlos deep into her pussy and Mona moaned quietly with a mixture of relief and lust. My belt flutschte immediately up to the stop pure and hardly had pressed my eggs to her ass, I fucked her already with deep, hard shocks. Her thighs on my shoulders, we kissed us puffing and I popped them immediately unrestrained. Damn, she had made me really hot and now she got what she wanted. I increased the tempo until I really pushed her. She breathed harder and pushed herself towards each of my blasts. I felt her nipples stiffening more and more and her movements becoming more uncontrolled. She started to yap and wheeze and her tight cunt seemed to get even tighter.

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I also got hornier and hornier and let myself go completely. With this number we would not set a long-term record, but this was all about maximum satisfaction – and how. Suddenly she threw her head back and bent her back, while her pussy literally clawed around my cock. I hammered deep into her once more and then I also came with an elemental force. We whimpered and wheezed our lust out when I discharged myself deep in my stepsister and squirted a gush of fuck sauce after another in her twitching pussy. She clawed herself even harder in my back and pressed her pussy even harder against my cock. It seemed endless to me, but at some point I lay panting on her and we kissed each other almost tenderly. Well, at least as tender and innocent as that was possible after this fuck. She looked at me with a very satisfied and almost surprised look, obviously she liked that at least as much as I did.

“Sit back, sweetheart and relax,’ I said with my eyebrow up. Mona giggled quietly and I slowly worked my way down. She purred comfortably as I stroked her tits, licked her nipples, and then positioned myself over her stomach between her legs. I stroked demandingly over the inside of her thighs, which she immediately opened wide again. Her pussy still looked pretty strained, pretty reddened, her labia still swollen and covered with a mix of mine and her juices. I kissed and licked through her pubic hair while gently rubbing her pussy. She whispered a wordless approval and soon I saw her clitoris swell up and worked it gently with my tongue and rubbed her column, which slowly but surely got really wet again. Then I fucked her pussy slowly with the middle finger and rubbed with the thumb gently from below her clitoris, on which I sucked at the same time and him also further worked with my tongue. Apparently I did something right because her purring soon turned into an almost weak sigh. Had she at first almost tenderly stroked through my hair, I pressed myself now with both hands firmly on her pussy.

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I enjoyed the smell of her lust and as clit and labia continued to swell and her pussy got even wetter, she breathed harder and harder. I let her fidget a little, but then I released her with a quick tongue and felt her stiffen. She whimpered quietly and her whole abdomen seemed to twitch. Her orgasm was endless and if her twitching fissure was a clue, it was damn intense. As her climax slowly waned, I detached myself from her pussy and rebuilt myself between her legs. This time her look was clearly stunned and without a word she pulled me tight, kissed me violently and didn’t seem to want to stop. That was nice, but she was so excited and her violent orgasm to see had made me powerfully sharp and my beating was more than just ready for more action. Of course she felt my latte on her belly and looked at me with a spoiled grin.

“So in my fucked pussy you can’t use it for now,” she whispered, obviously still excited, “but my ass belongs to you! I did not need more announcement. I pulled her up, turned her around and pressed her demanding onto the worktop. Immediately she climbed on it with one leg and stretched her crunchy ass towards me. Her really heavy pussy shone and opened up, but I was after her little asshole. I grabbed her tight ass cheeks and I swear, my beating twitched with anticipation. I rubbed my acorn and my bulging shaft a few times through her wet labia and then put my well lubricated beating on her rosette. She was really willing, relaxed immediately and I could press my fat glans in her ass. When the first time was inside, the rest went like by itself and soon I stuck up to the eggs in her back exit. She puffed excitedly and looked at me over her shoulder. I only saw lust in her face and immediately began to fuck her. At first with slow, deep shocks, I gave her every time my full-length beating. Then I increased the speed, bent forward and grabbed her tits, which I firmly stroked. Soon we both puffed and soon I had to hold on to the wall unit with the other hand and Mona clawed herself into the edge of the worktop. And I really did work! I hammered on her ass and fucked her faster and faster until I noticed how my eggs slowly began to boil.

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