Sexy Christmas with the family

“And I’m happy with your father,” she replied, “but when a boy half as old as I am is keen on me… don’t think I haven’t seen you staring at my legs and my tits all the time”. And on your horny ass, I thought. “And now I’ve seen what you got, too, sweetheart.”

“Why…”, I wanted to ask, but then she had already grabbed my shirt collar and slowly pulled me after her.

“Because I can,” she breathed into my ear, “because I want to. Fuck the consequences! No foreplay, no flower sex, no cuddling.” She slowly pulled me towards her parents’ bedroom and my resistance, which wasn’t really there anyway, completely vanished under her whispering voice. “Only unrestrained fucking. Simply over each other fall. Pure satisfaction!

We had arrived in the bedroom and I was now just as horny as she. I grabbed her, turned her around and pushed her to the bed. We watched each other in the mirror doors of the wardrobe as I greedily pushed her skirt up. She wore hold-up stockings that almost reached her ass. I reached into her black lace thong and roughly pulled it down. The thing was soaking wet. My face, my stepmother was really keen on me.

I pushed her legs a little apart and she forward a little so that her pussy was in the right height and nestled quickly my pants on. As soon as I had freed my steel-hard stiffened beating, I set it already set. Miriam briefly on there was my belt also already completely in her pussy. Immediately I grabbed her ass and rammed my latte hard and fast in her pussy. To see us in the mirror was pretty horny, especially because Miriam’s face showed pure ecstasy. And she moaned and gasped pretty loud, which surprised me a bit, but turned on beastly. Obviously she wanted the fast, hard drive and that was convenient for me. I grabbed her black mane, pulled her head back and fucked her even harder. Her black strands of hair teetered over her eyes. “Yes, damn it, use me! she puffed excitedly and I rammed what the stuff held. Her pussy tightened, got even wetter and my stepmother decided to cross the finish line together. Suddenly she reached back and kneaded my balls, which of course was too much for me. I popped my punch into her pussy again and then I came into her climax. I pumped one jet of sack cream after another into her while her pussy twitched and seemed to milk my cock. When we had calmed down a bit, I pulled her up and wanted to put my clothes back in order, but there had made the bill without my sharp stepmother.

Sexy Christmas Erotica > Naughty Mom – Chapter 7

Instead of getting dressed again, she fully climbed out of her skirt and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. She just said, “unrestrained, my sweetie,” and I climbed out of my shirt and trousers with a grin on my face and turned to Miriam again, who just climbed onto the bed dressed in black lace bra, stockings and high heels. I approached the bed and Miriam immediately grabbed my cock and pushed and licked it greedily. Clearly she didn’t just want to spoil me with her mouth, but also to have my latte ready for use again as soon as possible. And my best piece knew what was demanded of him. Under her nimble and demanding fingers and her knowledgeable tongue my belt quickly became stiff again. As soon as he stood like a one again, I climbed onto her bed. She lay down on her back and finally I could see her pussy also from the front. That her labia were shaved, I had already seen earlier, but now I also took the thin black down over it in sight. Her whole column shone wet and Miriam grinned spoiled as she pushed her bra under her tits. Matching her slender yet curvy body they lay somewhere between size class B and C and looked pretty tight. Her nipples were fully stiffened and I worked them with greedy fingers as I squatted on the bed between her legs.

She sighed excitedly and I rubbed hard and demandingly over her stockings and her hot thighs. I took her legs together, pushed them up and back, so that her ass and her pussy came towards me. I pushed my steeply rising latte down and rubbed my fat glans over her wet column. Finally I pressed my belt hard in her pussy. With the compressed legs she was pretty tight, but from so wet that my beatings immediately
splashed in up to the stop. She wheezed relieved on and I popped her wet, narrow hole immediately again with fervor. Quickly we puffed and wheezed our lust out. In this second round I had considerably more endurance and could vary the speed and depth of my jolts, which my stepmother obviously enjoyed. She breathed harder and harder, her cheeks were visibly red and her ever-wetter and narrower crevices showed that she was getting hornier and hornier. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to my hard jolts and my hard latte unrestrained. This time she was surprisingly quiet, which was lucky because suddenly she opened her eyes and then I heard it too. The front door opened, obviously my father was back with the dog. Since he always cleaned him thoroughly after these long walks, we still had some time that I wanted to use.

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I looked down on her and I knew that I would definitely finish it, even if my father would barge in now. Miriam obviously felt the same way and she already had a plan. She smiled lewdly up at me and slowly opened her thighs. While she was still gently stroking her thighs, I let myself fall on her and support myself next to her on the bed. I enjoyed her hard nipples and her firm tits which pressed against my chest. Immediately she slung her legs around my ass and clawed herself firmly in my back. I felt the silky stockings on her thighs and popped them even more violently.

“Come”, she whispered to me with hot breath in the ear, “pump your stepmother full of your seed, you stallion! That was of course too much for me and after a few more hard shocks my eggs banged hard on her ass and discharged for the second time in a quarter of an hour in my dirty stepmother. She came as violently as I and with slobbering kisses and mouths pressed together we could cover the loudest noises of our lust. Quite reluctantly we then separated from each other and I dressed in record time. My stepmother clearly needed a little more time, especially as she clearly looked freshly fucked. So I quietly stole myself from my parents’ bedroom and intercepted my father, who luckily hadn’t missed us yet.

“Well, are you ready, you two?” he asked lightly.

“Just in time,” I gave back and smothered a grin. “Only Miriam still needs something, I think.

“Still? Your stepmother is already a real woman, isn’t she?” he said, played annoyed.

Sexy Christmas Erotica > Naughty Mom – Part 5

“And how”, I grinned after all.