Secret Meeting

My parents have always been a bit old fashioned when it came to anything surrounding boys and especially getting down and dirty with them. You may say that is normal for parents of girls, but their belief in waiting until marriage was extreme, and not for me. So when I got a bit older I always had to sneak around. While I was at college it all worked out, but during the summer vacation, if I stayed at home, it made for long summer nights all alone left to my own devices and sex games.

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sex games at just erotic storiesOne summer my boyfriend Sean came to visit me at home for a few days, of course he slept in the guest bedroom, and we behaved with reasonable restraint when in front of my mom and dad.

It was disappointing that I could only greet him with a hug and a kiss that left us wanting more. But it was actually very romantic and arousing because it made us want each other even more.

That night at dinner, I couldn’t help but rub my foot on his leg as he sat across from me at the table.

He winked at me and pressed his other leg against my foot as if to say, “I’ll get you alone later, don’t you worry.”

The whole time, my parents believed that we had never more than held each other hands and kissed and that he was the perfect gentleman. Which of course he was, he always knew how to please me.

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That night after dinner we watched a video in each others arms in the family room, and then retired to our respective rooms. Each of us dreaming of ripping our clothes off and falling to the floor caught up in each other’s arms kissing our lips, neck, arms, chest, any where we could reach skin, burning hot with desire.

Him squeezing my breasts and me reaching to pull him even closer to me…

The next day we all had brunch together and afterwards, since it was so nice outside, we all went into town to walk around and didn’t get back home until around dinner time.

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I said we were going to have dinner on our own and perhaps see a movie at the theatre, so we would be back later. As soon as we drove away from my house in my Celica he said how glad he was that we were leaving my parent’s company for a little while.

I agreed.

It was still light out, so we decided to have dinner somewhere, since we were both a little hungry. As I was driving he was holding my hand and caressing my leg.

I felt the same urgency and squeezed his hand. Every red light we stopped at, we would kiss until it turned green, or people behind honked.

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We had dinner at a casual, but really cute, Italian restaurant complete with candlelight.

After dinner we headed back towards my house, but without a word I pulled into a side street which had a lot of trees and only a few street lamps.

Sean unfastened his seat belt and lowered his seat as far as it would go, I unfastened my seat belt and climbed on top of him. First we just started kissing all over our faces and neck area.

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For a long time we were just satisfied to simply kiss as we hadn’t seen each other for a while and couldn’t do so in the presence of my parents. It added an excitement to mere kissing, just as it was when we were first interested in the opposite sex and we had our first kiss.

Then Sean reached up my shirt and unhooked my bra, I pulled it out from under my tank top, and he reached from the front to cup both my breasts with his warm hands.

I leaned back and sighed, not remembering when I had last felt so good. He then moved his hands to my thighs and moved up my legs underneath the knee-length light pink flowered cotton skirt I was wearing until my panties stopped him and he quickly pulled them off.

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He touched me and I was already dripping with desire for him, so I said, “Let’s do it. Let’s make this street memorable.”

He didn’t need any additional prompting and with lightening speed lowered his shorts.

I glanced around the street, but it was dark and deserted, and Sean grasped me by my waist and slid me down on top of him.

I don’t think I had ever felt so aroused by him before, just because of the nature of our little secret rendezvous.

Sean filled me completely and we started to move, him moving me up and down by the waist whilst sucking first one tit then the other.

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I grasped the head rest to push down on him even further so that I could feel all of him inside me.

The car was steamed up by this time and our sweat made our bodies slick.

I leaned forward on him as we picked up the tempo until he grabbed my ass and asked breathlessly, hurriedly, “Are you going to come?!” I whispered…

“Yes, oh my god, yes.” He continued to thrust again and then again, and then as I felt him thrusting for the last time as he released all that he had inside him..

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I grabbed his head and pressed my lips to his as I orgasmed and my emotions spiraled in the wondrous feelings I was having. We lay like that for a while before we moved again.

Finally, reluctantly, we got dressed, straightened our clothes, and I got back into the driver’s seat. Before we drove back to my house, Sean reached a hand across and caressed my cheek saying, “I love you.” I told him I loved him too.

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Then he said, “We have to do that again soon,” with a grin on his face. I gave him no argument to that.