Naughty Mom – Chapter 2

Angela was so eager to give him a blow job that she nearly choked, taking too much of his cock down her throat and gagging as the prick know brushed past her tonsils. But she didn’t want to give up any of the cock shaft, and she fought back the reflex, flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the swollen prick.

Wet slurping, smacking sounds filled the living room as the horny mother began the blow job, compressing her lips tightly around the veined stiffness of her son’s cock. Skillfully Angela puckered her cheeks, remembering what her husband taught her about cock sucking. She started to suck her boy’d prick very hard.

Up and down her head bobbed, lightly fucking his boner down the back of her throat. Angela closed her eyes, inhaling the cunt warming aroma of his prick and balls. She pulled one hand from his hotly beating cock shaft. Pushing her hand between his hairy, muscular thighs, she cupped the sac of his bloated balls, rolling the cum-congested globes on her fingers.

Tony’s big prick got stiffer between her lips, basking in her buttery throat. He put his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick hair. Then he started to rock his ass off the couch.

“Suck it, Momma! Suck it, suck…”

The sounds of the blow job were now very loud as Angela feverishly worked out on her boy’s bloated prick. She bobbed her head farther down, again nearly choking as she took a full half of his prick between her lips.

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Hungrily her tongue swirled around his cock, skirting the flared tip to lap up the prick juices bubbling up from his balls. Her fist tightened around the root of his cock. Angela jacked fast and hard, beating her son’s meat into her mouth.

“I’m cumming, Momma!” Tony shook and bucked his ass helplessly off the couch, fucking his mother’s face. “Suck it, keep sucking! Gonna cum!”

Angela’s pussy creamed sloppily as she anticipated the salty explosion of her son’s squirting cum. Blushing, she sucked his big cock as hard as she could. Her panting breaths could be heard even over her wet, feverish slurping as she sucked his prick and played with his balls and jacked his cock off, doing everything she could to make him blow his was.

“I’m cumming, Mom! I’m cumming!”

Tony grimaced and dropped his head on the couch. His cock grew enormous and painfully stiff down her throat. Then his huge prick exploded.

Torrents of boiling jism gushed out of his open piss hole, squirting down Angela’s throat. Angela nearly came in he cut-offs as the first shots of cock-juice splattered across her tongue.

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It was delicious, the prick honey she so desperately needed. Gulping noisily, the horny mother tightened her lips and fist around the gushing shaft of his prick. Then she wantonly swallowed down all of his load, working her throat muscles in a frantic effort not to miss any of his delicious milky cum.

“Oh, Momma!” Tony quivered on the couch, watching his mother continue to suck and kiss his sucked-out prick. “That was so good! I can’t believe you did that to me! Oh Jesus, I came buckets! Oh, fuck!”

Angela took her lips from his massive cock and held his prick in her hand. The big prick was dripping with a mixture of saliva and his own salty cum juice. And his cock was still very hard. Angela squeezed his cock and felt his prick shaft throbbing eagerly in her fist.

“You’ve still got a boner, lover,” she murmured, still staring at his meat. “Mmmm, you still need some relief!”

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Angela released his hard cock and sat back on her ankles. Slowly she pulled up her blouse, displaying her slim, girlishly rounded belly. Then she pulled her blouse off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She felt proud as her son gasped at the sight of her huge tits.

“Do you like my titties, darling?” Angela lifted one spongy milk-white melon and salaciously tongued the dark-pink cap, making the rubbery nipple stiffen quickly. “You’ve never seen me without my clothes on have you? At least not since you were little!”

“Jeus, Mom!” Tony exclaimed hoarsely. “You’ve really got a big set of knockers!”

Giggling, Angela sat back and unzipped her cut-offs. Slowly she wiggled them down the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass and her long, tapering legs. Then she was completely naked.

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By now, her boy’s big prick was throbbing and pulsing wildly, almost as if he’d never cum at all. Angela stretched out on her back, wiggling her ass on the living room’s shag carpet. Slowly she splayed her legs wide apart, showing her hair-fringed pussy slit to her horny son.