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Naughty Mom – Chapter 2

“Take off the rest of your clothes, darling,” she purred huskily. “It’s time to give your mother a good, hard fuck!”

Angela finger fucked her dripping pussy as she watched Tony strip. He stood up and frantically scattered his shirt, shoes and pants across the living room. Then he was as naked as she was. His huge cock pulsed obscenely before him as he fell to his knees, crouching between his mother’s milk-white thighs.

“I’m so horny, lover!” Angela purred. “Please don’t make me wait! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy’s hot cunt!”

Sh realized that she sounded just like the book she’d read the night before. Then her thoughts were interrupted as her son took his cock in his hand and mounted her, fitting the rosy prick knob to the pouting lips of her hairy cunt.

Slowly he rubbed the juicy cock crown up and down the slit of her pussy, teasing her by rubbing her swollen clit. Then he pressed his prick securely into her fuck hole. Angela grunted as she felt her pussy opening. Tony sighed as her cunt muscles nipped the tip of his cock.

“Get ready, Momma! Cause here it comes!”

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With his cock head throbbing inside her, he leaned forward and supported his weight on his outstretched arms so he could watch his mother’s pretty face as he fed her his prick meat. Tony hunched his ass. Angela shuddered as she felt the meaty inches of his cock shaft fucking into her pussy tunnel.

“Unnnggghhhh!” Immediately she lifted her long legs high, wiggling her ass beneath him as she opened her cunt for more of his prick. “That’s right, lover! Oh shit, it’s really stabbing into me! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy’s hot cunt!”

Tony worked his ass, staring down at her, watching her huge tit melons shake and jiggle as he fed her his prick. Over half of his cock was inside her now and he felt the suctioning pressure of her cunt muscles wetly drawing his prick into her body.

“Fuck me harder, Tony!” Angela tossed her legs around his back, scissoring her ankles together at his waist. Then she started humping, pumping her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. “Fuck me, fuck me good! Fuck your mother!”

Tony let his weight fall, flattening her huge tits beneath his muscular chest. He cradled his head between her neck and shoulder and spread his knees between her legs, changing the angle of his attack, so his cock could fuck more forcefully up her juicy pussy.

With a little twist of his hips, Tony fucked every inch of his boner into the enveloping warmth of his mother’s wet cunt. He pulled out slowly, then fucked his cock home again. Then he started fucking her.

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Hard and fast his ass moved, fucking his stone-hard prick into her velvety pussy. Angela gasped as she felt the rhythmic force of his fuck thrusts. Some horny teenage girl had really taught her boy how to hump!

“That’s right, darling!” Angela threw her arms around his back, raking his naked, muscular flesh with her fingernails. “What a good little humper! Fuck me, Tony! Fuck your mother!”

His fuck strokes became more and more violent, fucking his prick savagely through the gurgling sheath of her cunt tunnel. His cock was really boring into her, seeming to sink into her womb with every fuck stroke. Angela felt her pussy throbbing uncontrollably now, sucking in the turgid length of his prick meat.

“Harder, Tony! I like to get fucked hard!” She started humping again, groaning and panting as she slammed her ass off the rug, thrusting her pussy mound onto the stabbing impalement of his cock. “Unngghh! Yes, Tony! Mommy’s pussy’s all hot and wet! You’re such a good fucker! Unnngghh! Make Mommy cum, Tony. Fuck her good and make her cum!”

Tony slid his hands down her slim waist, cupping the sides of her frantically pistoning ass. Then he started to ream out her pussy as hard as he could. He groaned as the slippery pussy muscles milked continually around his cock, sucking his prick dry. He could feel her cunt throbbing and pulsating and knew that he might make his mother cum even before he got off.

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Angela shamelessly slapped his ass, spurring him on. His furiously pounding cock was rubbing her clit, sending tingling waves of pleasure throug her body. Even her asshole was throbbing with lust.

“Fuck me, fuck me faster!” She started squealing, shaking her head helplessly back and forth as the heat built deep inside her cock-stuffed hole. “I’m cumming, Son! Fuck my pussy! Unnnggghhhh! It’s cumming, cuuummmmiiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy creamed, contracting uncontrollably around the fucking shaft of her boy’s cock. It was one of the best orgasms Angela had ever had. Again and again her pussy creamed, gushing fuck oil around his pric, throbbing and sucking his cock into her belly.

“Oh fuck, Momma! Here I cum!”

Tony collapsed on his mother’s belly, fucking his cock to the hilt in her throbbing cunt. Then a second load gushed up from his balls. Angela sighed with pleasure as she felt it squirting into her ravished pussy, bathing the inner walls.

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Hotly she flexed her cunt muscles, letting her pussy milk out all of his cum. A deep smile curled her lips. She’d never felt so well fucked in her life.