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Naughty Mom – Chapter 2

“Yeah! Yeah, I guess they do. But that’s not the thing, I mean… shit, she led me on so much!”

“A little prick teaser, wasn’t she?” Angela moved closer, until her sleek bare thigh touched her son’s leg. Tony dropped his gaze, suddenly realizing that he could see the outline of her pussy slit. Angela was amazed by the size of the big tube of meat growing down his leg.

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“Yeah, she was a real prick teaser. She let me, you know, play around with her and all, but she wouldn’t let me stick it in her! Goddamn it! We spent three hours in the back of that car! I got so fucking horny!”

“So fucking horny,” Angela repeated softly. “Is that why my little darling has a big hard-on sticking out of his pants?”

Tony flushed and shot a swift glance at his swollen crotch. Angela coolly continued to stroke his hair, as if there was nothing unusual in pointing out the size of her son’s cock.

“Jesus, Mom!”

“What a horny little boy my darling is tonight,” she said softly. “My, that thing looks like it must be a foot long. And look at the way you’re looking at your mother’s body.”

Tony blushed even deeper as he tore his gaze from his mother’s stacked curves, looking wide-eyed into her face. By this time, his cock was as hard as stone and his prick was obviously very fat and very long and very stiff.

“Tony, we just can’t let you walk around being so frustrated. You’ll never get to sleep with an enormous boner like that!”

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No longer trying to restrain herself, the big titted mother dropped her hand to her son’s crotch. Tony gasped as he watched her wrap her fingers around his aching cock, squeezing hard.

“Jesus, Mom!”

“You’ve got a big, stiff hard-on, darling.” Angela made soft cooing sounds as she slid off the couch, kneeling on the floor between her son’s legs. “You’ll get an awful case of blue balls if Mommy doesn’t give you a little relief!”

Her fingers trembling, Angela unzipped her son’s slacks. Tony just sat there gaping at her as she tugged his tight pants over his ass cheeks, removing them with his shorts, pulling them down to his ankles.

“Oh, Son! You’ve got such a huge dick!”

Angela sat back on her ankles, ogling the length of her boy’s cock. His prick was huge, even bigger than she’d dared to hope. The long, meaty trunk stood out of his big balls and prick fur like a billy club, with a shaft as thick as her wrist.

“Oh God, darling! What a whopper my little boy has!”

Angela wrapped both hands around his huge cock, feeling the tube of flesh beat and pulse on her palms. A good seven inches of prick protruded from the grip of her fists. The knob of his cock was even thicker than the trunk, a bulbous crown that was now uncontrollably seeping jism onto her fingers.

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“Does my little boy need a blow job?” Panting with desire, Angela watched the milky pre-cum ooze from his piss hole as she jacked his throbbing prick. “Does Tony want Mommy to put his cock in her mouth and give it a good, juicy sucking? Mmmm?”

“Jesus, Mom!” Tony was so shocked that he couldn’t move. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!”

“But I am, darling! I love my well hung son so much!”

The gin had made her very drunk, but Angela knew she would have done the same thing cold sober at the first sight of her son’s mammoth cock.

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Bending forward, she pressed her lips to the tip of his prick. Her pussy pulsed violently as she inhaled the salty aroma of cock meat, as she savored her first taste of her son’s big prick.

“Ohhhh!” Tony’s cock throbbed much harder. He relaxed on the couch, shuddering with arousal. “Oh, Mom! That feels so good!”

Angela jacked of his prick slow and hard as she ran her lips and tongue up the knob and shaft, planting wet kisses on the flesh of his cock. Her boy’s prick was bigger than her former husband’s and was stiffer than she’d ever seen George’s cock grow. Angela knew she was dying to suck his prick now. She was desperate to taste her son’s jism squirting down her throat.

Pressing her lips on the juicy tip of his cock, squeezing with both hands, Angela slowly opened her mouth. She made an obscene gurgling sound as she slowly stuffed her son’s prick between her lips.

“Oh, Momma!” Tony’s face was a mask of surprise as he watched his mother start sucking his cock, her pretty face contorted around the thick prick shaft clogging her mouth. “Suck it, Mom! Yes, oh Christ! Suck my cock!”

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