The Joy Ride

Well, I thought about it. I didn’t really see anything wrong with Jolene and me having fun together. I could certainly fuck my wife on our monthly routine and do Jolene too. Have fun reading pornstories about sexy christmas and xnxx milf. Martha wouldn’t be getting anything less from me and I wouldn’t be giving Jolene any regular cunt screwing. Why not? I suppose some people would call that cheating anyway, but I figured that as long as I didn’t deny my wife any physical loving or fall in love with Jolene, I couldn’t call it cheating.

The next day I took Jolene aside in the maintenance shed and told her I wanted some more action. She grinned at me and said to meet her at the gondola ride after closing. She was greasing the gears when I got there and she said we were going to ride a car over to the other platform. Once we were airborne, Jolene unzipped me and pulled out my crank. “I’m gonna suck you off before we get to the other end,” she said as she hunkered down and wrapped those sweet lips around my dick. I just looked at the scenery and smiled as we rode high over the park, lights
still lit, but now all but deserted, and Jolene was polishing my knob like crazy.

I felt 20 years younger riding up there while Jolene sucked my cock. This was fun sex, not just something that felt good that had to be done. And Jolene sure liked to have fun with dick. She hummed while she blew me and played with my balls. She was sure as shit having a great time. And so was I. I popped my nut and Jolene gulped my juice like she was dying of thirst. I got my dick back in my pants just as we reached the end of our trip.

Good thing, too. Standing there was Theresa, an operator who’d been employed at the park for a few months. She’s even bigger than Jolene and her boobs are huge. When we got out of the gondola, Jolene immediately went to Theresa, they hugged and exchanged a deep, wet kiss, swapping spit and more.

“Doesn’t he taste good, Theresa?” Jolene asked when they pulled apart. Theresa licked her lips, nodded and winked at me. “Hmm-hmm, good,” she said. Naturally, I was surprised and I know I must have looked a bit dumb and out of it. Jolene took my hand and the three of us went to a small room in back of the arcade. Jolene explained that she and Theresa were bisexual and wanted to have a threesome with me.

“Theresa likes being ass-fucked, too, just like me. ” I watched Theresa strip down and free those massive melons of hers. “You wanna fuck her titties?” Jolene asked as she gave my prick a squeeze through my pants. I’d never tit-fucked a woman before and the very thought of sliding my dick between her huge jugs made me throb and sweat. Soon we were all buck naked and I was fucking away at Theresa’s boobs while she rimmed my asshole similar to one of the pornstories that I read here. Nice long tongue that girl has, too.

Jolene was eating out her friend. Theresa’s belly was flabby, but Jolene had little trouble finding the girl’s snatch. Her pungent smell mixed with the smell of sweat and soon the little room was filled with the funky aroma of sex. Anyone walking by could have heard the slap of flesh on flesh, the moans of pleasure and the words of encouragement.

“Fuck those tits, Wayne,” Jolene said as she pulled a stray pubic hair out of her mouth. “Give her a cum bath.”

In seconds I was doing just that. I held her tits tight around my cock and watched Jolene go back to eating her friend. With Theresa’s tongue deep in my ass, my cum launched out and sprayed fleshy front with a wet coat of spunk. Even before I finished shooting, Theresa pulled her tongue out of my asshole and pulled me back so she could gobble my oozing prick. I smeared my cum over the expanse of her belly and tits and soon she shivered as she came in Jolene’s mouth, her flesh quivering like gelatin.

Jolene hadn’t cum yet, so Theresa pulled out this monster rubber cock and drove it in and out Jolene’s swampy hole as she chewed Jolene’s fat clit. I was content to sit and watch these two but Jolene had other ideas. She told me to squat over her face so she could suck my ass and Theresa took my prick into her mouth again and with that two-way stimulation pretty soon I was up and ready.

The two girls got into a pussy-slurping 69 with Theresa on top and I got on my knees behind her, held those jiggly cheeks apart and, after Jolene slicked my dick with spit, slid my bone into her buttery asshole. Finest pornstories can be found here on just erotic stories dot com. Even though Theresa is a big woman, her butthole was tight, tighter than Jolene’s shitter, even. The muscles inside her chute gave my piece a workout that felt great. Jolene helped out by sucking my nuts and fingering my own butthole.

I finally popped a load of slime in Theresa’s bowels and, sure enough, not only did Jolene lick my prick clean, but she pressed her lips to her friend’s poop hole and Theresa grunted and strained until she farted that hot load down Jolene’s throat.