The Joy Ride

“Well, I’m sure as hell not gonna talk, Wayne. See, the’s more stuff we can do.”

“Now Jolene, I don’t know. My wife….”

“Look, Wayne, I know you don’t want to cheat on your wife. I respect that. Hell, that’s one of the reasons I like you.”

Jolene had been handling my dick and it was already perking up again.

“Here’s what I’m thinking. I give you the sort of action your wife won’t deliver; you’ll be giving me what I want. Both of us’ll be happy and you won’t really be cheating on your wife.  You can do anything you want to me with me. You are reading this awesome Antarvasna pornstories on just erotic stories dot com. With this nice honker you got.” She licked my dick and it jumped as it got hard again.

“Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash,” I told her. She gave my cock another lick and a tug.

“Hmm, my ass can handle anything, Wayne,” she said with that gleam in her eyes. “Wanna try it out and see for yourself?”

“Here? Now?”

“Sure thing. It’ll be okay. Wait. Go to the bench car.”  I slid off the wooden horse, hiked up my pants and walked over to the bright gold painted car. Jolene had jumped off the merry go round inside the hub, turned on the lights and music and threw the lever to start it up. She jumped back on the merry-go-round and hurried to join me. She undid her work pants and pushed them down past her hips and heavy thighs, then sat down to take off her shoes and remove her pants. From where I stood, I could see the mass of dark blonde curls covered by her underpants.

“Well, don’t just stand there, Wayne. Drop your pants.”

I did and took off my shoes but I left my shirt and socks on. Was she really going to let me screw her pooter? Jolene stood up and slid her panties dow, then turned her back to me and grabbed the carved back of the bench car. Give it to me, Wayne,” she urged, shaking her pale wide ass invitingly. I took hold of her fleshy butt cheeks. Her puckered asshole was ringed with hair and droplets of sweat, I guess, or cunt juice. It sort of winked at me, and it looked like a mouth blowing kisses. bookmark us for more erotic pornstories.

I spit in my hand and slicked my dick then leaned forward till the head touched that shit hole. Son of a bitch was like a mouth, sucking me in as easy and as fast as I pushed, and I held onto her fleshy hips to steady myself. For a second I imagined seeing her ass suck my entire body inside like in a cartoon. Liked this amazing Literotica pornstories? don’t forget to bookmark us! And tight? Damn, I bet a team of workhorse couldn’t pull me out of Jolene’s ass once she gets a good grip. Believe you me, I never had my dick in such a hot, tight hole before. I busted my wife’s cherry and even she wasn’t that hot ‘n’ tight. Her ass muscles gripped my dick like a hundred tiny fingers and it was like an oven in there.

“Shit, that’s good, Wayne,” Jolene said. She started unbuttoning her shirt while I plowed her dirt road and she managed to get the shirt off and I unhooked her bra and she shrugged it off. “Feel my hooters, Wayne,” she hollered. I reached a hand under her and grabbed a handful of the softest, smoothest skin I ever felt, and her milkers were the biggest I ever felt. I grabbed onto another handful and started humping
the fucking holy hell out of her ass. Her flabby cheeks were shaking and vibrating like who wouldn’t have it and she was hollering real loud, “Fuck me, Wayne! Squeeze my fuckin’ tits! Give it to me! Shit! Fuck!”

Suddenly, I just busted out laughing. I couldn’t help it. I mean, here the two of us were, heavy Jolene bent over with her boobs flopping down, my dick packing her ass, my balls flapping against her squack, and were going ’round and ’round on this merry-go-round, lights flashing and music blaring and all those animals going up and down while I went in and out and Jolene yelled, “Fuck me! Give it to me!” I just had to laugh because it was so damn funny.

I don’t know if Jolene thought so. Maybe she got mad when I laughed, maybe she came, I don’t know, but right in the middle of my laughing, Jolene’s asshole about bit my damn pecker off. Her pooter clamped so hard on my dick, it made me quit laughing and my balls just went wild. I started coming like who wouldn’t have it, and I was grunting like a pig in hog heaven while Jolene hooted and hollered louder than the music and I felt her cunt spray juice that ran down my legs along with the sweat.

After, I started to feel a little guilty but Jolene assured me that she wasn’t trying to get me away from my wife so I wasn’t guilty of anything except having a good time and making her feel good. She told me to think about it and to let her know if I wanted to do it again.