The Joy Ride

I work as a maintenance supervisor for a theme park. I’m the guy who likes to read pornstories when free and is ultimately responsible for the cleanliness and safety of all the amusements in the park where I work, from the flume ride and roller coaster to the fun house and gondola ride.

It’s a job I take very seriously and I’m proud of the park’s safety record and the workers under me who do their jobs so well.

I’m writing this to tell you about Jolene. She is a fantastic mechanic, let me tell you. She’s the best. So a couple months ago, when Don, down to the merry-go-round, reported a tiny vibration, I sent Jolene. I would recommend you to read spanking pornstories and have fun. She went to work and I checked after the park closed and she was just finishing up. Don had already signed off, so Jolene and I were there alone.

I should tell you that I’m married with four kids. I’m 42, Louise is 41 and I suppose we got a normal life. Jolene is single, 23 years old  and… can I say this? She’s what is politely called overweight. She’s 5’5″ and weighs over 230 pounds, but her dark blonde hair surrounds a really pretty face with bright blue eyes and a super smile.

It was that smile that got to me. I’ve been married for 21 years and my wife doesn’t smile much anymore. Doesn’t do much of anything anymore, if you know what I mean. And it does me good at my age (I’m 43) to be smiled at by a pretty 23-year-old, even if she is on the heavy side.

Anyway, Jolene and I were joking (yeah, dirty jokes, pornstories and all) and talking and I was feeling good being in her company, and I guess she felt relaxed, too, because she smiled and her eyes had a wild sort of twinkle.

“Wayne, you know what I’ve always thought would be kinda fun?”

“What’s that?”

“I’ve always had this fantasy about sexing it up on a merry go-round.”

I was a bit surprised when she admitted that, but I didn’t tell her. “How? Probably be damn uncomfortable.”

“Oh, I don’t know. A girl could give a blowjob to a gu on a horse. Or maybe they could do the dance in one of the bench cars.”

“Huh, I don’t know about that. Peg wouldn’t think of doing it anywhere but the bed, once a month, in the dark. And never, in a million years, would she give me a blowjob like they do in pornstories.

“I’ll do it.” I looked at Jolene and she licked her lips. I glanced around, suddenly nervous, knowing the park was empty but not knowing what else to do.

“Nobody’s here, Wayne. Just you and me. Nobody’ll know.”  She led me over to the deck and I sat side-saddle on a horse while she undid my pants.

“Christ, what a honker!” Jolene said when my seven-inch dick popped out. She wrapped her lips around the head and it felt like heaven. First time I’d gotten sucked since I was in the Army. It reminded me of some erotica I have come across reading pornstories on just erotic stories dot com. Jolene was having a great time, too. Looking at her sucking my dick, you’d have thought she liked doing that more than anything in the world. I found out that sucking dick is only her second favorite thing.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Jolene let my dick slide out of her mouth and it was coated with spit. She pushed it up against my stomach and let her thick, pink tongue trace the vein underneath down to my balls. She started licking ’em and sucking ’em and moaning like she was eating the tastiest food in the world. Her eyes looked into mine and she smiled and let her tongue work its way behind my balls and I jerked like I was shot when I felt her tongue rim my shitter. I’d read about it, even seen it in some screw movies, but I never thought…!

Then that tongue of hers slipped into my ass and I just about went crazy, I’m telling you. Felt like a wiggly eels slipping up my ass and my dick twitched and a gob of juice came out of my dick and stickied up Jolene’s fingers. She figured I was about to blow my wad and she pulled her tongue out and gobbled up my huge cock again just as I started shooting. Man, she wanted that stuff, too! Even the hooker who’d sucked me off had spit out my cum, but Jolene swallowed it right down, making little groans and gulping noises like she was drinking down some
really good beer.

“Like that, Wayne?” Jolene asked real sweet-like and her tongue came out and licked some of my stuff off her lip. Like it? Hell, yes!”

“That was mighty fine, Jolene, but we could both be shit canned if anyone found out.”