Sister Gamze in a Toilet

Some people are fond of writing vulgar words or drawing pictures in public toilets. These words and pictures make a toilet look more smelly then it actually is. OK. Enough. There is a reason to start my story with this background.
I’m a Turkish man of 23, and my sister Gamze is 19. I am working as a sale representative in a private firm while she is a college student. We have three more siblings but they are either older or younger. Therefore, we are close to each other since childhood. I started smoking early and she caught me one day. For keeping it secret she demanded to smoke too. This then became our joint secret and we started smoking together. There were a few incidents that show our interest in each other. Once she collieded with me while coming quickly from her room. I hugged her to keep her in balance. As we came to face to face, I gave her a kiss.
she said, “You are crazy, I am your sister”. I apologized, and matter was forgotten.
She is niether very tall nor short, niether slim nor fat but looks charming. Many might not find her beautiful, but she has a warm smile, and prominant breasts.
One day she brought one of her girlfriends home. They wanted to practice some dance steps for a function. They called me to help them a little. Where her friend kept a distance in dancing with me, my sister hugged me tightly during the dance. Taking advantage of the situation I pressed her breasts to my body with my hands on her hips. When she realized that my tool had become hard and was hitting right on her belly, she pulled back and threw herself into the bed.

In a another incident we argued on a petty subject. The discussion got heated and at one time I got angry. I left and went to smoke alone. After a short time she came and sat in my lap, and apologized to me. As I kept silent she hugged me and kissed me. It turned me on so much that I kissed her back. I kissed her cheeks first and then kissed to her lips, she seemed not to respond but she let me kiss. I sucked her lips well and tried to press her on my dick. It proved useless again, as she ran away saying she is going to the grocery store.
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One night I watched porn and got horny. I went inside her room saw her sleeping in an underpant and a loose shirt. I started stroking her legs and belly. Finding her in sleep I was not able to control myself. I took off her underpants. I didn’t want her to wake up so I started looking at her pussy by lowering her panties. I started touching her and stroking my cock. Soon I ejaculated on her belly. When my semen fell on her, she woke up, but in her drowsiness didn’t understand what was happening. When she noticed the wetness on her belly, she started to look at me and realized that her pussy is exposed. She gathered herself and pulled her panties up. She turned around and went to sleep. After my sister slept, I cleared the semen from her belly and went back to my room quietly.
The next day we took our breakfast together in a normal way. That day I was on a leave as I wanted to meet an uncle who lived 50 km away. One purpose was to get his sign on a document and another was to enjoy the nature. When sister Gamze learned about my programme, she wanted to join me on this trip. I had a motorbike so two can travel easily. We started our journey in the traffic of the city but soon we were passing through a forest. At some places a few jerks took place and her boobs hit my back. I had no bad intention that day so I ignored those hits. She brought her face close to my helmet and said, “Stop somewhere, I wanted to pee badly.”
I knew about a place in forest where parking and toilets are provided for tourists. That day the place was deserted. My sister wanted to go to the toilet but afraid due to absence of people. She told me to come with her. She went inside but kept the toilet door open slightly. I turned around and waited for her to get finished. After a few seconds I heard her laughing and asked, “What happened Gamze?”
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She told me she was reading the things written on the toilet wall. Standing outside I saw a phone number written on the door with the comment “I am Esra, contact me”. I asked her to tell some of the funny one to me.
“If you want to enjoy pissing, put a finger in your bum.”She told me laughing. After a break she said she saw picture of a vagina with a comment. Your mother’s cunt. Someone else written below that it looks very familiar. She was telling me these things innocently but they were making my cock hard.
After a while, she stopped reading and I looked what she was doing when quiet. Her skirt was around her ankles and her panties rolled up in the middle of her legs. I saw her writing something herself. She shouted, “Don’t look, you can read these when I come out,”
When she finished writing, she washed and got up. So I went inside the toilet and looked where she was writing. As I read her comment, I felt weak in my knees. What she wrote was, “My brother licks my pussy while I write this.”
When I turned around, I saw a grin on her face. I laughed and said why are you writing false things.
She entered the toilet and turned her back to me. She lifted her skirt from her back and said, “If this is a lie then brother, Make this a truth.”
She put her hands on the wall, and lifted her butt up. I approached her back, and peeled off her panties. her shaved pussy was in front of me. I began to lick her pussy from behind. When I touched my tongue at it, she was already soaked. Every time I stimulated her clitoris with my tongue, her springy stretch excited me more. When her “uhmms” changed to moans, I heard sounds from the outside and immediately recovered.We locked the door and waited. A man brought a prostitue and started to fuck her in the next bathroom. She warned him saying the owner of the motor bike would come. The man said
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“Don’t be a fool, he came here with his girlfriend to do the same.”
His words gave us courage to continue. As we heard sex voices from the next cabin, We made each other naked and hugged tightly. I bent my knees a little to let my cock touch her pussy. She whispered, “No, No”.I said “only the soft part”. I rubbed my cock head on her cunt. It was so wet that my cock slipped in it. She dugged her nails in my shoulders. Due to my horniness I dischaged immediately. I pulled out to let my ejaculation drop on ground. we kept holding each other and kissed for a long time.
“No voice is coming from the next cabin” she said“They are maybe gone” I said.“Should we leave this place too.”“I am not satisfied Gamze, I came so quickly.” I said
She herself wanted more. I sat down on the toilet floor with my leg streched and back to wall. I rubbed my cock and it became erect. Gamze saw it with hungry eyes. Without my asking she fell on her knees and straddled me. She positioned her body over mine and reached between her legs to position my cock at her fanny hole. As I felt my tip pressing into her, I said, “Hey Gamze, are you a virgin? I want to fuck you, but I love you too much to be stupid.”
“Oh sorry, please don’t be angry, I am not a virgin, and I am on the Pill.”
Hearing that I gently thrust my cock up, just a little as she lowered her body on my cock. slowly my cock got inserted into her cunt, stretching her a lot. She rose up, just a little and then lowered herself back on my cock, impaling her body on it,
“Ohhhhhhhh, brother, ummm you are so big.”
The first thing that came to my mind was that she had screwed herself by some object and lost her virginity at this age, and what I feared came to me. When I got over my shock, I asked her how and when.
She admitted that a boy seduced her. She started moving her cunt over my cock and kept telling me how she lost her virginity. How the boy started with kisses and then fingered her pussy. Then he took his dick out, placed it in the middle of her hip and stuck it in her. I was angry at the boy for using her for his sick pleasures.
“How the hell can you let this happen? You can get pregnant fool.” I said
“I’m sorry .. but the devil used a condom” she sobbed
As we were talking this my cock was in her and she was bouncing on it. My eyes focused on her full, red lips and the desire to claim them with mine grew stronger. I kissed and licked. She kept panting and gasping and I kept sweating. Her climax hit her first as her breath became laboured. My dick was more like a pile than ever, I felt a shiver running in my body and I ejaculated full inside her.
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“Oh my puppy me; You’re so beautiful, sweetheart! ” I was saying.
“Ahhh, ohhh, uhhh, it is so beautiful, what kind of thing, what a taste … Have me brother, uhhhh, ohhhh…!” She was saying.
Needless to say that our first fuck was only the beginning of a life long affair.