Brother returns home, gets drunk with his sister and the has sex with her

After over four years away from home, I finally returnedto Pennsylvania. I was supposed to be in a friend’swedding so that was really the only reason I come homeafter all the years I’d been away. Most of my family hadmoved away as well; all except my sister, who had justmoved back to allow her daughter to be closer to herfather.
Since it had been so long since I’d been back I hadpretty much lost contact with all of my old friends. So Iwas there for a week with little to nothing to do with myfree time.
My sister Katie was super excited to see me again yet Ican’t really say the feeling was mutual. I love my sisterand all, it’s just that we don’t really see eye to eyeabout the choices we’ve made in life. I hate to bejudgmental but Katie had really made a mess of thingswith her ex-husband and daughter. She kind of had anearly mid-life crisis and ended up leaving her husbandafter only a few years of marriage.
Katie, now 31, was insistent upon regaining her youth.She’d always been in serious relationships with the wrongguy, so she never really enjoyed her teenage years likenormal kids did. Her immature attitude really annoyed me,I mean I was still pretty irresponsible myself, yet Inever brought a child into the world, so it didn’t matterhow I behaved.
Anyway, like I was saying, I had a ton of free time withnothing to do. After exhausting my resources, I finallyaccepted the fact that I was going to have to hang outwith my sister. I called up Katie at about 5pm on aFriday night. It was the middle of the summer and therewas a festive mood in the air that only a summer weekendcould provide. Katie suggested that we go to this localhangout of hers and try to get in touch with her friendChris.

I picked Katie up and we headed over to the tavern. Shewas all dressed up for a night on the town, and Iremember being surprised at how good she looked. Eversince she had the child she really let her looks go. Yetnow she looked like she was in her early twenties andpretty sexy. She has long dark brown hair and stands atabout 5’4″, a dark completion and big brown doe eyes. Shelooked pretty thin, a fact, which I attributed to druguse.
So there we were at the tavern. Katie kept talking aboutthings we should do that night, and about how her friendChris really wanted to see me. Chris sort of grew up withus but was like my sister in constantly making the wrongchoices in men. Katie kept going on and on about howChris had some sort of crush on me and was really lookingforward to seeing me. This aroused my enthusiasm a bit, Icertainly wasn’t against getting a piece of ass on thisvisit, although I hadn’t really expected anything tohappen.
After about two hours into the evening, my sister and Iwere getting pretty drunk waiting for Chris to get intouch with us. Katie kept calling her yet could never geta hold of her. This seemed to be making Katie a littledepressed. I think she felt that it was her job toentertain me while I visited, and was beginning to sensemy lack of interest in the whole situation. Finally Katieproposed that we drive over to Chris’ house and find outwhat was going on with her. Before we left we purchased abottle of nice wine and proceeded to drink it along theway.
When we got to Chris’ house, all of the lights were out.Katie knocked on the door but there was no answer. We gotback in the car and waited there and continued drinking.It was around 11pm and we were both feeling pretty drunk.I began to get tired and board and complained to mysister that it was time to go.
Katie protested, “Oh, Timmy. She really, really wants tosee you! Don’t you want to get laid?”
“Oh?” I said, “Was I going to get laid?”
“Maybe,” she playfully.
So with that, I waited another half an hour. Finally Igave up, “Ok,” I said, “Lets go.” I looked at my sisterand noticed how fucked up she was. Her eyes were gettingglazed over and I could tell she was about to pass out.“Don’t even think about passing out on me!” I said. “Wehave a long drive ahead of us, and I’m not entirely surehow to get to your house!”
We took a back road going home in order to avoid thecops. All the while Katie kept slipping in and out ofconsciousness. I would periodically complain for her tostay awake at which point she would stand attention. Shekept leaning on me as we drove, and it was at that pointthat I began to get ideas in my head.
All of the talk about Chris really wanting to see me hadits effect on my libido. I was nursing a half hard on allnight. At first I would push my sister away as she wouldtry and rest her head on me, but after the dirty thoughtshit my drunken mind, I allowed her to fully recline as Icontinued to drive.
Finally Katie’s head was resting in my lap as I drove. Icould feel my dick getting harder and harder as shenearly slept on my crotch. My cock was fully erect afterabout 5 minutes of this. I began to shift in my seat toease the bulge in my pants, this only slightly stirred mysister. After driving for another 10 minutes I began toget wild ideas in my head.
I struggled with the notion of unzipping my pants. Itseemed completely crazy, but I was drunk and a littleconfused. I fantasized pulling my stiff cock out andresting it on Katie’s lips. I wondered what her reactionwould be. I slowly began petting her head in a kind ofhalf assed attempt at brotherly compassion. I knew myreal motives.
Finally my erection was driving me insane and I had to dosomething about it. Quietly I unzipped my pants. Istruggled for a moment with my underwear until it finallypopped out. I couldn’t believe myself, my cock was fullyexposed in the car with my sister’s head only inchesaway.
I began to sweat with nervousness and excitement. Then Ibravely placed my cock in front of my sister’s lips. Iaimed the tip of it between her lips and left it therefor a moment. I remember thinking that maybe I could gether to unconsciously suck my dick in her drunken state.An idea only a desperate drunk person could come up with.Then, to my amazement, it started working.
Katie opened her lips a bit as I pushed my cock closer toher mouth. I was really freaking out. Was she stillsleeping? Was she ever really asleep? I drove on with thetip of my penis in my sister’s mouth. Then we hit a bumpand my cock drove further into her mouth. She opened hereyes.
I was in shock and ready for her to go off on me, yetinstead she slid her hand up and over the shaft and beganto slowly give her own brother head while we drove. Sheaverted her eyes from mine and began to go to work. Shesucked my dick as if we were an old couple on the wayhome from a movie. I started to grunt, yet was reallytrying to avoid cumming in her mouth. She sucked it acouple more times then withdrew and said “You should pullover.”
At that point I had absolutely no idea what to think. Wasshe going to get sick? Was she going to start crying andfreak out? My heart leapt from my chest with uncertainty.I pulled off to the side of the road, then sort of pulledinto this dirt trail that apparently led into some woods.It was pitch black outside. I turned off the engine andlooked over to Katie. She looked back at me and I couldtell she was super drunk still. She had that sort ofmisted over look of someone who is really drunk andreally horny, all at once. I could certainly relate.
As we sort of stared at each other wondering what to donext, Katie began taking off her shirt. She seemed to betrying to make me even hotter, I’m not sure to this dayif she knew then that I was her own brother. Finally herblouse was off and she proceeded to take off her bra. Hertits were magnificent and erect. Then in one swoop sheleaned her seat all the way back and sort of slid to theback of the car. All the while, we spoke nothing to oneanother.
As she leaned back, she hiked up her short skirt andpulled off her panties. I could see a dark wet spot onher white cotton panties. Her pussy was so beautiful, aneatly trimmed v shape, I could see the inner folds ofher vaginal lips. I then pulled my pants and underweardown to my ankles and slid over between her legs. We weredefinitely going to have sex.
My sister’s pussy was sobbing with moister. I slowlyinserted my penis into her and she gasped loudly witheach inch. We began fucking each other slowly at first.It was hard getting leverage in the back seat of the car,yet I continued to pump at my sister’s pussy like she wassome cheap whore. I lifted her knees up over her head toget better positioning.
I remember the smell of funk coming between or collectiveorgans. She kept whispering, “Fuck me Timmy.” she reachedbetween our groins and began stroking my cock as I slidin and out of her pussy. Still the movement in the backseat of the car was difficult to say the least.
I kept slipping out of her, my cock was slick with all ofher pussy juice. With my hands covered in her cum I putmy hand over her face. When she started licking ourfluids off of my hand, I began to realize that I could doabsolutely anything I wanted to her.
Eventually I grew frustrated by not being able to reallyenjoy our fucking. I pulled out of her and sat up on myknees between her legs. I remember the look on her faceas she too leaned forward. Her expression asked what werewe going to do next and suggested that she would dowhatever I wanted. So I pulled at her head and forced herto start sucking my dick. She started sucking my cocklike a professional. I held firmly to the back of herhead and guided her mouth in rhythm with my pumping. Itried to choke her a couple of times with my dick andonly met the least amount of resistance.
Finally I said, “Turn over.”
She looked up at me with my cock stuffed in her mouth andgave it one last lick as she pulled it out. We thenfumbled around a bit until her ass was arched up in frontof me. I lifted her pussy up to get a good position andslid my cock back into place. This was much better, Igrabbed the sides of her hips and began fucking herharder than I’ve ever fucked anyone.
She began panting like a dog and I could tell that shewas cumming. I cock started to get that explosive feelingand I knew that I was about to cum as well. My cock wassuper slick with our juices and as I fucked her my cockslipped out of her cunt.
As I went to put it quickly back in, I missed her pussyand accidentally stuck it in her ass. She groaned loudlyand looked back at me and sort of mouthed, “No” Thisexcited me even further so I continued to pump at herass. She moaned louder and louder and I could tell shewas getting angry.
Finally I shot my load in my sister’s ass. I wondered fora minute if I should pull out, but in the process ofthinking about it I just kept filling her ass up with mycum.
She collapsed in front of me and laid face down on thecar seat. I could see my seamen pouring out of her ass asher sphincter flexed its muscles. I leaned back over andgot into the drivers seat again totally sated and feelingwarm and fuzzy feeling toward my wayward sister for once.