Interracial Girlfriend Sharing – Juicy Sex Stories

Hi, It’s Kathy again. I’m 29 years old, with brownshoulder length hair, 5ft 7, 120lbs with the bluesteyes. My boyfriend Dave has gotten me fully infatuatedwith BBC. We’ve had one real BBC encounter when thistook place. Mostly we’ve been playing (almost everynight!) by watching tons of interracial porn and playingwith the 4 BBC toys/dildos by copying the scenes on thescreen or roll playing to the filthy things Dave thinksup. This sexy fun comes accompanied with a lot of smokeand drink(mostly smoke)and I become so willing to doanything he suggests.
It was a Friday night and Dave was out with the boyswhile I stayed home alone waiting for him. I begansmoking a little and in no time, I was surfing the netviewing hot BBC sites with my free hand inside mypanties! I was feeling so hot and naughty when the phonerang. It was my bf and he told me it was last call atthe bar, and that he just found out it was his friendTerry’s B-day.
Terry is this hot black guy that we have beenfantasizing and roll playing with for the last two weeksor so. I said, “Yeah… so? Wish him a happy birthdayfor me.”
He says, “I want to tell him that I have his birthdaysurprise at home and I want you to be waiting for us onour bed, on all fours, with your hot ass facing the doorin only a pair of hot panties! What do you say? Yes orno. Quick! Hurry, hurry!”
My head was spinning!! He was rushing me saying Terrywas about to leave and I just blurted out, “Ok, ok…Yes, sure.”

He tells me I’m a good sport and that they’re leavingright now and will be home in 15 minutes. We hung up andI nervously take a quick shower and slip on my purpleand black tiny lace panties real quick, and positionmyself exactly how Dave said, on all fours, ass upfacing the door.
I waited with my head filled with sexy/dirty thoughtsand my stomach filled with kinky butterflies! I couldn’ttake it! I was about to slip a hand down between my legswhen I heard the front door upstairs open and shut, andfootsteps milling around. Oh my gosh! Was he serious?Did he really bring a hot black guy back with him forhis birthday and offer me to him as his birthdaypresent?
I was about to pass out in a sexy panic when I heard ourbedroom door begin to open. Looking back with a sexysmile on my face and my panty clad ass shaking slightlyback and forth, I see Dave walk in followed by his blackfriend Terry, whose eyes are wide with shock and a hugesmile on his face.
“Happy Birthday Terry!” I say sexily, as he turns toDave (still looking directly at me), “Are you serious,man?”
Dave tells him yes and Terry smiles like he just won thelottery and quickly climbs up on the bed behind me andstarts squeezing and kissing me all over my butt! Iclose my eyes and start shaking my ass back at him,loving his attention. Just then, he pulls my panties tothe side with a finger and says. “Oh my god!! Look atthat pretty pussy!” as he shoves his tongue inside meand all around my pussy.
It feels wonderful and I’m moaning and pushing back athim, pushing my ass at his face. This is so dirty andhe’s licking me so good! I have my first climax rightthere! His roughness and eagerness to lick me up isdriving me crazy!
Just then, he jumps off the bed and rips off all of hisclothes in record time. I turn and lay on my backstaring at him as he’s staring at me. When I look downhis hard black body and see his beautiful black cock atfull attention pointing straight out and at me, Iquickly crawl to the edge of the bed as he steps forwardand puts his perfect, huge black cock in my waitingmouth!
I can barely fit it in passed my lips, but I do. He’s sothick, and so hot! I taste his sweet pre-cum drippingfrom his pee-hole and I begin to suck harder and swirlmy tongue all around his huge dripping black cock head!I’m lost in my own world now, loving this black beast inmy mouth and wanting more and more of it. He grabs theback of my head and starts to face fuck me! Forcing moreof his black cock in my mouth!
I cum again!
I never have cum without some kind of contact on mypussy, until now! It feels insane and I’m loving it! Ihear him say that he needs to taste some more of mysweet white pussy, and before I know it, my strong blacklover has picked me up and positioned us into a 69 withme on top of him. I feel his hungry mouth attack mypussy again and I feel another climax building fast! Itfeels so good that I start to grind my pussy hard, downonto his face adding to my intense pleasure!
Right then he tosses me off of him and on my stomach,with my face at the pillows. He gets behind me and liftsmy ass up to him. I try to lift my head up but he pushesme back down into my pillows. He rubs his hard fat headon my wet slit then shoves it in! Oh my gosh it feels sogood. So fat, stretching my tight white pussy. He pushesa little more in, than a little more until I’ve takenall of his BBC inside me.
I’m already in ecstasy when he starts fucking me harderand faster! I have the climax of a lifetime! I’mscreaming into my pillows when I hear him ask where do Iwant his cum. I plead with him not to cum!! Please, notyet. Not ever!! Hearing that drove him over the edge andhe pulls out and explodes all over my ass and back!
Wow!! It was everything I ever dreamt of, and more!
We collapse together on the bed and I ask him if heliked his birthday present. He said he couldn’t waittill next year. I whispered in his ear, “Maybe you won’thave to wait that long.”