Naughty Mom – Chapter 8

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Janet paced nervously around the living room, occasionally pausing to rub her hand feverishly against her aching cunt. It was almost noon and she still hadn’t dressed. Her bathrobe swished around her ankles, bulging out as the fabric stretched across her huge bra-less tits.

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So horny, she thought anxiously. So fucking hot… Mike had gone off to school and Janet knew that she now had to rid herself of her obscene desire for his body. She just couldn’t go on fucking her own child. She had to find another release for her lust.

Suddenly Janet remembered her sucking session with Angela. It was hard to believe that it had only happened the day before. She’d liked it. Maybe she could learn to really like it a lot.

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Biting her fingernails, Janet hurried across the living room and picked up the phone.


Angela was sprawled naked on her bed, her huge tits jiggling as she fucked her fingers lazily into her hairy cunt. Unlike her neighbor, she didn’t feel at all guilty for relishing the pleasures of her son’s huge prick. She could hardly wait for Tony to come home so she could fuck him all over again.

Smearing saliva on her swollen cunt, Angela humped her ass, rolling her clit under her thumb. Then the ringing phone startled her from her fingerfucking reverie. Cursing, she went naked into the hall to pick it up.


“Angela.” The voice on the other end was obviously anxious and tense. “It’s me, Janet. Could you come over and visit with me? I mean, right now? Please?”

“Well, I suppose…”

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“Okay. See you, bye.”

The phone went dead. Angela looked irritably at the receiver for a moment, then shrugged and returned to her bedroom to don some clothes. Dressing, she wondered what her neighbor wanted to speak to her about.

Did Janet feel guilty for the suck session the day before? Or did she want to do it again?

Angela’s question was answered the moment she rang the bell. Janet answered the door stark naked.

“Jesus!” Angela giggled as she stepped into her friend’s house, shutting the door behind her. “You don’t believe in getting ready for company do you, sweetheart?”

With fresh interest, Angela eyed her friend’s body, shorter than hers but with all the right curves. A wet heat stirred in her still unsatisfied pussy as she studied the fat rosy nipples of Janet’s huge tits, the thick mound of pussy hair fringing the pink lips of her cunt. Angela leaned forward to give Janet a friendly kiss on the cheek but Janet pushed her away roughly.

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“No, Angela. I want you to take off your clothes. Right now! I’m very, very horny today. I want to suck your cunt!”

Angela giggled and looked at her friend. Janet’s whole face was contorted with lust, as if she’d become sick with desire. Angela sniffed and giggled again. The whole house smelled of cunt!

“God, Janet. What have you been doing? Jacking off all morning?”

“That’s exactly right! Now sit down, Angela! Please let me suck your cunt!”

Angela shrugged and backed up to the nearest couch, sprawling on the cushions. Janet was all over Angela, pawing her big tits and rubbing her crotch.

Angela had worn a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Janet had sounded awfully rushed, so she hadn’t put on a bra. Even though he huge tits jiggled provocatively through the sheer cotton, she hadn’t expected to be raped while simply crossing the street.

“So big and juicy,” Janet groaned. She pulled off Angela’s t-shirt, sighing at the sight of Angela’s huge unfettered tits. “Such big, fat nipples…”

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“Jesus, Janet!” Angela giggled as her friend attached her mouth to a fat right nipple, sucking like a baby. “I thought only dogs went into heat!”

Janet ignored her, sucking violently on Angela’s big tit. At the same time, her hand furiously rubbed Angela’s pussy through her shorts, until Angela felt fuck cream seeping out the hairy lips of her cunt.

“Unggghhh!” Angela’s tongue lolled out. Angela humped her ass slightly off the couch. “Oh shit, Janet! That feels pretty good!”

Releasing Angela’s enormous tit, Janet slid onto her knees before the couch. She hurriedly unsnapped and unzipped Angela’s shorts, pulling them over her ass cheeks, leaving Angela naked.

Then Angela spread her thighs wide, and Janet glued her mouth to the fur-fringed slit of Angela’s cunt.

“Unh!” Dazedly Angela looked down, hearing liquid slurping sounds fill the living room as Janet started to eat out her pussy.

“Unh!” Angela pushed her hands behind Janet’s head, humping her ass off the couch. “Oh fuck, Janet! That feels good!”

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