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Hi guys my name is nomad and I live in Mumbai with my mom and my two sisters in front of my maternal uncles house. In their house used to work a maid called Anya and boy she was so sexy and she was so sexy that when ever I used to see her my 7 inch penis would stand on its feet.
So one day she and my uncles family came to my house for dinner and their she was again with sexy ass. She was in kitchen cooking food so I took the advantage and went into the kitchen and gave her a flower. So she was impressed and then after one day she came to me secretly and asked me to be her friend and that night I masturbated 5 times and still didn’t got my satisfaction. So what i used to do was that i used to secretly jump into their house i used to masturbate in her washroom.
One day while i was masturbating she suddenly open the door of her washroom and saw me naked with my 7 inch penis and then what she did was she said to leave her alone. After two weeks one day i was studying and i suddenly my house bell ringed and i went to open the door and when i opened the door i saw her, she whispered to follow her and told my mother that i am out with my friends and went with her secretly in her washroom. It was dark in the washroom and she suddenly turned on a very light light and she pulled me from my shirt and kissed me in the lips and i could taste her sweet saliva and suddenly whenever i used to insert my tong in her mouth she used to bite it and i used to slap her in her ass very strongly that the voice used to echo in the washroom.
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While we were kissing she became so horny that she grapped my penis so that it could became hard and suddenly i also inserted my fingers in her trousers and i was lucky because she was not wearing underwear so i got advantage and rubbed her vagina and clotoris so hard that she had her first orgasm. Then she pulled of my shirt and i did her when removed her cloths i saw her naked body which so white and and saw her vagina which was so pink and suddenly i went down between her legs and started eating her vagina like a Hungary dog and she was moaning so hard that she orgasmed in my mouth and the she start licking the head of my penis and suddenly she asked me to stop and went to the kitchen to get some ice cream and dipped my penis into the box of ice cream and start licking her and suddenly she took my penis to the bottom of her throat and then out.

After our anal sex i pushed her against the wall and inserted my penis full into her and we did changed our positions as well and when i was about to cum i asked her where and she said inside so i cummed so hard in her vagina that it was also flowing out after sex.
After that day we never missed a chance to have sex with each other