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Sex is pleasure, sex is trouble and sex is evil. All these aspect get summed up in my life. When I was a teenager I was interested in sex but have no idea from where to start. My name is Vardaan and I am 24. My story however, starts from the time when I was 17. My family lived in city but a lot of my relatives lived in village. I used to visit them often.
My visits to home of my nani (granny) were more interesting for me. She was a widow living with her son and his family. One of her son was working outside and a married daughter was living in same village. Initially I was more happy to meet my Mami and Mausi who were good looking women in their thirties. They were careless enough to give me glimses of their bodies. My interest in my nani developed slowly. She used to ask me to give her a quick message. She had many grand children but she looked young for her age of 55.
One day my maternal uncle called me to join him on a tour to Krishikesh. I agreed and all of us reached there. It was a fun filled tour for all. When we reached at the shore of Ganga to have to feel the holy water, the soil was wet due to overnight rain. At one place nani got unbalanced and slipped. As I was close to her, I moved to help her. I caught her hand and pulled her towards me for pulling her up. When I pulled her towards me she just got banged onto my chest and for the first time I felt her boobs on my chest. For a minute she hugged me tight. It was a strange body contact.
When we reached hotel I was asked to share a room with nani. My uncle was in other room with his wife and son. Inside the room nani complained of pain in her legs and requested me to rub them. I started from feet and ankles but she asked me to rub her thighs as well. As I touched her soft thighs a currdnt ran in my young body. I rubbed her in past but the way we were alone made it very erotic. I asked to lay on her belly so I can rub her hips. She agreed. I felt in heaven when I pressed those hips of her.
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Her silence made me bolder, I slowly slipped her elastic Shalwar down. Now I can see the line between the two hips. I put a finger in that line and rubbed there. She only moaned in pleadure. I put more force to pull her shalwar further down to expose more of her butt. A look at her smooth round ass cheeks made me mad with lust. I forgot that she is mother of my mother.
I tried to insert a finger in her ass. She flinched and pulled her dress up. She asked me to stop rubbing her and go to sleep. I moved to a side but sleep was not coming to me due to a hard cock. After some time she turned towards me and put one of leg over my leg. Perhaps she was in sleep. I started touching her boobs over the dress. There was no resistance so I let my hand go under her shirt and bra and rubbed her nipple. She grabbed my hand and pulled it out. She again said that I should go to sleep. Now I moved to bathroom to cool me down.
Next day we returned and there was no more fun for me. For next two year nani gave me no lift. Perhaps she too was feeling guilty. Then my Mama went abroad for a visit and his wife to her parents. I was free after my inter exam so he asked my mom to send me to look after his mother in the village. This proved out very interesting. Initially Nani behaved in a reserved manner but slowly got free like old times.
One day while watching TV a rape scene appeared in a movie. As it lingered I thought watching it with nani was not right. I tried to move on pretext of going for water. She stopped me by saying, “Wait Vardaan, climax is approaching.”
Next day she asked me to bring food from outside as she was not feeling well. After the meal I offered her to rub her and she agreed. As she laid down on the bed she said, “Press my legs only, don’t bring your hand upward”.
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I promised and started rubbing her legs. When she fell asleep, I took my hand to her thighs. I heard her say. “Go back to legs”. I said, “What is the issue nani, I used to rub them in past.” She replied, “In past you were a child, now you are a grown up.”
Her agreeing was what tuned tables for me. I rubbed not only her thighs but her cunt as well. She was wearing a underwear but I can feel the lips of her vagina. She started getting hot so I asked, “why are you extra hot here?”. Nani said, “For knowing this you need to get married”. She grabbed my hand and moved it away, she got up to go bathroom. She spent some extra time there so I went near to bathroom and asked, “Whats taking you so long?” She replied, “Don’t disturb me, I am coming.”
On return she was looking happy. She gave me a smile and asked, “Do you want to rub me more?” When I nodded in yes she again lay down on bed for more message. I again tried to touch her cunt. To keep me away from her cunt she took a turn and laid on her belly. I started pressing her soft ass cheeks. This turned her on but she rotated her hips to say No. It was 1 am but none of us was feeling sleepy.“Are you not enjoying it Nani?” I asked“I am enjoying but, this is wrong.” She said“There is no wrong as long as it is between two of us”
I said and picked her in my arms. She kept her eyes closed and let me liplock her. After a few deep kisses she responded by kissing me softly. I undressed her and started licking her cunt. She moaned and pressed my head with her hands. She was 57 but her cunt was not slack at all. Perhaps long abstinence from sex brought tightness back.
I undressed and moved on her. I started sucking and licking her boobs. In my new position my cock touched her cunt mouth. She grabbed me tightly and whispered like a coy bride. “Will you play with my body only or act further”. When I rose up to go next level and she saw my erect penis. “Hey Ram Vardaan, You are big … be gentle with me. I was not fucked since last 7 years.”
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“But Nana died only three years ago Nani.” I said“Dont you know he was ill before his death. Doctors advised him to avoid. And he was much older to me.”“You just think he took another birth through me.”
I inserted the cockhead and felt how wet and hot she was. Frankly in one push half of my cock slipped in her. Still she cried, “Hey you son of a donkey, I told you to be slow and gentle.”I ignored her request as it was my first taste of a cunt. I pushed hard and slipped full. I saw her biting her lips and getting teary. “You dog I don’t want to get fucked by you, take it out. Take the Damon thing out.”
I kept silent and held her tight. I kissed her to cool her down. She called me a Bastard and kissed me back. I started moving my cock in and out and now she moaned in pleasure. She clenched her thighs. It was not known to me then that a clenching of thighs signal a female climax. My time to climax was approaching too. I asked, “Can I discharge inside you?”“You are a donkey so do what a donkey do.” She said
I got the clue as she folded her legs back to give me a better access. I put wad after wad of my hot cum in her uterus. After the first fuck She was exhausted and wanted to rest but I was so horny that I wanted to continue.
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