Nurse with double-D – Juicy Sex Stories

My desk is layered with paper. Unopened mail forms amountain in one corner. Rejected insurance claims formsa smaller mountain – more like a hill – in the oppositecorner. Between is a low valley of checks and billingstatements. For the last two hours I’ve been trying tofinish entering the week’s payments into the computer,but I keep getting interrupted by nurses, patients, andphone calls. It looks like it is going to be one of thoselate nights again. I figure I have about three hoursworth of work to finish up. It’s an hour before mysupposed quitting time.
I glance out through a small window to see a near-emptywaiting room. Only two patients remain. One of them, Ialready know, will be quick. She is a 16-year old girlwho bashfully asked upon her arrival if the Doctor wasfemale. This tells me that she wants a boob job. She willgo in, whine about her life being miserable because she’sgot a flat chest, and then Doctor Polichvich will give itto her polite but straight.
The second patient will be quick too. She’s back for afollow-up. The woman received breast reduction surgerytwo weeks ago, and she is back for the standard two-weekfollow-up appointment. Follow-ups take only a few minutes– assuming the Doctor does not discover an infection orother complication.
I work as a receptionist in a Doctor’s office. Mostpeople think a receptionist just calls out your name whenyour turn comes up to see the doctor. Actually, itcarries a lot more responsibility than that, especiallywhen you work in a small, private practice like I do. Ialso carry the responsibility for the medical files,billings, schedule, and answering the phone – plus I callout the name of the occasional patient when their turncomes up to see the doctor.
I work for Doctor Susan Polichvich. Her specialty isreduction mammaplasty – which means she’s essentiallyboob doctor to you and me. She specializes in breastreduction and enlargement surgery, and that is how Ifirst met her. Not for a boob job like the 16-year old inthe waiting room, but just the opposite. I walked intoher office about two months ago to ask about breastreduction surgery.

I am cursed – or blessed, depending on who you ask – witha set of double-D tits. I loved them when I was younger.I found a big set of tits were terrific when I wanted toget noticed or have a conversation with the most gorgeousstud in the room. They still work wonders, but as I gotolder my priorities matured. Often, I found my titscaught me the wrong kind of man. And then there is allthat weight on my chest, plus the way the bra strapschaff my shoulders. So, on a whim one afternoon as I wasdriving home from my last day of work, I stopped to askabout getting them pared down to size.
She gave it to me polite but straight, just like she willdo for the 16-year old. First, there are medical dangers.Breast surgery is a relatively simple operation, butputting someone under the knife always involves risk.Second, there is cost. Doctor Polichvich is cheap, andshe charges $2,000 a pair. Third, virtually no insurancecovers the expense. Unless a medical need exists – likebreast cancer, for example – insurance companies don’tpay for cosmetic procedures. That was the real clincherfor me, the cost, especially just after I was laid off myjob as a receptionist in a dentist’s office.
I was ready to leave dejected, but not quite. “In everycloud,” as my Grandmother always used to say, “there’s asilver lining.” Sometime during my conversation in DoctorPolichvich’s office, I mentioned that my now formeremployer retired and I just lost my job. He let me gohome early on my last day, and that is why I had time tostop by and do a little “boob shopping.” Lucky for me,Doctor Polichvich just happened to be looking forreplacement receptionist for her own practice. Herreceptionist gave a two-week notice just one week before.Polichvich needed a replacement, but she had been toobusy to advertise or to interview. She asked if I wantedthe job on the spot.
* * * *
“Next patient Martha,” One of the nurses pokes her headin through the doorway.
“Lucy!” I stand to call the 16-year old. “The doctor willsee you now. If you still want to go in?”

She takes a deep breath and nods to me.
I take the clipboard with her chart – which isn’t much ofa chart because it’s her first and probably only visit –and show her the exam room.
“I’m going to see the female doctor, right?” Shequestions nervously.
“We have only one doctor here,” I explain. “And yes, sheis still female. Just try to relax. She’s real nice.”
“Do I need to undress or anything?”
“Not yet,” I tell her. “A nurse will be with you shortly.She’ll ask some basic medical questions, and then she’lllet you know if you need to get undressed or not.”
The young girl gives me a nervous nod.
I hang her chart on a hook beside the door, and do aquick change of the sign to say, “occupied.”
One down; one to go. Maybe I can get out earlier than Ithink. I take a quick glance into the waiting room to seethe follow-up patient still waiting. I had hoped shemaybe got tired of waiting and decided to leave, but nosuch luck. At least nobody else joined her. We sometimesget surprise patients at the end of the day. I hate itwhen patients think they can stroll in right at 5:00 PMand expect to see the doctor. The sign on the door sayswe close at 5:00 PM. That means everyone in the office issupposed to leave at five, not that the last appointmentis at five.
I sit back down to try to finish entering the checks intothe computer. Most offices would hire a consultant to dothis, but Doctor Polichvich can’t afford one. She refusesto “use my talent as a plastic surgeon to caterexclusively to the rich,” as she puts it. That’s part ofthe reason she located her office in what I call theunderprivileged side of town. We sit in a strip mall witha liquor store on one side and a donut shop on the other.I don’t know how many square feet we occupy, but I cansay the waiting room sits just 6 patients and we haveonly 2 exam rooms. The dentist I used to work for hadmore space than this.
As for my own office, it isn’t much either. I long agoconcluded the builders must have added it as anafterthought. The walls form a triangle with my deskparked tight up against one wall, the door to the examrooms occupies the second, and a small window looking outinto the waiting room sits in the third. I have to alwayskeep an eye out into the waiting room to make sure noinebriated liquor store customer walks in by mistake.
“Excuse me,” A deep, masculine voice interrupts myprogress. “I hope you can help me.”
I glance at the clock on the computer. “4:45 PM” “Anotherlast minute customer,” I think silently to myself, butthen realize the voice comes from a man.
And what a man! I look over to see a set of deep blueeyes glair down at me from the open window. He looksgorgeous, a beautiful smile centered on a handsome face.On his head sits a mop of long, blond hair. His chinsupports a cute dimple in the center. And those blueeyes! I can’t get over those deep, blue eyes!
“I sure hope I can,” I answer more assertively than Ishould. “I mean yes, are you here to pick someone up?”
The words sound strange coming out of my lips. I hope heis here to pick me up, but then I think of the 16-yearold I just showed inside. If this is her boyfriend, aboob job might very well be worth the expense.
“No, actually I’m here to see the doctor,” He correctsme.
“Oh! Then you must be an acquaintance,” I conclude. Iwonder if he is her new boyfriend. Susan – I mean DoctorPolichvich – never told me about this one!
“No, no acquaintance,” He corrects my assumption. “I’venever met her before. I’m here as a patient.”
This confuses me. A male patient to see a boob doctor? Itdoesn’t make sense. There actually is such a thing asbreast reduction surgery for a man. The medical term isGynecomastia, but this man is obviously in no need ofGynecomastia. He already has the perfect body. I’ve beenworking for Susan six weeks now, and this is her firstmale patient.
“Excuse me,” I lower my voice to speak more discretely.“I don’t think you understand. You see, Doctor Polichvichis a plastic surgeon who specializes in the femalebreast. You know, like breast enlargement, reduction, orplastic surgery after a mastectomy. This is heroutpatient office.”
He smiles back at me. It is a beautiful smile. I onlywished it belonged to a brighter guy. But then I supposehe doesn’t need to be bright, not with his good looks andall. I hear men talk about dizzy blonds. I think thismust be the equivalent in the male variety.
“I’m well aware of the Doctor’s specialty,” He lowers hisvoice to match my own. He has a sexy, quite voice, one ofthose voices that sounds like a whisper but remainsperfectly clear. “Actually, that’s exactly why I am here.I work at a club two blocks down the street,” He motionsin the general direction. “I drive by her sign all thetime on my way to work. I always found it tempting, sotoday I left early to stop by.”
He leaves me thoroughly confused. He wants an appointmentwith a doctor that works on boobs, but he is mostobviously a man. He sounds intelligent, yet he makesridiculous requests. I start to wonder if the guy mightnot be all there – I mean, in the head.
“Please,” He almost pleads. “I just want a word with her.Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with my breasts orthe breast of anyone else. I am just hoping she mightpoint me in the right direction.”
“Um, I don’t know,” I stumble, not knowing what to say.“We close at five, you know, and the Doctor normallyrefuses appointments after four-forty unless it’simportant.”
“I can return next week,” He offers. “How about nextFriday? I prefer as late in the day as possible. I startwork at seven.”
The last thing I want is for this nut case to return –well, let me put that a different way. Actually, I wantthis hunk of a man to return again and again, but it’sjust that nothing he says makes sense. What kind of jobonly starts at seven at night? And he says he works twoblocks up the street. The only businesses two blocks upthe street are an adult video store and a strip joint. Iwonder if he might be one of those sleazebags who hangsout at X-rated attractions. He certainly doesn’t looklike your typical sleazebag, but then I start to thinkmaybe he is a pimp.
“I’m sorry,” I tell him. “None of this makes sense!Doctor Polichvich is busy with real patients. If you wantto see a doctor, you really need to go to your ownphysician or you can always stop by County Hospital.”
A look of disappointment comes over his face. I worry Imight have upset him. Even worse, I worry he might be alittle crazy and maybe I just pushed him over the edge.
“I really am sorry,” I try to console.
“I understand,” He accepts. “But let me first explain.This is a bit embarrassing, but once I explain mysituation I think you will understand. Could I at leastask you to carry a message back to the doctor to ask herif she is willing to see me?”
I remain confused, but nod my head anyway. “I guess so,”I accept him.
“Good! Then please tell her I only request she point mein the right direction. I don’t expect her to do thesurgery herself. It’s not her specialty, but I figure herspecialty is closely related. I’m hoping she might atleast be able to provide me enough information to show mewhere to go. Maybe she even knows a name?”
I shrug my shoulders. “She might,” I don’t know what elseto say. He hasn’t told me anything yet.
“It’s like this,” He speaks more quietly and his headalmost comes through the window. I smell him, and hesmells good. There’s something about strong, handsome menthat makes them smell good.
“I just logically figured a Doctor who does plasticsurgery to reduce breast sizes in women,” He speaksshyly. “Well, she might know something about reducingpenis size in a man.”
I think my eyes pop out of my sockets. My jaw mostdefinitely drops to the floor. I can’t believe what Ihave just heard! I wonder if I really heard what Ithought I heard! I think again that he might be a nutcase. And then I wonder if he might be part of somepractical joke. April fool’s Day was over three monthsago. My 28th birthday is approaching, but this is a bitearly for a gag gift.
“Excuse me?” I almost choke on my own words.
He repeats himself, and I hear it again. “I’m here tohopefully get some information on penis reductionsurgery,” He says.
The gears in my head turn quickly. He said he worked atthe club two blocks down the street. The strip jointclub! And Friday night is Lady’s night – or so I’veheard. I never went myself, but I could not help butoverhear a few patients in the waiting room occasionallyjoke about the male strippers on Friday nights. Women canbe such sluts when no men are around.
And what he asks actually carries a strong thread oflogic. A doctor trained in breast reduction surgery mightlogically know something about penis reduction surgerytoo – if there even is such a thing. I never heard of itmyself, but then I’m no doctor. Who knows?
“I understand!” My face must look like it has beenblessed with some cosmic revelation. It takes me a fewseconds to come back down to reality. “Now I understand,but I’m not sure if the doctor would be willing to seeyou or not,” I admit truthfully. “I’ve only just been onthis job for six weeks, and you’re the first patient toask such a thing. I used to be a receptionist in adentist office, and we never had to worry about thingslike this.”
I realize I am rambling. It is what I do when I getstressed. For some strange reason, I talk when I getstressed out. Rambling relaxes me, and right now I need alot of relaxing. My pulse races. I think my hands shake.It is a good thing I am already sitting, else I probablywould have fallen over.
“Anyway,” I force myself to shut up. “I’ll go ask her.”
He looks pleased. He gives me his great big smile again.His teeth are so white they sparkle. And those eyes!
“That’s all I ask.” He turns back into the waiting room,giving me a view of his entire body and of his behind.This is the first time I get a view of his entire body.He is a big man – in more ways than he just pointed out.A muscle shirt shows off his bulging biceps. Tight shortsdisplay a tight ass. I figure he must weigh in at about250 pounds, and I bet there isn’t an ounce of fat on him.
* * * * *
I have trouble getting up from my desk. My legs feelnumb. My heart continues to race. I need time, time tothink. I feel as if I just saw a ghost.
“Did I really hear what I thought I heard?” I ask myself.“Did a fabulously handsome man just ask me about reducingthe size of his penis?”
I know what this means, of course. A male stripperwanting his dick pared down to size can only mean onething! It is obvious! He must really be hung! I naturallywant to know how hung, and then I remember the stripjoint. I make a promise to myself to visit next week. Iwill sneak my way into a seat in the back corner so hewon’t notice, and then I will check out his size.
Doctor Polichvich and the young girl come out of the examroom just as I step out of my office.
“What about those pills they show on those commercials?”The young girl cries.
“Bogus, I’m afraid,” Susan wraps a consoling arm aroundher. “They’re just specialty formulated vitamins. You cantry them if you want. They won’t do any harm. But it’scheaper if you just eat healthy and take standard vitaminsupplements.”
I silently point to my office, not wanting to interruptbut needing to get her attention.
Polichvich nods.
“There’s no charge because I really didn’t do anything,”She continues to console the young girl. “Come back ifyou need to talk.”
I duck back into my office as Doctor Polichvich bids theyoung girl goodbye and gives her a few pointers. Shehands over a pamphlet hanging on the wall that has thenumbers for various support groups and the suicideprevention hotline – just in case.
“You need me?” She pokes in her head a minute later.
“Close the door,” I tell her. “I need to talk to youabout a request of a walk-in.”
“Do you mean Mrs. Alvery?” She looks out to the receptionarea. “Do you think she’s having complications?”
I shake my head. “Not her, the other one.”
Susan looks. “Wow! What a hunk!” She takes in a breath.“I didn’t even notice him! I must be getting old.”
Susan isn’t that old, maybe in her mid 40s. I can tellshe still has good tastes in men. We don’t often talk toeach other about our private lives, but I know from thetwo nurses that she’s twice divorced and currently liveswith a guy.
“He’s an even bigger hunk than you think,” I urge her tosit on the folding chair that suddenly appears frombehind the door as it closes. I don’t want him to see ustalking.
“You have me interested!” She laughs. “But what on Earthare you talking about?”
I suddenly find myself at a loss for words. How should Isay it? How should I phrase his question? My naturallygabby personality goes away and leaves me embarrassed.
“Well?” Susan prods. “I have one patient in back andanother in front!”
“Actually,” I correct her. “You have two patients waitingin front, provided you care to talk to him.”
“What about?” She questions. “Is he growing boobs orsomething?” She laughs, but I fail to see the humor.
“I told him I would pass on his question,” I begin shyly.“But it’s kind of embarrassing just to ask it.”
Susan seems to understand my reluctance. She sits back inthe chair and waits. I suppose this is the same way shehas to treat a lot of her young patients when they aretoo embarrassed to ask about breast reduction orenhancement surgery. She must simply wait until they areready.
“The guy might be a little crazy,” I first give mypersonal opinion. “Or maybe this is all part of someelaborate joke. I don’t know! I just know that he askedme to pass on a question and ask if you would be willingto see him.”
Susan nods without talking.
“It’s like this,” I give it to her straight. “The guy isinterested in a reduction, but not to his boobs.”
She returns a look of confusion. I hoped my hint would besufficient for her to understand, but apparently not.
“What I’m talking about,” I lean over and almost whisperinto her ear. “He asked about reducing the length of hispenis.”
I do not see her reaction. I am leaned over too close toher face to see it, but I hear it. I think she stoppedbreathing. Maybe her heart started racing like mine.
“Interesting!” She quickly recovers. “Very interesting!”
“He knows it’s not your specialty,” I revert into myrambling mode. “But he logically figures you can maybesend him where to go. He asked if he could like maybetalk to you a few minutes. Maybe you could give him somesuggestions or the names of some doctors. Maybe you knowsome fellow plastic surgeon who might be able to help.”
Susan nods while I ramble on. She leans back in thechair, looks up to the ceiling, and seems to think. Idon’t know if she hears me.
“It appears as though I would be a fool not to see him,”She concludes after I finish. “Wouldn’t you agree?”
She smiles, and I know what she means.
“Yes,” I agree. “I wouldn’t mind seeing him too!”
She laughs at this remark. “Then tell him he can come in,but he will have to wait until my other patients arethrough. Treat him just like any other patient. Startsetting up a chart on him. Get all his personalinformation. Ask for his name, address, allergies,medications, phone number…”
She needs not go on.
“And one more thing,” Susan pauses at the door. “Ask himhis length and how much he wants it shortened.”
She says this professionally, with no emotion. I do noteven realize the impact of her words until she turns thecorner and disappears.
“And set up Mrs. Alvery in Exam One,” She yells from downthe hall.
My mind reverts back to my job. I open the window, callfor Mrs. Alvery, and lead her back to Exam Room NumberOne. One of the nurses takes over and the other preparesto leave. I go back to my desk and start a new chart.
“Excuse me,” I call out the window to the weightliftersitting in the undersized chair. “I’m afraid I don’t knowyour name.”
“Jonathan,” He stands up to join me at the window.“Jonathan Demetres.”
He looks just as good from the front as he does frombehind. Broad shoulders show off a hard chest. His blondhair makes him look German or maybe Swiss, but his lastname sounds Russian. I can’t help but fantasize him as asoldier of fortune sneaking across a boarder with amachine gun slug across one arm and a grenade launcher onthe other. I only wished I was dressed better to meethim, like perhaps in a low cut blouse to draw hisattention to my ample cleavage. Instead, I must talk tohim while wearing a standard issue white uniform the sameas what the doctor and the two nurses must wear.
“The doctor agreed to talk to you,” I inform him as soonas he is near enough. “I spoke with her, and she says shewill see you as soon as she is done with her scheduledpatients.”
“Great!” He gives me that wonderful smile again. “It willbe about a fifteen minute wait. She’s already got twoother patients in back.”
“No problem,” He is very accommodating. “Actually, Ifigured I would have to wait a lot longer.”
“And while you wait, I have a couple of standardquestions that I have to ask all first time patients,” Ichime in. “I know you just want to talk to her, but Istill have to ask you a bunch of stuff about allergies,allergic reactions, current medications, etcetera. It’sthe rule.”
He nods.
I sit down at my computer and go down the list. I gethis name, address, telephone number, occupation…”
“Construction manager and part time male stripper,” Ithink I hit the delete key a dozen times to type in his 7words. I already knew the answer, but actually hearing aguy admit that he’s a male stripper is kind-of erotic.
“Allergic reactions?”
“Any prescriptions or any other medications you arecurrently taking?
“Just vitamins.”
“Any diseases or conditions you want the Doctor to knowabout?”
All in all, he looks to be in perfect medical health, butthen I could have determined that by just looking at him.
Finally, I get to the bottom of the form where it asksfor “Other pertinent information?” I think about Susan’slast instruction and wonder if she was serious.
“There’s one other thing Doctor Polichvich wanted me toask you,” I turn to face him, which I immediately regret.As soon as I see his face, I get embarrassed. I think myface turns bright red.
“It’s kind of an embarrassing thing to ask,” I take adeep breath and start up again, this time withoutlooking. I keep my eyes on the computer screen. “Thething is, if you were a woman, Doctor Polichvich wouldwant to know your cup size and what you want to change itto.”
“Flaccid and full?” He replies without hesitation. Heimmediately understands, and unlike me is embarrassed atall – but then I suppose that’s from working in a malestrip joint. I mean, if I stripped off my top to a roomof strangers every night, I suppose I wouldn’t beembarrassed at telling a man my cup size either.
As for his question, I’m not sure of the answer. Susanwasn’t specific, but I know the question I want him toanswer.
“Full,” I take a gulp and look at him. “Twelve inches.”
My legs go numb again. I can’t move. This incredible hunkof a man just told me that he has a 12-inch cock. My God!What a whopper! I never knew they could grow so big. Itype something into the computer, but it is nonsense. Alucky thing he can’t read the screen from where he stands– I hope.
“And I’m interested in paring it down to nine.”
Nine inches! Even a 9-inch long cock is huge. The biggestI ever experienced was seven, and that was a plasticdildo. I can’t imagine what it would be like to take areal live 9-inch cock deep inside me, much less twelve.
“Is there anything else Nurse?”
I realize he talks to me. I remain frozen in place,unable to move. I type more nonsense into the computer.
“No!” I answer almost in a shrill. “I mean, no, nothingelse. We’re done. You can go back and take a seat fornow.”
He backs away and leaves me to my own thoughts. I need tobe left alone. I need to think. I need to calm down. Myheart races and my hands shake, and they do so even morethan before. I find myself unable to remember thelocation of the letters on the keyboard.
And then I wonder if he noticed. “Did he notice myamazement?” I ask myself. “Did he hear my gasp when hesaid his length?” I figure I must have turned red withembarrassment. My body nearly drips with sweat.
I stand up to get a drink of water. I go to the smallbathroom, splash my whole face with water. I try to calmdown, but the only thing I can think about is the 12-inches. At that length, he would extend upward beyond hisstomach. I look in the mirror at my own tummy, and I tryto picture how far his 12-inches would extend inside me.I try to measure it out with my hand and nearly come upto my chest. “My God!” I think to myself. “His dick wouldpractically go up my throat.”
It takes a few minutes before I am able to return to mydesk and finish the last line on the form. “Currentlength,” I type. “12-inches. Desired Length: 9-inches.”
It looks strange, but I type it out anyway. I print outthe results and attach it to a clipboard.
He still sits in the waiting room. I glance over tocheck, but try not to look. I want to make sure he didn’tleave my life, but he still sits waiting.
I try to go back to the billing statements but have ahard time concentrating. All I can think about is him. Ican’t believe such a good-looking guy and such a big dicksits so close to me. I feel this tremendous desire tocall all my girlfriends and tell them to quick come over.I will tell them later, of course, but they won’t believeme. I also feel a desire to call Bob, my boyfriend. Well,he’s not my boyfriend any more. We broke up a few monthsago, but I sure would like to use his dick tonight. Ifeel a tremendous desire to call him over to my apartmentand ask him to screw my brains out. I’m in need of a goodfuck. I have a long session planned with my dildo thisevening. I wish I had it with me right now.
“Goodnight Dawn,” I hear from behind me. “See you brightand early Monday morning.”
“Have a good weekend,” I tell Betty, one of the twonurses. She leaves right at 5:00. The higher paid nursesget to leave on time and the poor receptionist has tostay until the work is done, but on this night I do notmind.
I turn back to my work but only think about his cock. Itype $112.12 into the spreadsheet by mistake. I can’t getthe number 12 out of my mind.
I pause to think about how long it must be when flaccid.A 12-inch hard-on must translate into something like a 6or 9-inch softy. I mean, the thing must extend a thirdway down to his knees!
I pause again to think about its girth. I wonder how wideit must be. A long cock logically requires a widesupport, or so I would think. I suppose it could be longand skinny, but probably not. I figure longer cocks mustalso be wider cocks.
“She say how long?”
I jump at the words.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Jonathanapologizes. He stands at the open window. “I’m not in anyhurry or anything, but it just looks like you’re closingup.”
“We close at five, but don’t worry,” I assure him. “TheDoctor will still see you. The nurses are always in arush to get out of here on Friday nights.”
“Except you,” He looks at my desk. “You look like adedicated nurse who stays all hours.”
I’m tempted to tell him that I am no nurse; just areceptionist, but I figure it doesn’t matter.
“Somebody’s got to get the work done,” I tell him.“Besides, I don’t have any real plans for tonightanyway.” I contemplate the plans I have for my dildoright after I say this.
“Alone on a Friday night,” He consoles me. “I figure acute little thing like you would have a date every nightof the week.”
I think I blush with embarrassment at the compliment,especially considering the source. I can’t believe I’mdoing this, having a conversation with a handsome studwith a 12-inch dick – or at least that’s according tohim. I have a disturbing thought: How do I know he isn’texaggerating? I mean, every guy likes to exaggerate abouthis size. I don’t think many would take the time andtrouble to go to a doctor and risk embarrassment just toexaggerate his size, but you never know. In Jonathan’scase, I think he tells the truth. Besides, even if heexaggerates by only 1 or 2 inches like most guys do, he’sstill plenty long.”
“You can always come over to the club later,” Hesuggests.
I think I blush even more. “Sorry, but I’m not into thatsort of thing.”
He laughs. “That’s what they all say, but every girlenjoys a good strip show.” He pauses and then adds. “Atleast after they get a look at me.”
I believe him!
“You ever been to a male strip joint?” He asks.
I shrug my shoulders. “Sort of.”
“What do you mean, ‘sort of?’”
“I’ve never been to a club,” I explain. “But I’ve seenmale strippers before, like at bachlorette parties, youknow?”
“Boy do I know!” He rolls his eyes. “I used to do thosethings myself, but not any more. Too dangerous with allthose drunk and horny woman around. They get one look atme and… Well, they nearly raped me a few times!”
A shiver goes through my body as I think about this. Iwonder how “nearly” they got. I wouldn’t mind raping himmyself.
“Sorry if this embarrasses you,” He must notice myreaction. “Maybe I should just go back and sit down.”
“No,” I don’t want him to leave. “I was just thinkingback to the bachlorette party.” I lie. I find myselfactually enjoying our conversation and want him stay, andit’s not just because of his long dong – at least I don’tthink so. I think it’s because I’m getting used to him.He’s a good conversationalist. He actually seems to be anintelligent, nice guy – or maybe it is just because ofhis long dong.
“I suppose a Nurse doesn’t need to go to strip joints,”He thankfully decides to stay. “You see nudity all thetime in the office.”
I laugh. “I suppose that could be part of it.” I noticehe again mistakes me for a nurse, but again, I don’tbother to correct him.
“Sort of like a male gynecologist going to a stripjoint,” He comments. “The guy probably gets sick oflooking at it after a while.
I laugh some more. He’s actually quite funny.
“That might be true,” I decide to tell him about me notbeing a nurse. “But I should probably tell you that I’mnot…”
Doctor Polichvich cuts me off in mid-sentence.
“Mrs. Alvery is done,” I hear the Doctor behind me. Inever heard her approach. I wonder how much of ourconversation she overheard, and I especially wonder ifshe heard the part about me being a nurse.
“She’s getting dressed right now and will be out in aminute.”
Susan hands me the clipboard and chart, which I take tobe filed. Meanwhile, Jonathan backs away and now sitsdown.
“That him?” She takes a quick glance out the window.
“Sure is!” I tell her.
“Very nice,” She takes an interest. “Very nice indeed.And did you ask him?”
I know exactly what she wants to know.
“Under the comments section,” I hand her his chart; thechart I printed out earlier.
“Really!” She takes one look at the paper and thenanother look back out to the waiting room.
“At least that’s what he said.”
“No wonder you were talking to him. Got a date yet?”
I grow red with embarrassment.
Susan smiles and then proceeds to call him in. “Mr.Demetres,” She opens the door to the waiting room andspeaks to the patient directly. She never does this withany of her regular patients. “I am ready to see you now,if you would like to come in?”
“Thank you very much,” I notice Doctor Polichvich evenholds the door open for him. “I hope this isn’t too muchof a bother for you. Martha already told me that youusually close at five.”
“No problem at all,” She winks at me. “My only problem isthat the other two nurses need to leave at 5:00, so Iwill require Nurse Martha to assist me.”
She winks at me behind his back, so he doesn’t see. Idistinctly notice her use of the title “Nurse.”Obviously, she overheard our conversation. I don’t knowwhat to do.
“Go with Jonathan into Exam Two,” Susan comes to myrescue. “Show him the room. I will join you in a minute,just as soon as I show Mrs. Alvery to the door.”
I automatically get up. I still don’t know what to do,but I know how to follow orders.
“This way,” I walk past him to open the door to thesecond examination room. Normally, this is as far as Igo. I lead patients to the room and then allow the nursestake over. But for this patient…
“She seems kind-of strict,” Jonathan comments as I followhim inside. “Must be difficult to work for.”
“Not really,” I defend the doctor. “Actually, she’s quitenice after you get to know her.”
We talk for the few minutes it takes for Susan to finishup with Mrs. Alvery. She seems to be taking an abnormallylong time, but I don’t mind. I like talking to Jonathan.Besides, it gives me the opportunity to take theoccasional glance at his crotch. It looks more swollenthan most men, but it’s hard to tell.
He sits down on the examination table. I remain standingand try to look busy by going through some of theoverhead cabinets. I have no idea what I’m doing. I justtry to make it look like I am a nurse doing a routinecheck to make sure everything is in its proper place.
“I’m a little nervous,” He admits. “I don’t know what toexpect. I’ve never been to a woman doctor before.”
“That shouldn’t make any difference,” I tell him, feelinga little nervous myself. “A doctor is a doctor.”
“I know,” He agrees. “I guess I’m just a little worriedshe might want to examine me and ask me to undress.”
I hope she does, but I keep the thought to myself. “Iassume she just wants to talk to you.”
“That’s what I figured,” This seems to relieve him. “Butthen why did she ask you to join us?”
I turn to face him. “Actually,” I decide to be honest.“That’s a good question. I’ve been wondering the samething myself.”
Just then, Susan enters.
“I forgot to introduce myself earlier,” She holds out herhand. “I’m Doctor Polichvich and I understand you areJonathan Demetres.”
They shake.
“I hope you don’t mind if Nurse Martha joins us,” Sheglances at me. “She’s new and you are an usual case.I hope I can use this as a teaching opportunity.”
“Not at all,” Jonathan accepts. “I was just tellingMartha that I’m a bit nervous. I think it might actuallycalm me down if she stays.”
He smiles at me.
I try to smile back.
“Now there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about,”Susan wheels out a short stool. She sits and wheels itover closer to him. “Now, I understand you want toenquire about penis reduction surgery.”
“Does such a thing even exist?” He quickly asks.
“Of course,” Susan answers. “You ever hear of sex changeoperations? They can make it shorter or even take itcompletely off if you want.”
Jonathan laughs. “Oh no! I don’t want to go that far!”
Susan laughs along with him. “I didn’t think so, but Imust warn you that the operation is very rare. And themore rare the operation, the more risk it entails. Nooperation is completely risk free, and there’s alwayssome danger.”
Jonathan nods.
“And it is also expensive and only a few doctors arecapable of performing such an operation,” She goes on. “Ican give you some names and references, but first I’dlike to ask some question. I’d like to know exactly whyyou want this surgery? I mean most men would do mostanything to get it lengthened.”
“Lots of reasons,” He quickly answers. “I suspect it’snot much different than a woman blessed with big boobs.It’s very desirable at first, but as I’ve gottenolder…”
I notice him glance at me as he says this. I wonder if itis a random glance or if he notices my big chest. Ineither case, I know exactly what he means.
“Basically, let me just say that mine is a little toobig,” He goes on. “It’s gotten me a lot of attention overthe years. It certainly brings in big tips at the club,especially when you’re the star attraction,” He speaksproudly. “But I think I’m ready for something a littleshorter.”
“Exactly how short?”
“Well,” Jonathan thinks. “The way I figure it, most womenare accustomed to 6-inch cocks and they think 7 or 8-inches is a lucky catch, so I figure 9 would be justabout right.”
Susan thinks about it too. “That’s logical. What do yousay Martha?”
I think my heart skips a beat at the sound of my name. Sofar I’ve been a passive observer; observing mostly hiscrotch. I realize Susan wants me to express my opinion.“Um, yea, I guess so,” I answer shyly. I feel embarrassedat having to give my opinion on male cock size.
“And there’s a second reason why I would like itshortened too,” Jonathan rescues me – but onlytemporarily. “This is a little more personal, but I wantit for better sex.”
“Better sex?” Susan sits up. “Why do you say that?”
“Because some women can’t take 12-inches,” He explains.
I think I gasp. Luckily he doesn’t hear me – or maybe heignores me.
“Most women can, but it’s difficult,” He continueswithout a pause. “It’s a tight fit and I always hitvirgin territory, but most of them can take all of itjust fine.”
The mention of virgin territory sends a shiver up myspine.
“But the point is that some can’t. Sometimes I’m toowide. I just can’t open their cunts far enough toaccommodate my size. And sometimes I hurt them because Igo in too deep. Their twats just aren’t deep enough. Itusually happens to the short or the petite ones, youknow, girls sort-of like Martha.”
I gasp at the sound of my name, and then I gasp again atwhat he just said about girls like me. I realize my heartagain races, just like it did back in my office when hefirst told me his size.
“Excuse my language,” He apologizes. “Maybe I shouldn’tuse the words ‘cunt’ and ‘twat’.”
“That’s perfectly all right,” Susan accepts. “It’s notexactly the correct medical terminology, but you are in aDoctor’s office. Use whatever you are comfortable with.”
He nods.
“So what you’re saying,” Susan summarizes. “Is that ifyou were suddenly given the opportunity, for example, tohave sex with Martha right now, you may not be ablebecause of your tremendous size.”
“That’s about right,” He looks at me and nods again. “Hercunt might be too tight to penetrate or her twat tooshallow for me to screw in my full length.”
I step back to the wall in defense of myself.
“And what makes it especially frustrating,” He continues.“…Is that I often find myself attracted to shortergirls. I would really like to get to know someone likeMartha a lot better, but when you’re unable to have sexit can be a little difficult on the relationship.”
I am about ready to fall over and faint. A cold sweathits me in the face. My heart races like I have just runa mile.
“Your reasoning sounds very logical,” Susan stands upfrom her chair. “I can tell you’ve thought a lot aboutthis.”
“I have!” He agrees.
“Then let’s go on to the second part of the examination,”She nods. “It just so happens that I’ve had some trainingin this area back in medical school. Although I’ve neverperformed the operation and I am not qualified to do so,I would like to take a look for myself to make sure therearen’t any redeeming features that might prevent you fromhaving this operation. The nearest facility I am aware ofis in Chicago, and I would hate to send you all the wayto Chicago for nothing.”
He nods. “Sounds reasonable.”
“So if you don’t mind getting undressed and giving yourclothing to Martha,” She smiles at me. “And Martha, ifyou could stay with Jonathan and get me when he isready.”
I stand in a complete state of shock. Did I hear herright? Am I imagining things? I feel as though I am in adream. According to Susan, I am supposed to stay in theroom while he undresses. I can’t believe this ishappening.
Before I can object, Susan leaves and Jonathan begins toundress. He starts with his shirt.
“You were right,” He tells me. “She is very nice.”
I realize he refers to Susan, but I quickly forget aboutSusan. He takes off his shirt and hands it to me. I amawestruck. The guy is a complete hunk. His chest lookshard as a rock. His arms are about as wide as my calves.He’s got muscle all over. I picture him as one of thoseshirtless construction workers spending all day running ajackhammer.
My head tells me to leave. This doesn’t seem right. Ishould not be in the room with a patient when heundresses, especially a male patient and especiallyconsidering I’m not even a nurse! But another part of merefuses to go. I know what part speaks loudest. I startto feel it in my cunt – my tight cunt, if I am to believeJonathan.
He removes his shoes and socks next, and then he startsunbuckling his pants. I accept each item after he removesit, first holding his shoes in my hands and thenextending my arms so he can deposit his clothing like aworshipping subject to his queen.
“Where did you work before you worked here?” He attemptsidle conversation.
“A dentist office,” I can hardly speak as I watch hiszipper lower and his slacks split in two.
“I didn’t know that dentists hired nurses,” He says insurprise. “I thought they used dental hygienists.”
I remember my cover and the lie I told him about being anurse. Well, actually, I never did lie to him at all – atleast not yet, but I’m about to. As he pulls down hispants and displays the sexiest set of black bikini briefsI have ever seen, I can’t help it. The large bulge in thecenter of his briefs forces me.
“Most are, some not,” I lie. “Some dentists like to keepat least one regular nurse in the office just in casesomething unusual…”
I can’t speak. He uncovers it. It hangs down further thanmy last boyfriend’s pointed up. The thing looks to be atleast 8-inches long, and it’s still flaccid! I am in dickheaven. I realize Jonathan didn’t exaggerate. He’s hunglike a horse!
“That makes sense,” He replies as though nothing is outof the ordinary. “I guess you never know when someone inthe Dentist office might have an allergic reaction or aheart attack or something.”
“…Or something,” I speak drearily.
He places his black briefs on top of the rest of theclothing I hold in my hands.
I can’t move. I stand in place, mesmerized. I look rightat his equipment and am amazed. He’s got the biggest dickI have ever seen, even better than in any magazine or x-rated movie. He is long, uncircumcised; with a thickmushroom on the top. And the rest of his naked body isterrific too. He’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever laid eyeson.
“You like it?” His question interrupts my thoughts.
“I’m sorry,” I suddenly feel tremendously embarrassed. Ishake my head and return back to reality. “Sorry, Ididn’t mean to look.” I try to leave the room.
“That’s okay,” He smiles back at me. “Remember, I work ina strip joint. I’m used to women looking.”
He smiles at me, and I suppose I smile back. I’m notsure. I’m not sure if I’m still alive! I take a deepbreath and attempt to calm down.
“I suppose I better get Doctor Polichvich,” I brieflyturn to him and look again.
“Fine,” He says simply. “I’ll be waiting.”
I clumsily open the door and leave, but at the lastmoment I take a last look at him as though to make acheck on reality.
* * * * *
“Well?” Susan asks the moment I enter.
I realize I still hold his clothing in my hands. Irealized it just after I left the examination room. Idon’t know why I took them and why I still hold them, butI can’t very well turn around and return them now.Instead, I step into the second examination room to finda place to lay them down. I see Susan with a chair pulledup to the examination table, sorting through a pile ofpaper.
“Well?” She asks again. “Did he exaggerate or not? Is hereally as big as he says he is?”
I am unable to speak.
By the look on Susan’s face, I think I already have theanswer.
She takes his clothing from me. And then, to my completeamazement, she drops them into the trashcan.
“What…?” I start to say.
“We better get back to complete the examination,” Sheinterrupts.
“We?” I question, distinctly noticing the way she usesthe term for both of us.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” She leads theway out. “But I figure you deserve a reward. You’veworked for me six weeks now and you’re the bestreceptionist I ever had. Consider this kind-of like abonus.”
She holds the door open.
I consider her offer. She gives me second thoughts, but Iquickly dismiss them.
The choice is clear.
* * * * *
We enter the examination room with Susan in the lead.
“What do we have here?” She calmly speaks as she looks upand down his naked body – mostly down.
Jonathan stands and looks down along with her. “Now youcan see what I mean.”
“Yes, I can see why you might be interested it getting itshortened!”
She looks right at it, speaking very professionally, likea doctor to a normal patient. I can’t believe how calmshe can be around such a long prick.
I, meanwhile, almost stumble when I see it again. Itlooks even longer than when I left.
“How about you lay down so I can get a better look,” Shetells him. “And Martha, step on over to the opposite sideof the table so you can observe.”
He obeys like a puppy to its master. I can’t believe theway he also remains so calm. I think the room must beabout a hundred degrees.
With me standing on one side of the examination table andSusan on the other, she picks up his dick and fondles itin her hand. She raises the head and places the lengthdown on his stomach. I notice it extends beyond hisbelly-button – and it’s still soft!
“Looks to be about eight or nine inches in its flaccidstate,” She speaks as she looks at it. “I don’t see anyobvious problems. No defects that I can notice.”
Neither do I!
“You always use protection?” She questions. “I mean withintercourse. Do you always use protection?”
“Most of the time,” He answers.
“That’s not good enough!” Susan scolds. I notice shegives his dick a little squeeze as she says it toemphasize the point.
“Don’t worry,” He assures her. “I know I guy who got aidsbecause he screwed around a lot – or at least I used toknow him. Died about a year ago. We used to work togetherat various strip joints, and every night we would eachtake home a different woman. It was really wild backthen.” He laughs.
“What about now?” Susan questions. “How many partners doyou have in a typical month?”
“That’s the thing!” He answers. “After seeing what hewent through, I stopped sleeping around. Stopped sleepingwith strangers every night – or at least I mostlystopped.”
A brief wave of sorrow passes through me. I feel sorryfor all the women who will never get the opportunity toexperience his substantial bulk – especially myself.
“So you are now a one woman man?” Susan asks.
“Well, not quite one,” He laughs. “Actually, it’s three.I have three girlfriends that I fuck on a regular basis –or I should say that I have sexual intercourse with threewomen on a regular basis. I suppose I shouldn’t use thatword, ‘fuck,’ in a Doctor’s office?”
“Don’t worry about it,” Susan shrugs it off. “It’s not asthough I never heard it before.”
“Anyway,” He continues. “I don’t much worry about condomswith my girlfriends. They don’t sleep around with othermen. They don’t need to, you know. After I get done withthem, they don’t need anyone else.”
I have no trouble believing this.
“But once in a while I’ll pick up some cute, hot littlething,” I notice his eyes glance at me. “Maybe once aweek I’ll notice someone in the audience or maybe meetthem around town, but I always use a condom when I’m withsomeone I don’t know. I’m very good about that. I don’twant to end up like my friend.”
Susan nods.
“I also get HIV tested on a regular basis,” He adds. “Theclub requires it because many of the younger guys stillsleep around, and I’m sure most of it is withoutprotection. They’re idiots!”
Susan nods.
Through all of this, she continues to fondle his cock.She first moves it to one side and then points it to theother. I see her stretch it upwards as though to gage howlong it must be in a fuller state, and then she allows itto relax and flop back down again. A few times she eventakes a closer look by lowering her eyes. I half-expecther tongue to lurch out and lick it – I know I would,given the opportunity.
I can’t believe how professional Susan remains as shefondles him. I also can’t believe how calm Jonathan is. Imean, if he was any of my old boyfriends, his cock wouldhave sprang to attention at the first touch.
“Now don’t jump,” Susan warns. “But I need to check yourtesticles also.”
He does not jump at all. Susan lowers her hand and takeshold of his balls. She takes each of his nuts in her handand gently feels them all around.
“And I don’t notice any obvious problems down hereeither,” She continues to feel. “No obvious lumps orabnormalities that I can detect, but if you don’t mind measking, about how many times per month would you say youhave intercourse?”
“Just about every night!” He answers succinctly. “Givenmy size and with three girlfriends, I’m in high demand.”
“Good,” Susan acknowledges. “Because I notice yourtesticles feel larger and more swollen than normal.That’s probably because of their frequent use.”
“Yea,” Jonathan agrees. “They get milked on a regularbasis.”
I almost faint. I mean, I’ve heard the term “milked”before, but never in relation to a man’s nuts. But then Irealize the term is actually quite accurate. In effect,the nuts of a man are milked every time he hasintercourse. He even produces a milk-like liquid. I justnever thought of it quite that way before. I can’t helpbut want to milk on Jonathan.
Susan finally removes her hand completely from his body.It is only at this point that I realize she neverbothered to put on gloves. Normally, a doctor is supposedto wear gloves whenever she examines a patient, but Inotice Susan used her bare hand.
“I’m sure I already know the answer to this,” She is notquite done yet. “But I have to ask it anyway. Have youever had any trouble with sensation?”
“Sensation?” He questions her meaning.
“Have you ever had any trouble getting it hard?” Sherephrases.
“Of course not!” He answers.
“Not even for a short time? Not even temporarily, likeafter a particularly intense masturbation session, forexample?”
“Never!” He answers again.
“That’s good!” She concludes. “The reason I ask isbecause of nerve damage. It’s important to check fornerve damage.”
“I don’t think I have any nerve damage,” He says. “Mycock operates just fine.”
“I’m glad to hear that,” Susan lets out a slight chuckleat this. “That’s all I have for now, except there is onemore thing I can check if you want.”
She backs away, and Jonathan stands up. He stands withhis back facing me. This is a bit of a disappointment fora moment, but then I notice his ass. He’s got a greatass. Not as impressive as his cock, of course, but I’vealways found myself attracted to a tight, firm ass.
“This may be a bit embarrassing for you,” I hear Susanspeak to him as I continue to admire his buns. “Thedecision, therefore, will be left totally up to you. Ifyou want to leave right now, you may, but there is oneother aspect of your penis that I would like to check.”
“What is it?” He asks curiously.
I am curious too. Susan seems to have checked just abouteverything she possibly can check on his cock.
“I’m afraid that in order for me to do a fullexamination, I need to check one more thing,” She says.“Before I can fully access the impact of an operation, Ireally should check your cock when it is in its fullstate.”
I stumble. My knees give out. I fall back against thecounter and use it as a brace to prop me up before I fallcompletely to the floor.
“Please Martha,” Susan scolds me. “Be careful. I know thefloor is a little wet and slick back there. You have tobe careful.”
I gather myself back up again. “Sorry,” I apologize.Luckily, Jonathan didn’t see me.
Without missing a beat, Susan returns to the nakedpatient before her. “It’s totally up to you, but if youwould like a complete examination prior to going all theway to Chicago, I have no trouble giving you one.”
Jonathan thinks about it. It looks as though he thinksabout it very hard.
“What about Martha?” He asks about me.
“What about Martha?” Susan questions back. “Do you wanther to leave?”
“No,” He says to my amazement! “Actually, I’d like her tostay, if you don’t mind? I’m getting nervous again. She’sgood at keeping me calm.”
It’s a lucky thing I hold onto the cupboard behind me,else I would have been sure to fall down again.
“That’s fine,” Susan smiles at me. And then, stilllooking at me, she continues talking to Jonathan. “Infact, if you want, she can help you out. Most doctor’soffices have erotic photographs and magazines to help themale become erect, but we don’t need much of that here.”
She laughs and smiles at me.
“So if you want, you can use Martha instead.” Her smilebecomes even bigger. “Martha, why don’t you help Jonathanout by taking off your blouse?”
“What?” I can’t help but voice out loud.
“You heard me! Go ahead and take off your blouse,” Susanrepeats. “Just unbutton your blouse and show yourself ina bra. It’s no big deal! Jonathan’s already taken off allhis clothing, I’m only asking you to take off yourblouse. And then come back to get me when he is ready.”
* * * * *
By the time I return to reality, I find myself alone withJonathan. I don’t remember Susan leaving. It is as thoughI passed out and then woke up again a few seconds later.
“Too bad you don’t have any erotic magazines lyingaround,” He speaks to me. “I wouldn’t mind paging throughthe latest issue of Playboy, but you’re beautiful enoughto star in one.”
He smiles at me.
I think I smile back. Maybe I blush. I don’t know. All Ithink about is his cock.
I glance down at it. It looks great in the flaccid state,and then I think about how much better it will lookhardened. I have the opportunity to see 12-inches of maleflesh. All I have to do is take off my blouse. I justhave to show him my bra. It seems like a small price topay, I mean, considering…
My fingers move up to unbutton the top button of myuniform. Then they continue down to the second. I noticewhen I reach cleavage. I notice it in the reaction of hiscock. It twitches.
“Oh!” I let out a shrill.
The buttons on my blouse continue to uncouple. My topopens. Glancing down, I see the heavy cleavage from myown tits. Looking forward, I see the affect on Jonathan’scock. It still points down, but it is definitely longerthan before.
“Very nice,” He compliments. “Better than any eroticmagazine.”
“Very nice,” I want to say myself, but don’t. I remainquite and only look. He elongates to 8 and then maybe 9-inches in length, and then it starts to rise. He standsup against the table and faces me at an angle. He standsat the perfect angle to show off his size, which makes mewonder if he does so on purpose.
“Oh,” I let out another shrill.
“Very nice,” Jonathan compliments again.
His soft pecker grows into a giant cock, and then itcontinues to grow into a monster. It springs up quicklyand soon points straight out of his body. And it not onlygrows longer, but it inflates wider too. My suspicionabout long cocks needing a wide support is true. Thesacrifice of my blouse is well worth the effort.
I reach the last button and open the blouse. I pull backthe curtain to show him the performance behind the stage.
“Wow!” Jonathan speaks. “Very, very nice! You really havesome whoppers!”
“So do you!” I catch myself saying out loud.
He looks down on himself. “Yes, I guess I do!” He speaksproudly. “Look at what you’re doing to me.”
I do look! I look right at it! His cock rises fromhorizontal to vertical. And it continues to grow everlonger and thicker at the same time. The thing is truly amonster! It’s bigger than my biggest dildo. There is noway I would be able to accept such a big man. I staredirectly at it as I peal back my blouse and slip it downoff my shoulders.
“Do you like it?” He questions.
“Oh yes!” I speak with more enthusiasm than I intend. “Imean, yes! It’s a little big.”
“A little big?” He questions. “What does that mean?”
I take a deep breath. “I mean it’s big,” I speak shyly.“It’s as big as you said it was.”
His cock really does look to be about 12-inches long. Ican’t believe it! I am looking at a full 12-inches ofmale flesh. And not only long, but so wide too! I’m surethere is no way I could accept such a monster. Like healready voiced, I don’t think I could open my cunt enoughto accept it. And then I think about the depth and allthe virgin territory he would be sure to reach.
“Well, I like yours too,” He tells me. “Something aboutshort girls with big tits really turns me on. You have avery nice set of tits. What are they, double Ds?”
I nod my head.
“You already know my size,” He tells me anyway. “12 longinches in case you forgot.”
“I didn’t forget.” I don’t think I will ever forget. Iwish I could take a picture and preserve the image for alifetime. I can’t believe I’m actually looking at such agifted man. I mean it would be one thing to see a pictureof him in a magazine, but I’m getting a live performance.
“Do you now understand why I want it shortened?” Hequestions as he looks upon it himself. “It’s just too bigto fit in many women. It splits their pussies apart toowide. It dives into their cunts too deep. My cock is justtoo big for most women to hold.”
His words make me hot with desire. I feel a tremendoustemptation to finger myself. I want to slip down myslacks and slip my fingers into my pussy. God, I am sowet!
“Give me your professional opinion Martha,” He turns togive me more of a side profile. “As a nurse but also as awoman, would you recommend I go through with thesurgery?”
I shake my head.
“Why not?”
I shrug my shoulders.
“Tell me! Why not?” He wants me to say it. “Try to talkme out of having the operation.”
I shrug my shoulders again, but then speak. I figure Iowe it to every woman on the planet. I speak for them. Ihave to try my best to talk him out of paring down such amagnificent length of male organ.
“You can’t,” I tell him. “You simply can’t! It’s too,it’s too…” I have a hard time saying it. “It’s too sexyto make smaller!” I blurt out.
“Why, thank you!” Jonathan accepts this compliment. “I’mglad you like it!”
“I do!” I almost yell at him. “God I love it!”
I can’t believe I have just said this. I just told a man,a near stranger, that I loved his cock. “I’m sorry,” Itried to pull the words back into my mouth. “I shouldn’thave said that! I should be more professional. I’ve gotto focus on my job as a nurse!”
He laughs at me. “That’s all right Martha,” He speakscalmly. “I’m used to it. Lot’s of girls have the samereaction, especially when it starts to penetrate.”
It looks even longer and wider when he models himselffrom the side. I can’t help but stare at the monster. Iwant so much to run home and play with my dildo.
“Are you still going to get the doctor?” He brings meback to reality. “I believe the Doctor said that shewanted you to fetch her as soon as you got me full.”
“Yes,” I agree. “Susan! The Doctor!”
“Yes, the doctor,” He prompts me. “You remember her,don’t you?”
I almost forgot about Doctor Polichvich. “I better! I’llbe right back.”
I slip my way past him, past Jonathan – and past hismagnificent erection.
* * * * *
“Well is he?” Doctor Susan Polichvich asks me with a bigsmile on her face. “Were you successful?”
“Oh yes!” I nod.
“And did you have any problems bringing him to erection?”
“None!” I shake my head.
Her smile turns even bigger. “And the most importantquestion of all,” Susan lowers her tone to a whisper. “Ishe as big as he says?”
I pause for a moment, and then answer in a shrill. “OhYes!”
She sits in Exam Room 2 going through the same stack ofpapers from the last time I saw her. I notice she’salmost done, but she doesn’t bother to finish.
“In that case,” She lays them down. “I think we betterreturn to the room and complete the examination.”
Again, I distinctly notice her use the word “we.” Thistime I have no second thoughts. I can’t wait to join her.
* * * * *
“Well, well, well!” Susan voices her own appreciation ofhis size as soon as she walks in. “I see you weren’texaggerating, as many men do. Looks as though you arequite well endowed indeed.”
Jonathan sits on the table. He stands as soon as weenter. I distinctly notice his cock sway up and down assoon as he jumps off the table. It looks slightlyflaccid, but he quickly springs back up to a full hard-onas soon as I walk in.
“It’s exactly how long I said,” Jonathan answers. “Ididn’t exaggerate. Do you now see why I am interested ingetting it reduced?”
“Yes I see,” Susan answers him. “You could seriously hurta girl with an organ as big as yours.”
Susan looks down on it for several more seconds. Part ofher cool, calm attitude has left her. I see she hastrouble keeping up her professional manner, much like Ido. I wonder if the same thoughts go through her mind asmy own. And then I wonder if she might be as wet as me.
“Hop on back up here,” She pats the table. “Just likebefore. Please lay down.”
He does so.
“And Martha, step on over to the opposite side so youhave a good view.”
Doctor Polichvich stands on one side of the examinationtable. I stand on the other. A naked man lies before us.His huge, 12-inch long dick sits upright and at attentionin front of us.
“Let’s have a look,” She begins simply.
Susan simply grabs it. She does not hesitate, but simplytakes hold of his member with two fingers and pulls it soit points straight up into the air.
Jonathan immediately lets out a moan.
“Are you all right?” She pauses.
“I’m fine,” Jonathan answers.
“I see you have no trouble with sensation,” She tellshim. “I don’t sense any kind of nerve damage.”
“No problem there,” He agrees.
“Just don’t eject on me,” Susan instructs, but then addswith a laugh. “Not that I would mind! I’m sure it wouldbe quite entertaining to watch a male of your size eject,especially with such a swollen set of nuts, but I needyou to stay full until I am done with the examination.”
Jonathan laughs back. “Don’t worry! It takes a lot to getme off.”
“Good,” Susan agrees. “Because we can’t have you spurtingall over yourself.” And then she adds as an afterthought,almost under her breath. “At least not yet, that is.”
I can’t believe the suggestion Susan just made! I wonderif this means we might see him. I suddenly have adisturbing thought that an ejection might be part of theexamination. The thought makes me even wetter.
“Tell me Martha,” I hear my name. “How quickly didJonathan elongate? Did he spring to attention or did ittake a few minutes for him to give you a hard-on?”
I have to take a moment to think about this. “More likespring,” I decide. “It took him a few seconds, butconsidering his size…”
Susan nods. “No need to explain further.” She smiles atme.
“And Jonathan,” She turns her attention to the big man.“Do you always spring to attention without any problems?”
“Almost always,” He answers. “Although I think withMartha it was a little faster than normal because of herchest.”
Susan nods again.
Through all of this her fingers remain on his cock. Shepulls it so it points straight up into the air, and thenshe moves it to either side. She looks at it all over. Sodo I.
At the same time, I notice Jonathan looking up at me. Mytop remains in only a bra, and his eyes remain firmlyriveted on my big chest. I feel intimidated, but then Isuppose my intimidation is a lot less than his. I mean helies on an examination table with a hard-on. At least I’mpartially clothed.
“No obvious defects,” Susan declares. “And it certainlyis in a very hardened state.”
In order to test this, she lets go. She pulls his cockstraight up into the air and lets go to make it slapagainst his belly. The sound of the slapping tube makesme even wetter.
“Fetch me a ruler,” Susan instructs me next. “It’s in thetop drawer of that cabinet over there,” She points. “Andget me the long one. The six inch simply won’t do.”
I gasp at her words, knowing, of course, exactly why sheneeds the ruler. I must temporarily take my eyes off hishardened member in order to get it, but I relish in theknowledge of what I know the ruler will be used for.
“I’m going to do the measuring,” Susan takes the 12-inchruler from me. “I need you to hold his cock.”
I almost fall over.
“What?” I declare.
“Oh, just hold it!” She chastises me. “It’s no big deal.Just take Jonathan’s gigantic prick and point it straightup into the air.”
I am hesitant.
“I want to give you a lesson on how to take a man’smeasurements,” Susan goes on. “To properly measure thelength of a man, his cock needs to point straight out ofhis body,” She demonstrates. “All I need you to do is topull on his organ so that it points straight up. Point itup towards the ceiling while I take his measurements.”And then she lets go to allow his cock to slap downacross his stomach once more.
I cautiously reach out. While Susan stands opposite me, Icautiously reach out to touch his member. Jonathan letsout a moan when I first touch it, as though he is aboutto squirt, but I take hold on anyway. I reach out for hislong pecker with two of my fingers and pull on it justbelow the head.
The thing feels surprisingly strong and resilient, whichmakes sense, considering its enormous size. I have topull on it quite hard in order to get it to standstraight up.
“Now when you measure the length of a male cock,” Susanholds the ruler along side. “You must position the ruleralong the top surface of the cock to get the mostaccurate measurement.”
I notice his length takes up the entire ruler. Jonathanindeed looks to be 12-inches in length. He didn’texaggerate. If anything, he looks to be a little longerthan he said.
“Twelve and about one-eighth,” She says. “I’m veryimpressed! Tell me, are all the males in your family justas big?”
“I’m the biggest!” He speaks proudly. “But all the malesin my family are unusually well endowed. I guess it mustbe in the genes.”
“It must be,” Susan agrees. “Any of them have cockreduction surgery?”
“None,” Jonathan answers. “At least none that I know of.I don’t know if any of them would admit it if they did.”
Through all of this, I continue to hold Jonathan’senormous cock. I hold it near the head by two fingers soit points straight up into the air.
“Keep hold,” Susan pulls the ruler away but instructs meto stay put. “I’ll be right back. I just left Jonathan’schart in the other room, but I’ll be right back.”
Unbelievably, she leaves me. I am left holding a 12-inchlong cock in my fingers. It feels very uncomfortable,although at the same time it feels very nice. I am notquite sure what to do.
“Want me to let go?” I have to ask him after only a fewseconds.
“I don’t mind,” Jonathan shrugs. “The doctor told you tokeep hold, so I guess you better do as she says!”
“Yes, I better,” I want to agree.
“Are you still against me getting the reductionoperation?” He continues our conversation from earlier.“Now that you’re touching my cock and can better feel itssize, have you changed your mind?”
I shake my head.
“Ah, but I bet you would if you had to accept it,” Hegives me an incredibly enticing thought. “I bet you wouldchange your mind if the thing was in your pussy insteadof your hand.”
I feel my hand start to shake.
“Tell me Martha, have you ever been fucked by such alarge prick?”
I moan. I can’t believe he’s asking me this. Where’sDoctor Polichvich? It’s taking her a long time!
“By the sound of your breathing, I can tell that youhaven’t,” Jonathan of course is right. “I bet you wouldchange your mind if you had to try to accommodate thething.”
My hand shakes even more. My heart races. What is hedoing? Is he actually inviting me to experience him?
“Perhaps I should allow you to try,” I gasp at his words.“Of course, it would have to be from a purely medicalperspective,” He adds. “I’m thinking about fucking you inorder to get your professional opinion of my size andyour opinion of the potential operation.”
I can’t believe the words I hear him speak. I feel asthough I am in a dream.
“Of course, it would be only to get your professionalmedical opinion,” He emphases. “It would be like anexperiment and wouldn’t be done for pleasure, although Iam certain you would feel a great deal of pleasure,provided I could split your cunt far enough to acceptme.”
His giant cock feels even longer at the sound of thissuggestion. It seems to have become more ridged and Imust hold tighter to keep it pointed straight up. I thinkhe makes me an offer, but I’m not totally sure. I’m notsure of anything anymore. This is too unbelievable to betrue.
“Well Martha?” Jonathan questions. “Do you think youmight be interested, like maybe after we are done here?”
Now I know for certain! He really does want to fuck me! Ican’t believe what is happening.
“Well Martha?” He questions again.
I nod my head and then I shake it back and forth. I don’tknow! This is too much for me. I hold within my fingersthe 12-inch organ of the most magnificent stud male Ihave ever met, and now he offers to use it on me.
“I better go to see what’s keeping her,” I have to let goof his cock. It is too much for me. As I turn to leave, Ihear the big thing slap across his stomach.
* * * * *
“Well, it’s about time,” Susan chastises me when I enter.“Hurry up and undress!”
She gathers up her papers from the table and places themon the counter. I am not certain if I heard hercorrectly.
“Well Martha!” She repeats herself. “Get those clothsoff.”
“But I was waiting for you,” I tell her. “I thought youwere supposed to come back into the exam room.”
“That was just a ruse,” She answers. “I hope you didn’tmind holding up his erection?”
I blush with embarrassment.
“That’s what I thought,” Susan knows my answer. “Nowhurry up and take off the rest of your clothing. We don’thave a whole lot of time.”
I find myself undoing the buckle of my slacks, althoughI’m not sure why. “Why am I undressing?” I ask.
“Well, you do want him, don’t you?” Susan speaks theobvious. “I know he wants you! I can tell by his cock!And I think you want him too.”
I suppose I do. I mean any woman would! A woman wouldhave to be insane not to want Jonathan – or else alesbian.
My slacks slip down off my waist, and then I sit down totake off my shoes and socks. “How much?” I ask. “How mucham I supposed to take off?”
“Everything!” Susan speaks without emotion.
“Everything?” I question.
“Yes everything! And hurry it up!”
I stand back up in only a bra and panty. I pause, stillunsure why I am undressing. I don’t know what she has inmind.
“Trust me!” She sees my reluctance. “Take it all off. Youwill soon understand completely.”
I do what she says, although I still don’t know why. Islip down my panties, and then I unsnap my bra. The lasttime I undressed in Susan’s exam room was as a patient.
“Oh, he’s going to love them,” Susan looks down upon mybig tits. “He’s going to absolutely love them.”
It feels strange to hear another woman compliment me onmy boobs. I briefly consider covering them with my handsor turning away out of shame, but then realize Susan hasseen plenty of tits before. She’s seen more tits thanmost women will ever see.
Then I think about her words. I think of her interestinguse of the word, “him.” The sound gives me a twinge oferotic excitement. I wonder what it means. I wonder if itis a hint of things to come.
“Now just sit up on the exam table,” She turns her eyesaway and instructs next.
I start to sit.
“Not there,” She counters. “Over hear, on the end.” Shepoints.
I stand back up again and move. I sit my bare rear downon the far end of the table.
“And now lie straight back.”
Susan helps me. She takes me by the shoulders and gentlyleans me back.
“What’s this for?” I question.
“You’ll see in a moment,” She sooths me.
I soon find myself lying with my back on the table and mylegs dangling over the side. I instinctively try towiggle myself further up onto the table, but Susan won’tallow it. With little warning, I feel her on my ankles.She grabs them and stops me. She gently pulls up myankles and places them in the stirrups.
“Oh my God!” I cry out. I forgot about the stirrups. Theymake me grow nervous. I suddenly find myself with my legsspread open and my ankles held up high. “What is this?” Ihave to question.
She is not done yet. Silently, Susan first adjusts thestirrups. She loosens the knob just below the stirrup tolift my ankle higher. And then she loosens the knob atthe base of the table to spread my legs apart further.First one leg and then the other, I find myself naked,vulnerable, with my legs spread up, open, and wide.
I could get up. I suppose I could have jumped off thetable at any time. Nothing holds me down, yet I take noaction. I’m not sure what it is, but I think it is theanticipation that holds me down. The thrill keeps me inplace. I don’t know exactly what Susan has planned, but Iknow it will be good.
“Oh, he’s going to absolutely love it!” She steps back toadmire my predicament. “Oh, when he sees those big titsof yours! And then when he sees that tight cunt! He’sgoing to absolutely love it. Jonathan is going to ravishyou!”
“What!” I start to rise up out of shock.
“Oh, don’t worry!” She pushes my shoulders back down.“Don’t worry Martha! This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”
“I, I…” I can’t speak.
“Just think about it,” She tries to calm me. “Just thinkabout it Martha! You are soon going to get what everywoman wants! You are soon going to get the best fuck ofyour life!”
My eyes grow wide. My mouth hangs open. I am in shock. Ican’t believe the words I have just heard uttered fromSusan’s mouth. I think I even let out a moan.
Susan responds with just a laugh. “Come on Martha, I knowyou want it! I could tell when you first showed up backat my office. You want Jonathan to fuck you. You want himto fuck out your brains!”
I can’t speak. I can’t do anything. I just stay laying onthe exam table wide eyed and open mouthed. I can’tbelieve what is happening.
“Have fun!” She pats me on the forehead and leaves theroom.
* * * * *
Susan leaves me lying in Exam Room 2. I am left totallynaked and totally vulnerable. I do not wear a singlestitch of clothing anywhere on my body. My big tits laycompletely exposed. So does my pussy. Even worse, justbefore she left, Susan rotated the table around so mygaping cunt now points at the door. It will be the firstthing he sees when he enters.
I feel incredibly aroused and fantastically embarrassedas I listen for him. Susan has left, I know. She told me.There is only Jonathan and myself. I hear him firstwalking around in the next room, and then I hear himoutside in the hallway.
“Hello!” He calls out. “Anyone here?” He questions. “Icould use some clothing in here!”
I remember that Susan took his clothing. She put it inthe wastebasket. I see my clothing lies on top of it. Irealize he walks around the office in the nude.
“Doctor?” He questions. “Nurse Martha!”
The sound of my name makes me jump. I am surprised heremembers it, but then I think of my tits and the reasonhe remembers. I realize Susan is right. He is reallygoing to love my tits.
I stop breathing. I hear footsteps outside. They soundlike bare feet, walking past the door. The only thing Ican think about is a picture of him walking by the doornaked, bare, with his great big 12-inch cock pointed outat attention.
He walks past the door and in the direction of thebathrooms. The sound of footsteps gets lighter and thenthey go away, but then I hear the sound of a squeakingdoor. I realize he is checking the bathrooms. I picturehim opening the door of the bathroom and calling out forthe Doctor and me. The sound of my own name again makesme jump.
I know it will only be a matter of time before he enters.First he will search for the Doctor and me, and then hewill start to search for the clothing he wore on the wayin. He will need his clothing in order to leave again,and he will soon search for that clothing in this room.
The sound of a second door, probably the woman’sbathroom, squeaks open.
The door to the examination room, I know, has no lock. Itwill only be a matter of time before he opens the door tosearch the room in which I lay. And when he does open it,the first thing he will witness is the sight of my tightcunt and the peaks of my naked boobs. I wonder what hewill think of it. I worry he might turn away out ofdisgust at such a blatantly slut-filled performance, ormaybe it will make him excited and want to fuck me evenmore. I don’t know, but I suspect the latter. The sightof my open legs and big tits will be an invitation thatno man will be able to resist. I grow with anticipationat the 12-inch cock that will soon impale me deeper thanI have ever been fucked before.
The footsteps grow closer. His voice becomes louder. Ifind myself both wanting him to pass the exam room and toenter. I don’t know what I want any more. I am bothscared and excited all at the same time. I suddenly havea very naughty thought and wonder if my compromisingposition will allow him to see how wet I am.
A knock on the door makes me jump. I think he is about toenter.
“Doctor!” He speaks. “Nurse Martha! What’s going onhere?”
I hear the doorknob move. I think the door starts toswing open. I don’t know for certain because I’m tooscared to look, but I think the door slowly opens – ormaybe it’s just my imagination. It’s hard to tell throughthe rapid beat of my heart. I feel like I am about tofaint, and then I think maybe my heightened sense ofarousal plays tricks on me, making me imagine things thataren’t real.
All grows quite. I don’t know what’s going on. I figurehe must have kept on walking down the hall, but thenrealize I didn’t hear any footsteps. I wonder if hestands just outside, or maybe he simply stands in thehallway and waits for us. I don’t know…
“Nice,” I jump at the sound of his voice very near.
Suddenly, without warning, I realize he looks at me. Irealize he has opened the door and looks in. I realize agrown man admires my exposed cunt, and it’s not just anyman. It’s Jonathan, a naked man with a 12-inch dick.
My heart races. My body sweats. I again feel like I amabout to faint.
“Very nice,” He says as if to make sure I heard hiscompliment the first time. “Oh Martha, that’s very niceindeed!”
I hear the door. Then I hear the sound of his feet stepin. He does not appear disgusted at my performance. Hedoes not turn away. Rather, he seems quite taken by me. Irealize I have guessed correctly.
“And I especially like those!”
I realize he looks at my naked tits. My eyes remainclosed. I can’t open them. The thought of Jonathanstaring down at my naked chest is too much for me.
“Wow! They look even bigger than I imagined!”
Now I know for certain.
“They look even bigger than I imagined,” He told me. “Imust say, Martha, you’ve got an excellent set of tits.”
Suddenly, I feel him. Without warning, I feel his handson my chest. He has one hand on each boob. He draws themtogether, lifting them from their flat position andforcing them to touch in the center.
Instinctively, I open my eyes and see him. He stands onlyinches away. I see him above me with his hands on mytits, giving me a tit massage.
“Ah, that woke you up,” He smiles down on me. “You likethat, don’t you?”
I nod my head in agreement.
“And I bet you especially like this!”
He turns his attention to my nipples, placing a finger oneach, rubbing them, teasing them. I’ve always hadsensitive nipples. Now I think they are even moresensitive than usual. They are already hard, and theygrow even harder with the feel of his fingers.
“But I know there’s something else you want even more,”He tempts me as he continues to tease my nipples. “Icould see it the first time I gave you my size. What doyou really want Martha?”
I can only moan out in pleasure, knowing the thing herefers to.
“Tell me Martha, what do you really want?”
He pulls his hands away from my nipples to reach down tohis waist. He reaches down for his own cock and plops itonto my body as I lay there on the table. The thing is sobig that it reaches across my arm and hits me in theabdomen. It’s not quite fully erect, I see, but thatchanges in an instant. Less than ten seconds later hisgiant dick lifts up above my body and points ridged andat attention.
“Is this what you want Martha?”
I feel ashamed to say it, but then I say it anyway. I amwilling to say anything for the opportunity to have it.
“Your cock!” I tell him. “I want your cock!”
He lets out a laugh. “That’s what I thought! That’s whatevery woman wants, and soon you shall have it.”
I let out a moan of pleasure. Finally, I know. He’sactually going to fuck me with it. I can’t wait.
“But not quite yet,” My pleasure turns to disappointment.He backs away, turns to the far end of the table, andpositions himself between my legs.
“I first need to play doctor!”
“Oh fuck!” I nearly yell out in delight!
His head lowers and soon disappears. It disappearsbetween my legs. I don’t know where it goes at first, butthen I feel it. He starts quickly and with littlewarning. Suddenly, I feel his tongue against my openpussy.
“Oh fuck!” I cry again, not quite believing what ishappening. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I wiggle on the table as Irealize Jonathan wants to first eat me out.
He doesn’t start slow or tease me first. He doesn’thesitate or allow me to rest. Instead, he dives into mypussy like a hungry tiger. He eats me out. He ravages me!It’s the best oral sex I’ve ever experienced.
“Oh fuck!” He’s good! I feel his lips between my legs. Ifeel his tongue run up and down my slit.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” He’s really good!
He knows how to do it just right! His mouth dives in asthough it is the first cunt he’s eaten in months. Hishands take hold of my hips to allow his tongue to probedeeper.
“Oh fuck!” It feels so good!
He goes on and on. He eats me out more and more. I do notknow how long he uses my pussy. I only know that I loveit. He does not stop. He does not pause. I feel myselfbecome hotter and wetter with anticipation. I’ve neverbeen eaten out like this before. Oral sex yes, but neverravaged like this. Jonathan is an expert when it comes tosex. I’ve read about women who have orgasms from oralsex. I never believed it to be true, but now I think I amabout to.
“No!” I cry out when he pulls away. “Please,” I discoverI am panting. “Don’t stop!”
I want to tell him how close I am. I want him to give mean orgasm with his tongue. But before he does, he pullsout to show me.
“You want more?” He questions. “Or would you ratherchange to this?”
I look to the side to see him. He stands along the wall,his giant cock in his hand. He’s done such an expert jobat eating me out that I almost forgot about his big cock,but not quite. He holds the big thing in its natural,erect position. And then he lets go and it stays in thesame position. Pre-cum glistens off its surface. It looksto be soaked in its own juices. I see he is wet withdesire.
“I want it,” I tell him simply.
“And what is it that you want?” He steps closer.
“I want to change to your cock,” I say directly. “I wantyou to fuck me!”
He steps closer still. He walks over and repositionshimself between my legs. This time he does not kneeldown. He remains standing, his cock at the same level asmy pussy.
“But you might be too tight!” He warns. “What if yourpussy is too tight to accept me?”
“Fuck me anyway!” I cry out. “Just fuck me!” I no longercare about anything else. I’m desperate for an orgasm.I’m desperate to feel his long cock deep inside me.
He steps closer still. I suddenly feel the tip of his bigcock upon me.
“Oh fuck!” I have to cry out.
He pushes it in, but he does not push it in right away.Instead, he teases me with it. He plays his cock upon thetight slit of my pussy.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I cry out louder.
He reaches forward. Jonathan bends his body forward andreaches for my tits. He places an open palm upon eachbreast as the tip of his cock starts to enter me.
“Ah, nice!” He concentrates on my nipples. “Oh Martha,what big tits you have!”
I briefly think about telling him what a big cock he has,but then I realize he already knows. He knows exactly howbig he is. So do I. Clearly, the thing is big. He feelsreally wide. He stretches me open further than I haveever been stretched before.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I continue to cry out as his probepushes inside.
“Tell me if you feel pain,” He warns seriously. “I’m notkidding! I don’t want to hurt you.”
“No pain! No pain!” I pant. “Oh fuck, it feels great!”
It is the truth. I do not feel any pain at all. All Ifeel is pleasure. I feel the top of his cock spread meopen, and then the rod of his shaft push inside me. Icurse all the women who have ever told me that sizedidn’t matter. Obviously, none of them ever had any. Theynever had Jonathan!
“Holy fuck you are big!” I tell him.
He slips inside me, further and further inside. I feelevery inch of his cock as it slowly penetrates. I wish hewould just jab it in and fuck me, but my position givesme little choice. Jonathan is in complete control.
His hands move off my tits. They move down to my waistand pull me back to my original position at the edge ofthe table. I realize that I slipped forward. The force ofhis cock pushed my entire body forward on the table. Myfeet almost slipped out of the stirrups. Quickly,Jonathan takes me by the waist and pulls me back to myoriginal position. He positions me at the edge of thetable where I can receive maximum penetration.
He slips it further and further inside, deeper and deeperhe goes. I have never been taken so deep before. I havenever been penetrated so far. It feels great!
“Oh fuck Jonathan!” I have to tell him. “You feel great!”
I can’t wait for him to start pumping. I can’t stopthinking about how much better it will feel when hestarts fucking. He’s still on his first stroke. In fact,he hasn’t even given me a half-stroke yet! I can’timagine how I will feel after a dozen or maybe two.
“Very good!” Jonathan compliments my body. “That’s almostall! I think you’re going to take it!”
He is really deep. I don’t know how much further he hasto go. All I know is that I haven’t felt his thighs yet,which means he has at least several more inches. Already,I can tell he is deeper than any man has ever gonebefore. It is like having my virginity taken away allover again.
“Only a little more,” He compliments again. “Oh Martha,you are very deep.”
“Holy fuck!” I have to say in reply. “Oh God, you’re sodeep!”
I suddenly feel him against my open thighs. Almost there,I think to myself. I realize he has only an inch or maybetwo to go.
With one final thrust and a deep grunt, he shoves it allthe way in. His body presses tight against my openthighs. I have taken him all. I have taken a full 12-inches of the most massive cock that I have ever seen.
And then he starts. He gives me only a second tocontemplate the big thing deep inside me, and then hestarts pumping.
“Oh fuck!” I nearly scream as he quickly pulls it abouthalf the distance out.
“Oh fuck!” I yell out in a high pitch squeal as he pushesit all the way back in again.
I can hardly stand it. I think it goes in even deeper thesecond time as the first. I nearly have an orgasm, andthis is only his first stroke. His tongue already made mehot. Now his cock makes me boil over.
“Are you all right?” He stops to question with it shovedall the way inside.
“Oh yes!” I cry out in a high-pitched squeal. “I’mterrific!” I realize my yelling has frightened him.
“Good!” I reply happily. “Because I like a screamer!”
And then he does it again. And then he does it yet again.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I yell out as he starts to fuck me.I’ve never before been called a screamer, but then Inever before was given the opportunity. I find I like thetitle.
Very quickly I feel an orgasm approach. His oral sexalready brought me close. Now his cock quickly pushes meover the edge.
“Oh God! Oh God Jonathan!” I cry out after only about adozen strokes. “Oh my pussy! Oh, you don’t know whatyou’re doing to my pussy!”
And then I do it. I orgasm!
Jonathan stops when I scream out. He stops with it shovedall the way inside.
“Oh, oh, fuck!” My entire body spasms with the release.It is the most intense orgasm of my life. It is also thequickest. I think the big cock inside me furtheramplifies the effect.
“You most definitely are a screamer,” Jonathancompliments my reaction. “We’ll have to try that again.”
He does not give me time to rest. Quickly, he starts upagain. He starts fucking me once more. He fucks me hardand he fucks me long. In and out! In and out! He fucks meagain and again.
* * * * *
Jonathan gives me a second orgasm in the laying position,and then he turns me over to give me my third orgasmdoggy style. I don’t know how long we fucked, but it wasa long while. I awake after a deep and restful sleep. Iawake while lying on the examination table.
The room is dark and I don’t know where I am for amoment. I do know, however, what has happened. I can feelit from between my legs. My cunt feels like it has justbeen fucked by a giant. It feels so open and so used. Iwonder if a normal sized man will ever satisfy me again.
Stumbling, I slip myself down from the examination tableand try to stand. My legs feel weak. I am unable to bringthem together. Walking bowlegged, I fumble for the lightswitch and turn it on.
What a mess! Cum on the table. Cum on my tits. I’ve neverseen a man cum so much in my life! Jonathan refused tocum inside me. Even after I assured him it was all right,he still refused. Instead, he asked me to do him with myhands. He asked me to jerk him off with my hands andmouth.
I’m not one to refuse a request from such a big man, so Iquickly took him up on his offer and jerked him off.
I think I even see cum stains sticking to the ceiling.
I also see a note. It is taped to the door and signed byJonathan. I see it is written in some of the neatesthandwriting I have ever seen.
“You have my number. Call anytime,” It notes simply.
I can hardly believe my luck. I’ve got a boyfriend with a12-inch cock.