Adventures With My Angel – Juicy Sex Stories

Angel and I have been going out for three months now, andI must say she lives up to her name. She’s a divinepresence in my life and in my bed. Not that she’s pureand remote, because she’s far from that. Wanton andadventurous is more like it. An earth angel, if need be.Our sex shimmers and shouts, as we’re deeply in love andever compatible in our desires. Each wet time wildtogether feels new, like arriving at a lush valley orpeak we haven’t seen before. A place to dance andembrace, ravish and surprise. She takes me there, and herI.
What first attracted me, of course, were Angel’s looks,but also the confidence and joy expressed by her face andbody. Physically, she’s right out of my dreams. I’vealways fantasized about small women, and Angel isperfect: five foot three, blonde, ample pear shapedbreasts peaking in long brown nipples, and astoundingcurves honed by exercise. I look at her every chance Iget, whether she’s at work or play or even asleep. Nakedalso of course, especially when a summer tan sets off hergolden hair. She has the loveliest, most intelligentface, with high cheekbones, smiling blue eyes, andexpressive lips that melt my heart and stay on my mind. Ijust have to be with her, next to her, inside her.
Until recently, our lovemaking has centered on mypleasuring her. She’s so good-looking and responsive thatmy first desire has been to kiss and touch hereverywhere, and bury my face between her legs. Her pussytastes like heaven, an irresistible blend of musk andhoney, cinnamon and red wine, fresh cream and flowers. Onone occasion she tasted unusually sweet. Licking morefrantically I discovered that she had put honey insidefor me to find! That’s the kind of inventive fun thatoverwhelms us in bed. As I lick and fuck her she comes somany times we lose count. She also sucks my cock betterthan any other woman I’ve slept with, and likes going 69as much as me. But my favorite thing so far has beensimply to adore her from head to toe.
A month or so ago Angel started asking what more we coulddo, how she might please me. Finding it hard to share mydeeper desires, I just suggested she take hints from whatI did to her. Since my behavior lately had emphasizedintercourse and cunnilingus from behind, I hoped shemight think of putting me in the same position: on allfours with my ass up for her to do, well, lots of things.
To be honest, my dream woman isn’t just petite,beautiful, and strong. Since I was twelve, mymasturbatory fantasies have often turned to the idea ofbeing dominated, of having a woman act almost like a manwith me. My recurring teenage fantasy involved capturesand restraint by a tribe of tan, longhaired, and scantilyclad warrior women who tied me up, spanked me, and mademe lick their pussies. They’d also stick things up myass, usually fingers though once I dreamed that theseAmazon beauties alternated between having pussies andcocks. I was fucking one of them and then another camefrom behind, her tits brushing against my back and hercock sliding up into my anus, which became a pussy andthen my anus again. That night I woke with my belly andthe sheets slick with come, one of the few wet dreams Iremember having.

I didn’t have the nerve to tell Angel that story. How doyou tell a woman you’d like her take to control and loveyour ass the way you love her tits and pussy? How do youadmit a secret desire to be tied up, or told you’re a badboy and paddled, or especially, to have her lick andpenetrate your asshole? I hadn’t figured that out, or ifI should even try. It was a little frustrating, but Imade up by worshipping her body even more, thinking shemight get the idea if I intensified my attention to herass.
One night while licking her pussy from behind, I wasovercome with desire for Angel’s puckered little asshole.I asked her to move from the bed onto the big armchair inour bedroom. There I had her kneel away from me, headdown while presenting her wet, open sex and her anus toplain view and open access. Women are even more guardedabout their assholes than their vaginas, so the sight ofmy lover in this vulnerable position was terriblyexciting. It suggested willingness to offer meeverything, to hide nothing.
After reveling in the moment, I ran my hands over Angel’sshapely twin globes, admiring her lovely brown hole. Itwas so sexy that I had to taste it.
“You’re so beautiful, Angel,” I said. “I need you somuch. I want all of you, to kiss every inch of your body.Angel, I want to kiss your asshole.”
Angel moved slightly, as if surprised, and was silent.“Do it baby,” she said at last.
I knelt forward and touched Angel’s anus with the tip ofmy tongue, tasting, then flickering against its initialresistance. I then grasped and stroked her buttocks whilehappily running the whole surface of my tongue up herpussy, over the perineum and anus, and beyond, descendingback through the gap and up again, several times, untilshe gasped and moaned, saying my name over and over.

I imagined her thinking oh he’s licking me, he’s lickingme there, he must love me and accept me, he won’t let mehide at all, he wants me completely open to his lust;this is so forbidden and exotic; it feels so good too,having my asshole licked. I then imagined her becoming alittle embarrassed because she impatiently shifted herposition. Or perhaps she wanted some other loving now, tohave me lick her pussy or maybe just slip my big hardcock inside her cunt. I could understand because I hadthose desires too.
But I wasn’t done; I hadn’t had my fill of licking herasshole so I wouldn’t accept the significant shifting ofknees and lowering of her back that I was supposed tointerpret and comply with as the sign that she wanted tomove on to something else. No, I was going to lick untilI was satisfied that this was really happening-that I wasactually licking a woman’s asshole-licking the asshole ofthe woman I love.
It was an incredible experience. Later Angel said, “Baby,that was great! I never knew. Is that what you want me todo to you?” I told her I’d like it very much. “Whatelse?”
All my desires welled up in me, yearning to be expressed.I wanted Angel’s fingers up my ass, but I wasn’t ready toask. I was courageous enough, however, to suggestentering her anally.
She was a little startled. “No, I don’t think I’d likethat. It felt good having my butt licked, but having yourpenis… no, that’s too much. I’d be scared.”
“Do you think I’m weird?” I asked.
“No,” Angel said. “It’s ok. Is there anything else?Really, you can tell me anything. You’d don’t need to beashamed, or worry that how I feel about you will change.I want us to communicate honestly about everything.”
I almost blurted out fuck me up the ass. Instead I said,“Maybe you could spank me.”
Angel laughed and I feared what she might say. But sheonly wanted to know how hard.
“Very. Tell me I’m a bad boy and make it hurt.”
“I don’t know. That might hurt my hand.”
“You could use a paddle,” I suggested.
“Wow, you’re really into this. Let me think about it.”
A few days later when we were making out on the couchAngel stopped our deep kiss by pressing her finger to mylips. “Pull your pants down,” she said, “and bend overthe sofa.”
I got up at once and did as I was told. She leaned overand breathed in my ear. “You’ve been a bad boy and needto be spanked.” And with that she pulled my string bikinidown to my knees and spanked my bottom with the palm ofher hand. It wasn’t very hard, but having Angel takecharge excited me very much. She slapped each cheek of myass a few times, then started to play with my cock andballs. “Do you like that?”
“Yes, baby, yes. You’re making me very happy.” I wantedto tell her to do it harder, but didn’t want to push myluck. We were coming along fine. Especially when sheknelt down and started licking my asshole, the first timea woman ever had. Totally transported, I arched my backand felt the buzzing in my ass run up my spine and downmy legs, then enter my heart, disbelieving mind, andfinally my penis. Angel wasn’t touching my cock or ballsat all, just my anus. A final harmony of joy andcompletion shivered and rang through me. I came with aheartfelt scream.
I had to think it a high point in my sexual experience. Istill do, though a subsequent event ranks just as highly.One day Angel she said something I’ll never forget. “Iwish I could penetrate you, to experience what you dowhen you fuck me.” What a moment! That’s the fantasyfulfilled, you see, because Angel brought up the idea;she wanted it independently of my designs. I shyly toldher that she could indeed come inside me. “How?” sheasked.
“Stick a finger up my ass. I’d really like it. I’vewanted to ask you to do that but I was too embarrassed.”
“I’d like to try. I’ve never done that to a man. If I doit will you ease up about me letting you in my ass?”
“Sure,” I replied. And then I told her how to proceed.With a little lubricant and a few directions from me,Angel soon had one of her dear little fingers slippinginside my asshole.
“Now slide it up and down a little,” I told her. I’d hadthis experience before, but it still felt like losing akind of virginity. Angel smiled at me tenderly and thensucked my penis to rigidity, which didn’t take long. Shethen climbed on top of me and slid her cunt down over mytrembling erection. As she rode me she kept her hand backbehind me, mercilessly reaming my ass with that finger.It wasn’t long before we reached glorious simultaneousorgasm.
So a new stage in our sex life began, Angel fucking myass with a finger or two, sometimes while she sucked mycock, or just to get me hard again after I’d had anorgasm and she wanted to make love again. I startedincluding an enema in my bedtime preparation, thinking itbest to be clean inside in case she decided to engage inanal play.
One occasion of anal play was especially good becauseAngel required me to say what I wanted.
“Touch my ass,” I pleaded, turning over onto my stomach.“Like before!Please!”
I felt her fingertips between my legs. She touched thesoft skin behind my balls, and then gently squeezed theminside her palm.
An anticipatory glow swirled in my bottom, and I moaned.A delicious awareness of my anus came over me, a feelingof being completely visible and accessible to my lady’seyes and touch. The sensation mingled receptivity,impatience, and a counteracting desire to prolong thepleasure of yearning. I gasped when I felt her fingertiptrace an errant perimeter around the hole.
“Now tell me what you want,” she whispered warmly into myear.
“I want you to touch me…”
“Touch you how?” she asked, moving her hand, maddeningly,away from the hot center. “Touch you where?”
“Touch my asshole! Run your fingers around it and grab mybutt! Do anything, but just touch it. Fuck me. Stick yourfingers up my ass. Please! I need it so bad.”
I looked back over my shoulder and saw Angel reach to thenightstand for a tube of lubricant. She squeezed itloudly into her left hand, and then slicked it between myass cheeks. Her other hand strayed around me to grasp myhard and trembling seven-inch cock. Then she poked afingertip into my anus. I whimpered and she laughed. Shewas just teasing, I knew, but it was frustratingnonetheless. Then her finger turned, and I just had tomoan.
“My asshole. Stick your fingers in my asshole, baby. Rapeme, fuck me, treat me like I’m a girl and my asshole is apussy.”
“Oh you’re a naughty boy,” she said, laughing. “Suchlanguage! Is this what you want?” And with that Angelslid her long middle finger all the way inside me,pausing only for a moment before beginning to thrust outand then back in and out. Groaning deeply, I arched myback and raised my bottom. She took the hint and slid herfinger all the way inside and then up in search of myprostate. The moment she found that pleasure spot shestarted to masturbate me.
I felt such abandon, such utter surrender to hercaresses. She really was taking me. My penis, my balls,and my rectum flared in wild pleasure. Then Angel’sstroking in front and sliding in back took on one rhythmalong with her hot breathing in my ear. As she workedthat finger in and out of my tight backdoor she cooedsounds and an occasional word of approval.
Then she got me to turn around, wrapped her hips aroundmy cock and started slurping up and down. Just as myorgasm was approaching, Angel replaced her mouth with herhand, furiously pumping my cock with one hand while shereamed my asshole with the other. She then spoke, in avoice raspy and deranged. “O baby, O baby. Your asshole.And your penis. And your big balls. Such a sweet butt youhave. I love to fuck you. I love to fuck you up the ass.Up the ass! Up the ass!”
Her words threw me over the edge. “Oh god,” I cried outas the orgasm hit and swept me away. Just then shewithdrew her fingers from behind and slipped her mouthdown over the top half of my cock shaft. My body shook asseveral blasts of hot white come joyously shot intoAngel’s loving mouth.
That incident just about did it; Angel had pretty muchbecome the exact double of my fantasy lover. In theafterglow I confessed that sometimes I wanted her to bethe man. “I know,” she replied.
My sense of satisfaction, however, only lasted a fewdays. The more Angel gave me, the more I wanted. The olddesires soon welled up: to fuck her up the ass and haveher spank mine. Her denial of these pleasures gave her acertain erotic power. She would pose in a way thatemphasized her ass, bending over the bed as I walked inthe door. Or casually turn away from me, stroking herbottom lasciviously.
I savored the experience, because it made her even morepowerful and sexy in my eyes, and because it gave mereason to believe she might grant one or both of mywishes. The closest she came, though, was to spank melightly, or say, “Do you like my ass?” and then have melick it and her pussy until she came.
Sometimes Angel wouldn’t suck my cock unless I asked. Shesaid it excited her for me to specify my desire. On oneoccasion I decided not to test her.
I just asked, “Angel, will you please suck my cock?”
“I thought you’d never ask,” she said with a smile,pulling my penis down from my belly. Her lips formed thefamiliar round shape that I yearned for.
I wanted to rock my hips and slide in and out but decidedto let her do the work. I closed my eyes and enjoyed themoment. She began by licking the head, especiallyunderneath and in the little hole. She continued thatawhile, changing only the pressure or the rhythm of hertongue. Then she began sucking the entire cockhead, oncemore varying the pace.
She stopped for a moment, letting my cock slide out ofher mouth. The whole shaft glistened with her saliva. Shelooked up at me again. “Do you like that?”
“I like it very much,” I replied.
She smiled and opened her lips once more. This time shedrew my penis all the way inside, while cupping herfingers under my balls, lifting them gently, then lettingthem dangle. She stroked them while giving me a marvelousblowjob, her face bobbing up and down over my hard cock.
Then she took it out of her mouth and went for my lefttesticle, sucking it softly into her mouth and runningher tongue all over. I groaned loudly from the purepleasure of her action. After pleasuring the onetesticle, she went after the other, sucking it back andforth, teasing it with her tongue, nibbling on it ever sogently.
Then she got brave, opening her mouth as wide as possibleto take my entire sack inside. Soon she resumed suckingand licking. She worked the tip of her tongue between mytesticles, making them wag so lasciviously that I criedout in joy. Then she commanded me. “Turn around!” Herface had a look of pure desire, but desire focused anddetermined. She looked in charge. I turned, presentingher my butt. I could feel her eyes on my nakedness. “Bendover a little and spread your cheeks apart!” she ordered.
I opened my legs a bit more, for balance, then bent atthe waist and moved my hands to my backside. It feltstrange, prying my buttocks apart to expose my anus toher. I felt so naked, so vulnerable, but at the sametime, safe and content. I had nothing to hide.
“Hold still,” Angel said, then moved her head forward andbegan kissing ever so softly between my ass cheeks. Wasshe going to lick my hole? God, I hoped so, that itwasn’t just a tease.
While kissing my bottom, she avoided the puckered ring sonear her lips. She used her tongue to lick the entirelength of my crack, back and forth, perhaps a dozen ormore times, each time stopping just short of the anus.That it seemed so deliberate made it even more naughtyand joyful. She moved her head further down and lickedthe back of my scrotum, making my testicles wigglepleasurably.
She sucked the left one into her mouth, rolled it on hertongue, and then licked both balls some more. I loved it.It appeared that she wasn’t going to lick my asshole, butmy disappointment only lasted a moment because she tookmy whole sack into her mouth again. Talk about wild-thereI was, bent over the bed, my ass in the air and my lovereating my balls out from behind!
Finally, Angel released my balls and reached around tostroke my cock. Suddenly I felt her lips surround myanus. I moaned, feeling a border had been crossed. I lostmyself in the marvelous hand job accompanied by an analkiss.
Angel’s tongue moved out of her mouth slowly as she begantickling my anus.
Her subtle movements increased my pleasure by degrees.Had she just plunged her tongue inside, the sensationswouldn’t have been so exquisite. She was leading melittle by little into an ecstasy I had never known.
After she had licked me awhile she inserted a finger,then two, just inside my anal ring. She made low roundmovements that drove me crazy, opening my asshole andrelaxing it. Angel suddenly made a hungry kind of soundand I felt her tongue replacing her fingers. She began towork the tip of her tongue into the center of my hole.She alternated between fingers and tongue, opening memore and more. She was insatiable, unrelenting intonguing my asshole. It was an incredible feeling,physically and emotionally.
“Baby, baby, baby,” I whimpered. “It’s so good! I loveyou so much! I feel your tongue inside my asshole! It’sso good!”
This madness went on for a minute or two before Angelpaused. I heard the squirt of lubricant from a tube, thenfelt one hand smoothing the slippery stuff around myasshole. She teased me by circling a fingertip around andthen pointing it within the tight outer rim. Then herlong, index finger began to pry me open. I couldn’tresist. She thrust hard, and suddenly the length of herfinger was inside of me, touching the sensitive placesand pressing on the tight interior walls. She grabbed mycock with her other hand, and it stiffened even more.Pretty soon, she had one hand pumping a very slipperycock and the other slip sliding in my nether hole.
“More, baby, more,” I yelled out. “Give me anotherfinger!” Angel obliged, adding a second finger and then,unbelievably, a third. She moved them in and out, andthen started fluttering them inside. That was almost toomuch. I groaned at the first stirrings of orgasm.
“Don’t come yet,” Angel said. “I have another surprisefor you.”
Hearing that excited me, even as she withdrew her lovinghands. What could it be? I turned around and sat on thebed, as Angel stood up and rested her hands saucily onher hips.
“What I should do,” Angel said, “is paddle your ass untilyou cry and beg me to stop. But you want that, don’t you?Well, I’m not giving you everything you want, at leastnot right now. I’ll tell you when it’s time for somethingnew. You’d like to be spanked like a naughty schoolboy,wouldn’t you?”
“Yes. That is, if you’d like to do it to me.”
“Well, right now I don’t, though I’m tempted. It mightteach you some manners.”
This was great! Angel had gotten the idea and run withit. I was a little scared, actually. Where was thisleading?
“You also want to fuck me up the ass.”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Well, baby boy, that’s not in the cards tonight. Youneed to think about what it would be like for me. I loveyour cock in my cunt but my ass is too tight and I’mafraid it would hurt. You don’t want to hurt me, do you?”
“Yet you still want to stick your cock up there?”
Feeling at once chastened and excited, I merely noddedyes. Angel studied my face for further reaction.
“Tell you what. I’ll think about letting you rape my ass.But on one condition.” And with that she reached underthe bed and lifted up a leather harness with an attacheddildo.
“Oh, baby,” I said, my voice fearful and hoarse. “I don’tknow….”
“I do,” she said, stepping into the harness and pullingit up over her hips. “I know you want this, but you won’tadmit it. That’s why I’ve gotten you so hot.” I wassilent, my hard cock sticking straight up. She was incharge, and I loved it. The prospect of such a big objectopening my ass was a little frightening though. I couldunderstand why she wasn’t eager to be the receiverherself. “Before you even get near fucking my ass,” Angelsaid, “you’re damn well going to know what it’s like.”She buckled a strap and stepped forward. “Now suck mycock,” she said.
I was dazed at this turn of events. It was like being ina movie but I wasn’t writing the script or directing.Things were happening and I was not in control. I leanedforward for a better look at Angel’s gear. The cockwasn’t quite as large as mine, thank god, but it wasrealistic and made of a soft clear material. It even hadtesticles and wagged when I touched it. After pausing fora moment, I dropped my head and took the dildo into mymouth. I tried to mimic how Angel gave me head, and eveninvented some variations. Maybe she’d learn something. Ilooked up at Angel’s face and made eye contact with her.
“Very good,” she said. “You suck cock very well. This ispart of your fantasy, isn’t it?”
I nodded, unable to speak with seven inches of flexibledildo in my mouth.
“But you don’t want a man. What you want is a woman witha cock. Well, here she is. And now she wants you to geton your hands and knees and take it up the ass like aman.”
I didn’t need to be told twice. In about two seconds Iwas kneeling on the bed with my shoulders pressed down onthe sheets. “Hold still,” Angel said.
She spread lubricant all over the dildo and more aroundmy anus.
She pressed the tip of the dildo to my opening, but itdidn’t go in. So she started to turn it gently. I boredown a little, as if to push it away.I relaxed and the tip slid inside a little. I bore downagain and relaxed. Then it happened. The head of Angel’sprosthetic prick suddenly passed the outer ring of myanus and was now thickly, undeniably within my lowertract. I groaned in pleasure. “Oh god, Angel,” I said.“It’s so intense.”
She pushed in halfway, stopping to let me get used to thefeeling. Then she pulled back, producing a vacuum Idesperately wanted filled. “Put it back,” I cried.“Please, Angel. I want more!”
“That’s what I want to hear,” Angel replied, as shethrust forward and began slow, shallow movements thatsoon had me sobbing in pleasure. She moved the dildo toan angle that massaged my prostate. “You like that, don’tyou? Just wait until I let you have it all! Like this,baby.” She pulled my hips back as she plunged inside.“All the way in!”
“Oh, god!” That was it … that’s what I wanted Angel tofeel when she surrendered her ass to me. It was the mostwonderful agony, the complete distension of my rectum. Iwas fucked. Angel was fucking me; it was as simple asthat.
“Oh, darling! You feel so good. I’m fucking you! I’mfucking my sweet boy up the ass!” She pinched one of mynipples, then the other, painfully hard. Then she startedgroping my balls and the base of my cock.
“Faster, baby, faster!” I cried out. “Oh fuck me! Fuck myass! Fuck my asshole!” I thrust my cock inside her handand arched my back. “I’m going to come!”
The orgasm hit like a powerful wave in the ocean. Angelpulled out the dildo at the same moment and I blissedout, moaning as creamy heat squirted out onto the sheetsand over the hand that grasped my cock.
As I turned around to face her, Angel topped off theexperience by wiping the white puddles of come from herhands onto her lips and extended tongue. She licked herfingers clean, making lascivious eye contact with me asmy sticky semen dribbled from her lips. She then lickedher lips again and opened her mouth to show me her milkymouthful. Then she kissed me, having me taste my ownsemen before she bent over and took my wet, spent cockinto her mouth. “Thank you baby!” I laughed. You’re sogood to me!”
Angel is indeed my angel. She fulfills my needs andshares my desires.
Sometimes I want her to take charge, and sometimes I wantmy way with her. We take turns. Before long, I think,she’ll give me the spanking I’ve wanted, or let me takeher up the ass. Maybe I’ll try “forcing” anal sex on her.If she says no, that’s the end of it, but if not, ouragreement is that anything goes. In the meantime my assis a little sore, but in a pleasant way.