Maa ki puri raat chudai 2

For knowing my story plz read my first part i.e. maa ki puri raat chudai, now let’s continue….
After returning home my mom became a prostitute, every guy, old man, gentleman, married men became our regular costumer fucking the shit out of Randi Sobha and she also get accquinted to this submissive treatment, my thug friends also visits my house for fun, but I wanted more fun so I went and invited street beggars and asked them to present themselves for my birthday party as my birthday was coming ahead. Upon their agreement I went back home collecting an sum of amount rs.3000 from all and informed mom about the same, on hearing the conditions my mom became afraid and asked if anyone has any disease what will happen, Then I said nothing will happen you just fulfill their list and hunger and forget the rest, and by chance if she will get contaminated with disease then she will have to suffer the consequences.
Dejectedly mom agreed and asked what to wear,To which I replied she will be informed afterwards.
Next morning I went to a supermarket and bought a fully transparent saree,petticoat and a deep cut sleeveless transparent lacy blouse and my mom sorry randi Sobha went to a gents parlour along with me and we have her a perfect bride look and waxed her underarm hair and pubic parts and enjoyed her thoroughly then at the evening all the invited beggars and the parlour guys came to my house to enjoy the party. Presenting my bombshell mom asked to enjoy her in whatever way they want but give me my preconditioned money, after which the party started…
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Everybody started fulfilling their lust and my mom was looking a cum drenched sexy whore from top to bottom we made her do all the nasty things possible like we took her to our washroom and made her do potty while we all watched and cleaned her ass with alcohol making her drink urine from the toilet etc. and then a guy arrived and ringed my bell on hearing his words, I thought for a moment and dragged my cum drenched naked mom by her hair to the outdoor and whispered in her ears, he is a AIDS positive patient and he wants to have sex with you, to which my mom cried and pleaded with folded hands and knelt in front of us saying to spare her.
But I forcefully made her stand by her hair and slapped her hard saying It’s not an asking it’s an order and I had already taken money from him also don’t worry if you get infected I will give her to leporsy peoples and they can use her and also mad men and street dogs can piss or shit on her. Again my mother was humiliated by the AIDS man but he doesn’t cum inside her, to which we made her to go and seduce every single man on the road and ask them to fuck her till she loss her consciousness.Then we took her to a police station and asked the people’s there to use her free of cost enjoy her and fulfill their lust.
The DSP of the station became very happy and rewarded me also told If I needed any help just give a call and hand me over his personal mobile number but I have take my mom to the station sometimes. To which I said anytime, she is all yours just give me a call and the whore is ready for service. There she was fucked by 20 peoples including thugs and also drugged a bit but I enjoyed drinking chilled beer and eating tasty chicken grilled.
Finally when the party concluded she was nearly naked with blood coming out from all her holes, covered with sweat,piss,shit,puke water,oil and cum etc. Then also my list didn’t end and I made her lick the shit of street dogs by putting a collar strap around her neck.