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Let me start with saying i am a long haul truck driver, coast to coast, Canada to mexico. On the road almost every day 365 days year. Hardly home.
I have a older semi with a single small twin size bed in the sleeper, its cramped but i own it free and clear.I was surprised when my daughters mom reached out wanting me to call. She lives in florida with my daughter that i had only seen 1 time since she was born. We talk online some over the years but thats it.
Turns out fay my daughter had been acting out and arguing with her mom and her 4 little brothers. As if i was supposed to care about her situation.After several very angry conversations she told me she wantes me to come let fay spend the summer with me, i informed her i lived in my cramped truck with a small bed and no restroom.She didnt care. Great, stuck in my truck all summer with someone i dont even know at all.
A week later i pulled into a truck stop off the interstate and waited in the diner.Didnt take long before kim walked in. She was fatter right behind her came running 4 little boys and then fay walked in.I was surprised needless to say, she was maybe 5ft tall. Blonde like her mom with blue eyes, really cute face and a petite body.
When kim went to take the boys to the rest room i asked her if she was really wanting to stay the summer with me in my truck and she says she didnt have much of a choice.They all wanted to see my truck so as we walked out to the truck i couldnt help but check out her tight looking ass wiggle.

Where am i supposed to sleep and there isnt much room is all she said.Kim handed her a bag and was gone.
We had to head out i was already running behind schedule. Dropped the load picked up my next drove till had to stop for the night.Fay asked where was she supposed to sleep and informed her we would have share the bed. We didnt have any choice and would have to just make the best of it.
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She asked where was she supposed to change into her night clothes?
Closed the curtain and told her back there when your done let me know.
Few minutes later she hollared she was done.

Locked the doors and went back. She was already under the covers. Dropped my pants down to my boxers amd squeezed under the covers. Man im telling you small twin size bed is not much room for someone who twist a d turn alot.Didnt take long for it to dawn on me she was sleeping in either a gown or shorts i could feel her bare skin agaisnt my thigh. She was sound asleep when she turned on her side with her back to me, took that opportunity to snuggle up against her and get off the edge of bed.Woke up little later with a raging hardon poking between her thighs. I froze, shit. No room to back up.I tried to think of anything i could to get my hardon to go down but she moved her ass some and it just made it worse. Fuck it i thought.
Went ahead got up got dressed and done my pretrip inspection and got under way.
Hours later fay comes up to the front in her gown still. Dam it was short. When she turned to grab a throw to cover with i got a good view of her ass. Almost ran off the road when i seen it appeared she had on no panties at all.
Fay, can i ask you a personal question? She says sure.
You wearing a thong? She says nope i dont wear panties. Like it was nothing.
So thats how you sleep? Yep us it a problem dad? By the way dad why did you get up so early i moved over so you would have more room.
Yeah i just thought i should go ahead and get on the road.
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Oh! I thought it was because you got a hard on.
I didn’t respond. She says its alright if you did its no big deal.
I changed the subject as quickly as i could.
I was dreading going to bed and i drove longer than i should have before finally stopping. We ate and showered at the truck stop before heading to the truck for the night.Ofcourse she noticed all the lot lizards walking around getting in and out of trucks.
Dad are those hookers? Do you ever hire them? Look at that one she looks younger than me.
Yes and no i dont and she probably is your age or younger.
Really that young. Yes fay you go ahead and get ready for bed while i sit up here. She left the curtain partially open and i couldnt help but peek.She had small firm breast with little pink nipples, when she turned more i got a good look at her flat stomach and bald mound, she had no outter lips at all and a nice bubble ass.
Stop looking john, shes your daughter i told my self. Great my dick is hard as a rock now.
Dad you come back now she yells out. I cant go back there with a hard on. Turning in my seat pulled out my dick, grabbed some lotion and started jacking off real quick with images of her naked body racing through my mind.
After i had came in my shirt. Fay says dad you ok up there. Yes.
Turned everything off locked up for the night. Layed down with fay on her side with her back to me.
Woke up with her hand stroking my dick, facing me. Shit whats going on.She moves closer starts rubbing my head against her lips and mound.I keep my eyes closed and stay still. She pushes my head between her thighs against her pussy and slowly starts moving her hips. Man shes getting so wet. I want to just ram it up inside her but i know i shouldn’t and fight back the urges.
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She moves back turning around. Backs up against me takes my dick in her hand rubs it between her cheeks. I feel the head against her lips. She moves around more and pushes back allowing my dick to slide in. Just the head at first. She works it in and out several minutes. Fuck shes tight and wet.Slowly she pushes back more taking almost half my 8 inches. She works her hips fucking her self
I couldnt hold back any more and quickly pull out of her turning on to my back grabbing my dick and cumming in my shirt.Dam that was close.
She didnt move or say a word as i got up and got dressed.2 nights in a row of only getting a few hours sleep. This is going to be a long summer
When she finally got up she asked how did i sleep? Told her had a pretty good dream before i woke up.
She just smiled ear to ear. After that i slept in my seat for the next week. Soar back stiff legs man i had enough i had to stretch out in my bed again.Couldnt drop off my next load yet had to park at road side park.
Dad i dont want to go back to moms can i stay with you?
Fay i am not retiring until 1st of the year and you have school. So I don’t know how that would work besides your mom is not going to let that happen. She would loose her child support money from me.
I think we need to take turns sleeping in the bed so no accidents happen.
What do you mean accident dad?You afraid you might poke me with a hardon she giggles.
Yes fay, i dont want to accidentally poke you with my hardon and you call and tell your mom that would be all i need.
I wouldnt tell her anything. I dont want nothing to do with her. So if you poke me in the middle of the night with your thing hard it will be alright.
I didnt know what to say after that. As i sat back watching tv fay stands up starts undressing.
What do you think your doing? She says getting ready for bed duh. You dont have to leave
Man i tried not to look but fuck her body was so tone and tight looking. Her little pink nipples hard poking out. She turns giving me a full frontal. Pulls a tshirt on and crawls on to the bed. Turns onto her side facing the wall andPulls the sheet up. I laid down beside her.
Turn on my side facing her back and fuck she moves her ass back starts wiggling it around. Ofcourse my dick gets hard.
Dad, yeah, is that what you were talking about as she giggles. Yes fay stop moving around. Why.Because it makes me have thoughts of doing stuff in should not have about you.
Why. If you dont stop your gonna get it.Get what.Fuck it i had had it, placed my hand on her hip pulled her back more pushing her onto her stomach as i got on her back had my dick out and pushing against her opening before she could say a word. I was to far gone. My head slid in then pushed half my cock inside holding still for a moment adjusting to how tight she was aroumd me.Daddy. I pushed in all the way she hollared out wait daddy.I warned you u said holding her legs together with mine as i began pumping into her sweet tight pussy.Wait daddy please stop. I stopped for a second. What fay.
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She didnt say anything she kept her face buried in the pillow. I got up on my knees pulling her up onto her knees and fucked her hard and fast only slowing down to pull back till just my head was in and slammed it back in all the way.
Dam baby your pussy is so fucking tight. Holding tightly onto her hips as she started pushing back to meet my thrust forward. Shes moaning now and getting wetter. I held back as long as i could before pushing her forward and cumming on her ass.
She turns her head back. Now can i stay living with you? You can do that whenever you want to if i can stay with you. Please dad. I know how to give head to