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Hi people I’m Harshitha (name changed) and I’m here to tell you an incident of my life. First let me describe myself. I’m 21 years 5’5,pale and fair. My figures are 32-26-34. I have a curvy body. I was not in a relation yet so still was a virgin, a very horny virgin! In this incident, my best friend Vikram(name changed) is the guy. He’s a gym freak so has a well built body with nice abs, 6’1 height with slightly less fair complexion. He lives alone in his flat as his parents stay abroad. So let’s get into the story.
It was a cloudy day and I went out. I like to travel. I was wearing a white crop top(braless) and black jeans. I like showing off to guys.Then it started to rain very heavily. Within minutes i was totally drenched and even worse my top was becoming see through. Anyone noticing me could see me as if I’m naked. Luckily there was no one but I was far away from my home and if i went home now then I’d be giving free show to everyone on the way. I didn’t know what to do then i remembered Vikram’s flat was right by corner. I immediately covered my chest with my hands and ran to his flat. I was so cold and shivering that I couldn’t move properly. I was totally drenched from top to bottom. Vikram was a very close friend. We’ve been friends for more than 7 years, so I don’t feel much uncomfortable near him. So i rang the bell. After 5 mins he opened the door.
He saw me and was shocked. Then he caught glimpse of my body and was even more shocked. He quickly let me in and made me sit on a chair. He was a bit uncomfortable, i didnt understand why but i did see a bulge in his pants. He said “Wait here I’ll get some towels to dry” and off he went. He brought 2 towels and a blanket and gave them to me. I tried to wrap them but i was so cold.
He said “OMG Harshi your lips are turning blue, you must be so cold, go inside and let your clothes dry while u stay in blankets”. I couldn’t say anything, i was shivering. He noticed that and said “I can do it but.. Is it ok for you?”. I slowly nodded. So he went behind me, raised my arms and started removing my top. I could feel his fingers brush against my wet waist and then my smooth underarms(which i shaved just the day before) giving out a tingling sensation.
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Then he immediately put a towel around my chest and wrapped me in it. He did the same with my pants though he was a bit hesitant. He wrapped the blanket around my lower part. Then he dried my hair, face, hands, legs but he didn’t even try to get to my private parts. I loved him for that! I said slowly “Thanks” and he laughed and said “we’re friends remember? I’ll get some coffee, you can go and shower and come” And he went away. I took his phone to call my sister and when i unlocked it there was my picture open in gallery. It was strange and in the background he was watching porn! The genre was about friends!
Then i understood that’s why he was uncomfortable, he was jerking off to my picture. This should’ve made me angry but the way he took care of me, not trying to do anything wrong with me… It just gave me a different type of feeling. I called my sis explained her the situation and told her “I’ll be staying here tonight. Say some story to mom. Bye” and went to shower.
In the shower i just couldn’t stop thinking about him. Without even knowing i was rubbing my hand over my nipples and my clit imagining he was rubbing it. Then a knock came from the door “Coffee’s ready”. I quickly dried myself and wrapped the towel in such a way that my cleavage can be seen, nipples are poking out and only upto the thigh region and went to the hall. I saw him noticing my body and couldn’t help but smiling. I sat opposite of him and we started chatting casually.
He said that my clothes would be dried by the end of the hour.”I just washed all my dresses as well, if you want i can give you the shirt I’m wearing” I said “No need” He insisted “Take it, better me shirtless than you” but i refused. I wanted him to see me. While we were talking i kept stretching my hands so he can see my underarms, moving my legs so he can get a small glimpse of my crotch. He said “Do you want to call your parents and tell them?” I said “I already called my sister from your phone”. He said scared “My phone? Did you see anything??”. I said innocently “See what? What are you hiding?” Then he quickly said “Nothing nothing.” I was still shivering after all that. He asked me to sit beside him and he put an arm around me placing his hand on my waist and rubbed it slowly. He brushed my wet hair aside and looked deeply into my eyes. Then he ran the back of his fingers against my cheeks. I asked “What is it?” He replied “I just never noticed how beautiful you are” and i don’t know what happened but we kissed each other.
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He put both his arms around my waist, removed the towel and pulled me so close that my boobs were being crushed and I held his neck, face and we kissed violently giving out heavy breaths, loud noises and moans. I said “I want that shirt now” and i removed it and threw it aside and soon i was lying on my back and he was on top of me kissing my lips, cheeks and neck. I said “This is my first time if it’s with you i want it to be memorable, erotic, enjoyable”

He smiled and said “Don’t worry I’ll make sure you get your orgasm even before i enter your pussy”. And with that he sat on the sofa and made me sit on his laps such that my back was towards his chest. He started kissing and licking my neck, biting my ears, sniffing my hair while his hands worked magic on my boobs. He pressed them, fondled them and pinching my nipples. By then i was already moaning loudly. He then pulled one of my arm behind his head and started licking my armpit while his hands went under my legs and pulled them up and wide from each other. This allowed him to spread my legs and his hands to reach my boobs. He kept licking, his hands pressing my boobs and his fingers massaging my nipples rapidly. I moaned louder and louder until i soon had my first orgasm. I was shuddering from that. Then he got up and lifted me, i locked my legs around his waist and he kissed me deeply sucking my tongue while he carried me to his bed. He laid me on the bed and broke the kiss. Our lips had a stream of saliva.
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He slowly went lower kissing and biting every part on the way until he reached my pussy. He ran his thumb along my pussy spreading its lips. A shudder ran through my body. Then his tongue met my clit and i was in heaven. He ate me out passionately and slowly he inserted obe finger continuing licking me. Then he increased the speed and inserted another finger. I was at cloud nine and moaning “Yes yes please don’t stop. I love itt!!” He ate me out for 15 mins. Then it was my turn. I unzipped his pants and let out his bulging, hard dick. I kissed the tip and he let out a soft moan. Then slowly i started taking it more and more inside my mouth. Soon i was sucking his dick like a lollipop. He pulled my hair and got a good grip and started moving my head. I went deeper and deeper and i was deep throating him.