Adventure of A swinging billionaire

Dr. Louis van Haugh rode alone in the backseat of hispersonal limousine. It was nightfall, and he stared outof the window to watch the lights of the big city whizby.
Louis had seen and done quite a bit in his day; he was abit over 50 years of age. He had always been a hardworker, and through his ingenious business strategy, hehad managed to become a millionaire at age 27. He hadreached billionaire status while still in his forties. Hetechnically never had to worry about money ever again,despite his strong appetites for large purchases thatserved to perpetuate a lavish lifestyle.
Under the vast wealth and glamour of Louis’s life,however, there was always a plethora of sexual activity.Louis had always been interested in sex, and his moneyalways attracted the most young, beautiful, and perfectlyfigured women imaginable.
His past encounters had been many, and although he hadbeen in many relationships, Louis had never thought itnecessary or desirable to marry one of these littlevixens. After all, why should he sign a legal contractguaranteeing forfeiture of half of his behemoth empireupon divorce? Besides, women, he noticed, tended to getfatter and older-looking at around age 30 on averageanyway. Why would he want to be committed to a woman,after she became unattractive, if he didn’t have to be?
The lights of the city were becoming much fewer now asLouis’s chauffeur drove out into the countryside. Louiswas on one of his little sexual excursions. He frequentedbrothels, but needed a guarantee of discreteness. On thisevening, however, Louis’s destination was blanketed inmystery. He had never been to this place before, but itcame highly recommended from a few of his closeassociates. Louis stared down at the little strip ofpaper which had the address scribbled on it by MichaelSantiago, his closest friend.

“You’ll never forget this place,” Mike had said. “It’sunlike anything else you have ever experienced.”
“We’ll see, Mike,” Louis asserted to the figment from hispast. Just how great could one place be, anyway? Louisput the paper back in his coat pocket and sat back.
“I guess I’ll see soon enough,” he conceded.
There were no lights now, only dense tree growth as thelimousine continued into the countryside. Only theheadlights of the automobile interrupted the puredarkness of the night.
About 65 miles outside of town, the chauffeur found theturn from the main road that he had been instructed totake. The pathway was a dirt road, of all things, andvery rocky, making the ride was bumpy and offensive. Thedirt path continued for miles, surrounded withoutcessation by trees on both sides.
“Where IS this place?” Louis asked to no one inparticular after the car had deviated about 15 miles fromthe main road.

“I am not certain, sir,” the chauffeur responded anyway.
As if responding to Louis’s question, an enormous gateemerged in front of them. The gate appeared to be made ofheavy metal and was very thick. It was at least 2 feetthick, Louis would have guessed, and 50 feet tall. Eachdoor of the gate was connected to a tower even thickerthan the gate door, and each tower was, in turn,connected to a security wall which appeared to surrounddozens of acres of land.
“They aren’t kidding,” Louis said to himself.
Two guards, dressed in black fatigues and machine guns,occupied a small security booth in front of the hugegate. The limousine pulled up to the booth. One of theofficers stepped up to the automobile asked them abouttheir business. Louis’s chauffeur responded as he hadbeen instructed to by Louis, according to Mike’sinstructions. The first guard nodded at the other, whowas still in the booth, and then there was a low “boom”as the gates started to open slowly.
Once fully open, the chauffeur drove through the gates,with some apprehension. Louis looked back at the gate,which was shutting once again, and noticed that, atopboth gate towers, there were two snipers at high alert,aiming their rifles right down his neck.
Louis turned to face front once again. “What have Igotten myself into this time?” he commented.
Shortly after, the limousine drove up to the mostexquisite mansion Louis had ever seen. It was quite alarge house, even by Louis’s standards. They were greetedby a valet, and Louis stepped outside. He instructed thechauffeur to return for him in the morning, and thelimousine pulled away. Louis walked up to the largeVictorian front door, and knocked.
“Good evening, Dr. van Haugh. Make I take your coat,please?” his greeter asked.
“Certainly, that would be excellent. I trust you’refeeling well, .. er..”
“..Rosco,” the host completed. “I am both your guide andservant tonight, and I am here to make your stay verycomfortable and enjoyable. If your stay at The Voltaireis not a completely astounding experience, then I havenot done my job.”
“I’m glad to hear that, Rosco,” Louis replied. “Thisplace has received extremely high reviews from a few ofmy friends and colleagues.”
“No doubt of that, sir. I assure you that you will findno better quality or opportunity anywhere else in thecountry; perhaps the world.”
“Opportunity?” Louis remarked.
“Indeed, Mr. van Haugh. But we will get to business soonenough. First, enjoy our rare liquors at the tavern, orperhaps something a bit stronger in the back room..? Ajacuzzi is available down the hall, and delicacies arealways being served in the cocktail room located in theEast Wing. Is there anything that you desire right atthis moment, sir?”
“No, nothing at the moment, thank you very much.”
“Then I will take my leave of you for now. You are freeto roam on the bottom floor of our little cottage, butnot upstairs. I will locate you again in a couple ofhours. Have a pleasant evening, Mr. van Haugh,” saidRosco. He then walked toward a door labeled “Coat Check-in” and was gone.
Louis wandered the house from room to room in the nexthalf hour, grabbing some rich cheeses or some gourmetdesserts as he could find them. He also found the bar andpartook in several glasses of wine while talking to theother guests. At a pause in their conversation, thebartender interrupted.
“This is your first time here, I take it, sir?”
“Yes, it is. You wouldn’t believe the pomp andcircumstance my friends allowed when describing thisplace. I’ve never heard them so emphatic. However, theywere a bit scant on the details.”
The bartender couldn’t help a sly smile and added, “Well,let’s just say that you’ll leave tomorrow morning with anempty wallet, but you’ll have bought yourself a kingdomin many different ways.”
Confused, Louis was about to inquire just what thebartender meant by that statement, but instead he figuredthat he would know shortly. He smiled, winked at thebartender, and pointed down at his glass to indicate adesire for a refill. The bartender quickly obliged hisrequest.
After a few games of pool and a couple more truffles,Rosco caught up with Louis in the lounge.
“Ah, Mr. van Haugh. Have you been enjoying yourself sofar tonight?” Rosco queried.
“Yes I have, and I appreciate the hospitality.”
“Are you now ready to discuss more interesting topics?”
“Absolutely,” Louis said.
“Then, please follow me. I will brief you on everythingyou need to know.”
Rosco and Louis began walking slowly down varioushallways of the highly decorated mansion. There must havebeen dozens of hallways, each adorned in countless piecesof fine art, both old and new, arranged to perfection.One wall of a particular hallway was transparentrevealing a huge indoor swimming pool on the other side,brimming with young, vivacious girls of assorted colorsand appearances. A few older men were also in the pool,playing and splashing about with the carefree females.
At that point, Rosco began, “As you have probably heard,Mr. van Haugh, The Voltaire offers a wide variety ofservices to men of an elite and discrete social class.Although the types of services we provide are familiar tomost men, we offer an ensemble of packages which webelieve are unique to the entire country, perhaps theworld.”
Louis listened attentively, intrigued by the formality.
Rosco explained, “We believe that our services, inaddition to being sensitive to governmental and religiousscrutiny, are quite different than anything you mighthave ever seen. We prize our accomplishments at thisestablishment greatly. For these and many other reasons,I must request at this point that, no matter how yourdecisions evolve on this evening, you do not reveal anydetails of what you have seen, heard, or otherwiseexperienced during your stay here. Do you now agree tothis?”
“Certainly, you have my strict confidence,” Louisreturned.
“Very good, then, sir. Before we go any further, I amobliged to inform you of our prices for various services.We do not intend for this to be a deterrent, but it isour policy to ensure that our clients are serious aboutpurchases before any disclosures. The Voltaire, ofcourse, offers standard services which are featured atmost any.. er.. brothel. (We detest the term ‘brothel’;The Voltaire’s services greatly surpass any so-classed‘brothel’ anywhere.) I could offer you the details ofthese standard services, but I suspect that you areinterested in something more.. unique.. on this evening,Mr. van Haugh?”
“Yes, I am. Tell me the most interesting services,please, Rosco.”
“I won’t bother you with the common affairs then, sir.The Voltaire offers several one-of-a-kind services, but Iwill detail to you our most popular one now. The fee forthis most popular service is 1.3 million dollars.”
Louis tried not to wince, and he didn’t. He continued tolook Rosco in the eyes while they walked, and he evenmanaged a nod of the head. How in the hell were theygoing to justify a price that high for *any* service?
Rosco continued, “I take it from your nod that you arewilling to entertain a cost of that magnitude. Wonderful,sir. Let me explain the service. We have a group ofextremely attractive young ladies, ages 15 to 25, whichwe have set aside for this purpose. You will take one ofthese beautiful females tonight, and your intercoursewith her will result in a pregnancy.”
“A pregnancy?!” Louis couldn’t help but retort. “But whatabout..”
“..All will be explained to you in time, Mr. van Haugh.Please be patient. Let me explain what we have done tomake this a perfect experience for all parties. Here isthe key to our proposition: you will not be responsiblefor the child in any sense of the word. You will not haveto care for the child, spend time with it, or in any waysupport the child a single moment after your intercoursewith the young lady is completed. You will not be boundto the woman legally, socially, or, most importantly,financially whatsoever.”
Louis took this in slowly. “Go on,” he requested.
“No one knows that you are here tonight, Mr. van Haugh.Our security team has ensured that fact. To be sure, noone besides us, our clients, and a handful of others evenknows where ‘here’ is. You needn’t worry about privacy.Your lady will not be permitted to see you; you will bewearing a mask when you take her. Further, our lawyershave drawn up paperwork detailing the terms of theagreement which the young lady must sign in order toparticipate. So you see, each young woman is in completeagreement with the terms of this evening. There is a lotof money in it for her and her new child. In fact, mostof your payment is allocated to the new child to ensurethat it is covered for every expense imaginable throughcollege years.”
Rosco continued, “There are also several other layerswhich are in place to protect your ‘investment’. Ourlawyers are very clever. They have devised several waysto render the girl’s testimony inadmissable in courtshould she try to expose either you or The Voltaire. Wehave never had a problem with the women, however, sincetheir portion of the money is distributed on a monthlybasis for many years. This aids their silence greatly.The second largest portion of your payment goes to thelawyers working behind the scenes, for reasons which Itrust you now understand. Finally, if all else shouldfail, we have other means by which we may deal with anuncooperative young lady. But I’m sure it would nevercome to such measures, and again we have never had anyprior problems.”
“Let me explain more of the timeline of our service.After tonight, we will confirm that you have indeed madeyour maiden pregnant, and then we will monitor her forthe duration of her pregnancy. If at any given time inthe pregnancy she has an abortion, or if the pregnancy isnot going well for any other reason, we will pull allfunding from her and demand that she return to try again.She must carry the baby to term. If she refuses toreturn, we will deal with her on a case by case basis,probably taking a financial loss to ensure her silence.Once the baby is born, she will be subsidized each monthwith more than enough money for her and her child forquite a long time.”
“In addition, we are monitoring the reproductive cyclesof each young lady. The small group of young ladies fromwhich you may choose tonight are all ovulating. If, bychance, conception is not attained, then you may return,selecting the same or another girl, to try again at noadditional cost. So, in many ways, the purchase hasmultiple, built-in insurance policies.”
Rosco paused here to check Louis’s expression. Louis waslistening more intently than he needed to, and he wasclearly interested. Rosco was pleased, and continued hisbriefing.
“I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the technicalities ofthis transaction. Perhaps you want to know the answer toanother question: Why would you want to do this? Putsimply, most men would find it thrilling to impregnateone of the world’s most beautiful girls without the worryof having to care for the baby. For other men, the thrillis the feeling of power over the young girl during andafter insemination. Still for others, it is a desire toprocreate without committing time, money, or effort toraising the baby.”
Louis nodded and smiled.
“Finally, for some men, the draw is having the ability tomake a perfect, flat tummy of a gorgeous woman stretchout slowly, but irreversibly, so that her figure is neverquite the same again. We all know that stretch marks,additional weight, a loose vagina, and other wear andtear on a woman’s body almost always follow the birth ofa baby. Some men find it erotic that they can ‘ruin’ atight, thin body in this way. At your request, each weekduring the pregnancy we provide nude photos of the ladyfrom all angles at no additional charge.”
“Let me re-emphasize, Mr. van Haugh, that these ladiesare of the finest quality imaginable. Each has close tozero body fat, and is quite thin but still very curvy.Each has long, inviting legs and a very flat stomach. Thegirls’ breasts are all very firm and erect, and theirfaces are the most beautiful of any on Earth, as with allof our ladies. There are various ethnicities, as well,from which to choose.”
By now, Louis was convinced. In addition, Rosco was readyto conclude.
“So you see, Mr. van Haugh, all arrangements have beenmade for your enjoyment this evening and beyond. Wouldyou like to purchase this package from us at this time?”
“Certainly, I would.”
“Excellent. Then I will begin final preparations. Pleasefollow me.”
Rosco escorted Louis upstairs and into a small room, bidhim farewell for the moment, and left. The locationreminded Louis of a medical examination room: it had abody-length table, sink, swabs, and all sorts of othermedical instruments and devices. Not soon after Rosco hadleft, a male nurse entered the room.
“I’m going to need several samples from you now,” hesaid. “You’re being tested for all sorts of STD’s,including AIDS.”
Louis interrupted, “Rosco didn’t mention..”
“It’s a requirement for this package,” the nurseretorted. “You will have the results for each test withinthe hour.”
It was unexpected and a little bit humiliating, but itdidn’t bother Louis too much.
“I trust that my lady has been tested for all thesediseases as well?” Louis inquired.
“Oh yes, all the ladies have been tested much earliertoday and passed. That is the case with every girl whoworks at The Voltaire, of course you know, sir!”
After Louis’s test results returned and he was determinedclean, Rosco came to pick him up.
“Here, put this on, please, sir,” Rosco said whilehanding him a black Mardi Gras mask which covered hisentire face. “We will now visit the ladies, and you willmake your choice. Tonight, there are seven ladies tochoose from. Follow me.”
Rosco led Louis into another, larger room. It was veryminimalist; three doors on various walls and a largechandelier were the only features of the bright, whiteroom. Louis stood still wearing his suit with theaddition of the mask, and Rosco stood to his left.Momentarily, one of the doors opened, and the ladieswalked in.
Rosco had not been exaggerating; truly these were some ofthe most beautiful women Louis had ever seen. Each wascompletely nude except for a pair of tall stilettos andperhaps an arm or leg bracelet here and there. There weretwo white-skinned girls, one lady of Puerto Ricandescent, one African-American girl, two Asian girls, andone very tanned lady of Swedish descent. The hair of eachwas dressed up to perfection, and except for one of theAsian girls, they all had long hair.
“They’re breathtaking,” Louis uttered.
“Naturally,” Rosco replied. “Would you like to take acloser look at each of them?”
“Of course I would,” Louis responded although he hadalready made his decision. He thought he should try toprolong this as long as possible. He moved to each ladyand inspected them up and down, studying every perfectcurve. When he came to one of the white-skinned girls, hedid not move on. This girl had probably the whitest skinLouis had ever laid eyes on. Her frame was tall andslender. There was not a spot on this girl which wouldhave been deemed even slightly less than beautiful. Herface was soft and young.
“You will be my mistress tonight,” he said to her in alow tone.
The girl couldn’t hold back a slight smile, but stilltried to remain serious and confident though no one hadexplicitly told her to act in any particular way.
“Excellent choice, sir,” Rosco replied. “Thank you,ladies.”
All the ladies but Louis’s choice turned around andmarched out the same door they had entered. The fair-skinned girl catwalked toward the third door and thendisappeared through it.
Rosco led Louis out of the bright room and back into thehallway.
“Right this way, sir,” he beckoned. The pair moved a overa few hallways and entered a small bar. Rosco obliginglymotioned for Louis to have a seat at one of two smallround tables, and Louis sat down.
“Your lady is being prepared, sir. It will be only aboutfifteen minutes more. At this point, I will give you allthe final instructions and information that you need. Youhave all night long with your lady. You may make love toher as many times as you wish, and you may fall asleepwhenever you like. The lady is required to stay with youuntil you leave. You must, however, leave before 11:00A.M. tomorrow morning.”
“The girl you have chosen will arrive in the room afteryou will, and she will be wearing nothing but her highheels. At some point after you two are alone, your ladywill determine that you desire to make love to her. Shehas been instructed to then place a down pillow on themiddle of the bed, sit on the pillow, and then lie backonto the bed. She will then with raise her knees high upin the air and spread her legs out as far as possible.This position is the ideal one for your purposes tonight,sir. This action is, of course, a formality, and if youprefer something different, then the girl needn’t botherwith this ritual. On the other hand, if it appears thatthe girl is reluctant, you can have two of our men enterthe room and discretely hold her knees apart for as longas you desire.”
“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Roscointerjected.
“No, it probably won’t, sir. It has never been necessarybefore. All the towels or toiletries you might needthroughout the night will be provided in your room.However, if you need anything more, simply knock on thedoor and someone will be there to assist you. I believethat is all, Mr. van Haugh. Do you have any questions forme?”
“None that I can think of.”
“Then I will take you to your lady now.”
Louis entered the room dressed as he had been in thebright room, donned with his mask and suit. Rosco lefthim shortly after Louis had deemed the room acceptable.It was rather large for this purpose; the room couldprobably hold five versions of the extravagant, king-sized bed that was placed in the center of the room.
There was a feminine sink on one side of the room and anarmoire on the other. Besides the door Louis had entered,he immediately saw one other to the right of the sink.Louis presumed that this was the door from which the ladywould emerge. Mirrors surrounded the bed on almost allsides, and there were plenty above it on the ceiling. Thetemperature of the room was very warm.
After a little investigating, Louis had found all thetoiletries, towels, and other necessities in one of thedrawers below the sink. He also found switches andcontrols for extra mood lighting behind a curtain on onewall. Louis fumbled around with them until he had low,soft lighting everywhere in the room except on the bed,which was practically spotlighted. There was also a doorto a bathroom hidden behind a dressing partition.
No sooner had Louis sat down on the bed, when he heardthe door near the sink slowly open. He quickly stood upand brushed himself off. His lady walked in, alone, justas he remembered her. She was incredibly stunning. Herlegs seemed extraordinarily long, and she was indeedthin. The girl spotted him and walked over to him on herblack heels. Saying nothing, she looked directly at him.It was immediately obvious that the pretense of theirmeeting in addition to the mystique surrounding Rosco’smask were making the situation awkward for her. However,she soon wrapped her arms around his waist and began tosqueeze the side of his body.
“Wait, uh..” Louis said. “Nobody told me that we are notallowed to talk, so how about we sit down for a bit andchat?”
The girls beautiful face lit up in a smile and sheexclaimed, “Sure!”
They sat down, and looked at each other. Louis spokefirst.
“May I ask your name?” he inquired.
“Yes, sir. I guess so. It’s Vivian.”
“Hi, Vivian. That’s a wonderfully beautiful name.”
“I won’t ask you yours, sir.” she responded with a smirk.
“Of course I cannot tell you that. But a name is just aname, I guess.”
Vivian laughed and replied, “I suppose. I bet your nameis Edward, Jr. or Gregory or something like that.”
Louis smiled. “If you like, you can call me Edward. Thatwould be fine.”
“I think I’ll just stick with ‘sir’,” Vivian offered.
“That would be excellent, too,” Rosco admitted as hefound the thought of her calling him “sir” all nighterotic.
“I bet you’re really rich,” Vivian stated, implying aquestion.
“Mmm.. yes, I would say so, but probably not rich andfamous enough for you to be able to identify me,” Roscoproclaimed.
Vivian smiled widely and looked down. Rosco took a glancedown at her body. Even at this angle, Vivian wasgorgeous. Her body did not show a single bit of unsightlyfat anywhere. Her legs were amazing; she was just an inchshorter than Louis. Her snatch was shaven, and she lookedvery, very clean. Her skin was tight all over her body,and her firm, perky breasts looked like they were achingto be touched and molded. Vivian’s arms, like her legs,were quite long and slender.
“May I ask how old you are?” Louis inquired.
“I’m 19, sir.” Vivian responded.
At 19 years of age, Rosco thought, Vivian was morebeautiful than many of the women he had seen in hisentire life. He couldn’t imagine a more perfect shape, amore lovely face, a more fit body than Vivian’s. TheVoltaire did not disappoint.
“Can I ask you a personal question, Vivian?”
“Sure thing, sir.” she replied.
“Why did you decide to do this?”
Vivian paused, looking down for a moment, then responded,“Well, sir, there are several reasons. I guess the bestone is the all the money. All that money will ensure thatmy baby and I won’t ever have to worry about money atall, and that’s hard thing to turn down. Besides, I’vealways wanted to be a mom. I’ve always been afraid aboutgetting pregnant, though, because the guys I always sleptwith wouldn’t be willing or able to take care of thebaby.”
“I can imagine,” Rosco said, sheepishly.
Vivian nodded and continued, “I’ve had many close calls,too. Missed periods and worries. I don’t want to have togo through that anymore. Plus, I know me. Sooner or laterI’m going to get pregnant anyway, so it might as well bein a very good situation.”
“That makes a lot of sense,” Rosco added. “But Vivian,you’ve got a perfect body that any woman on the planetwould kill for. You know that having a kid will ruin it.”
Vivian looked away and sighed. “I know. I work out allthe time and I try to keep my body in just the rightshape. But I’m eventually going to lose it anyway,because I’ll become an old hag.” She giggled. “So I mightas well make use of it while I can.”
Rosco smiled.
Vivian reached over to Rosco and lightly cupped hismember. “How about I use it one last time tonight? I’llgive it to you. You can do whatever you want with it.”
If Rosco didn’t have a hard-on yet, those wordsguaranteed that his penis was now on active duty. “Soundsgreat to me,” he mumbled.
Vivian unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt. Shepulled his cock out of his boxers with just a bit oftrouble and then began caressing it was the back of herhand.
“How about it, sir? Do you want to give this ‘perfectbody’ one last night of ‘perfect’ pleasure?”
Vivian was turning out to be quite a sex kitten.
“You better believe it,” Rosco replied.
Rosco stood up and pulled his pants and boxers down. Heuntied his shoes and removed them, followed by his socks,pants, and boxers. Vivian squatted down on her highstilettos and put her hand around his cock. She turnedher head to the side and pressed her sexy lips up againstits side. She then began moving her face up and down hismember, and Rosco flung his head back in bliss. She movedto the other side, and then inserted his cock slowly intoher mouth, swallowing it whole.
She began pumping it in and out of her mouth withfascinating rhythm. She was amazing at this. Rosco was inheaven. After a few minutes, Rosco stood her up andpushed her on the bed. Like clockwork, Vivian turned tothe side, grabbed one of the down pillows, and slid itunder her firm ass. She then lifted her legs high in theair with her knees spread far apart, exposing herbeautiful vagina for Louis. Louis thought it would benice to return her favor of oral sex, but he knew that,due to the mask, he couldn’t. Instead, he started tomassage the area below her clit.
Vivian put her hand on his and said, “No, that’s okay,sir. I’m wet already.” Indeed she was, Louis noticed.Quite wet. Either Vivian was extremely sensitive to theslightest sexual stimulation, or she was getting very hotjust thinking about being impregnated. “I want you insideme, please sir. I want you to thrust into me.”
Louis obliged. He settled in between her wide open legsand placed himself at her opening. He pushed inmoderately fast, and with only a few in-out motions, hecould penetrate all the way into her.
“Oh YES!” Vivian screamed. “Yes, that’s it.. Give me yourmanly cock.”
Louis began to pound her at a regular pace. He lookeddown at the gorgeous 19 year old. She was thrashing aboutand contorting in various ways, all of them very sexy toLouis. The girl reached up touched Louis’s chest, and hein turn grabbed her breasts and fondled them. She reallyenjoyed that, and pulled his backside in toward herpelvis more.
“Yes, yes.. Fuck me. Fuck me! Oh god, you’re going to getme pregnant! Oh yes, yes..” Vivian was already poundingat Louis’s pelvis furiously. Could it be that she foundthis situation even more erotic than he did? No, surelythat wasn’t possible.
Louis was having the time of his life. This perfect girlwas about to get it. She was going to get pregnant, andthere was nothing she could do to stop it now. He beganpounding at her at a rapid pace, and was rewarded withlouder screams and pants from Vivian. Louis looked downat her flat torso and imagined his seed ballooning outthat tight tummy until the stretch marks ruined her lookforever. His sperm was going to ruin this girl. “You wantmy cum, huh, baby? You want it inside you?”
“YES! YES!! OH GOD PLEASE!! PLEASE SHOOT A BABY UP INTOME!!” Vivian screamed as she felt her orgasm about toovertake her. She then came, and Louis could feel hervaginal walls contract all around him as she continued tosqueal in ecstasy. Louis could feel his own orgasmmounting.
Just for fun, he said, “But Vivian, your hot little bodywill be ruined if I squirt up into you. Are you sure youwant my cum?”
Louis’s penetrations became increasingly violent, and hecould feel the tip of his penis hitting up against herwomb with every push inward. He couldn’t hold it anylonger. He wanted to impregnate this girl.
“AHHH AHAH YES, VIVIAN!! AHHHH!” he yelled withsatisfaction. He came in her squirt after squirt, coatingher insides. When he was finished, he collapsed on top ofher, and hugged her tightly.
The couple had sex 3 times that night, and they didn’tget much sleep. Louis awoke at 9:00 A.M. and dressedhimself, the mask still on his head. When he was about toleave, he walked back over to Vivian, who was stillasleep. He lifted up his mask and gave her a wet kiss onher leg, then one on her temple.
“Good luck, Vivian,” he whispered.
Louis caught a late morning brunch, and then left around10:30 A.M. His chauffeur inquired as to how his nightwent, and Louis replied, “I’ll never forget it, myfriend.”
It turned out that Louis didn’t have to make any returnvisits to The Voltaire to ensure Vivian’s conception;Vivian turned out to be pregnant from their activities onthat one night. Louis had opted to receive thephotographs of Vivian each month as the baby stretchedout her tummy. He couldn’t wait for the first set toarrive.
Louis’s friends had been right about The Voltaire. Itturns out that Mike had purchased the “most popularpackage” 3 times already. So there were 3 ladies outthere somewhere who were either pregnant with, orraising, his child, and there was no way they could findhim or even begin to suspect who he was. What a service!
Louis would definitely return to The Voltaire at a laterdate. He was seriously thinking about purchasing the sameservice all over again. Who knew what other services theVoltaire offered, or what other surprises might bewaiting for him there?