My friends lusted with my mom – Part 1

Hi this is ajay im from chennai. This story happened when i am in +1 now about my mom she was 40 when I am inter but she looks like 34 I love my mom very much as she loves me too when I am in hostel I called her daily she came every weekend because of me she always wears sarees. my friends always watch porn in their mobiles and discuss about them
one day my mom came to my clg to see me that day mom dressed well that afternoon came to my room she told she want to freshup I said ok my friends came.then my mom came out water fallen some on her saree my friends started starring at her then after some time she left that day night my friends we’re talking about my mom friend1 man she is hot man friend2 her boobs are huge I feel like I want to press friend1 she will come nxt sunday we will see her after listening about my mom mine became hard then I masturbated and slept nxt as usual my mom came this in black saree her petticoat completely visible by seeing that mine hard on completely then we both went to mess all were starring us she curd rice she told I am sleepy so we went to my room my friends already waiting for her she came then my friends rubbing by seeing my mom then I told to sleep my mom slept on my bed I told my friend and mom that my stomach upset so went to bathroom but won’t I am seeing them after few minutes friend1 gave cunning smile to friend2 then both gone near mom then check whether slep or not they comformed by talking loudly friend1 jumped on the bed then friend2 took mom saree out he opened her blouse friend1 placed mobile to capture now he lifted her saree up then both removed their harden rod out friend 1 started rubbing at her pussy friend2 opened her inner kept in his mouth and started licking then
I made some sounds from bathroom I signed that I coming out friend one removed and took he panty and kept in his bag friend to started maturbating and pour on her boobs then they went out because bell rang I came out and locked my room ward taught all went then I came to mom and set her saree properly then she woked up and she went bathroom she taught something happened in her mind she told bye for me then she went
Nxt home sick holidays announced they again waiting for chance stay tuned for part-2