Mom’s friend uses me

She gripped it with all her strength and told me,”I’m going to give you a good time…” in a very slutty way and started giving me a boobjob

She teased the tip of my penis with her tongue could feel the tenderness of her firm and massively huge breasts,

She tightly pressed her boobs together and moved them as fast as she could, squeezing my dick

I got so aroused that I felt I was about to climax and I shouted “Ahhhh Lisa I’m gonna cum” and I started to shoot cum everywhere even till the wall and cupboards behind but mostly on her chest.

She then took a dab of my cum from her breasts using her fingers and swallowed it delightfully,

It seems as if though she had never got to taste semen in a long time…

She jokingly told me “I love the taste of your hot & sweet juice, have you been drinking pineapple juice lately?” I just giggled and nodded my head

She added “Is that it? I thought we could have some more fun, shall we?”

The first thought after hearing that was ‘I just fucking came all over your chest, how on earth will I be able to get hard right after.?!?’

I directly told her “I had just cum I don’t think I’ll be able to get hard”

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But she gripped my dick and started stroking it in a ferocious manner, I remember the words coming out from me were “What the fuck are you doing!?” My dick felt so sore and it was painful.

She silently grasped my cock using both hands she furiously stroked my cock, I felt so uncomfortable.

Then she erotically told me in a steamy tone,“I’m gonna make your cock rock hard till your veins pop..!” (Yeah my dick was a bit ‘veiny’)

As I was still very sensitive but to my amazement, I still got an erection not that hard though   She laughed,“There you go!” and she exclaimed, “You are such a stud young man..!” She later turned back, bent over and spread her pussy right in front of me and told me “You can do whatever you want with it, don’t be shy” *giggles* I too then giggled and responded with an ‘okay’

I thought of directly plowing her but then I just wanted to have fun, so I started off by spreading her pussy lips apart.

I still continued to stroke my dick just so that by any chance I won’t go limp and I inserted my tongue deep inside her and I rapidly tongue fucked her the best way I could,

She moaned and her moans were so hot and sexy, she gave a loud moan and told me “Mmm yes that feels so good oh yess right there”

I inserted my index finger and started to finger her, after sometime I immediately inserted both my index and middle finger and worked my fingers in and out of her very roughly and quickly..!

I twisted my wrists while doing so and she just grabbed my hand and she came, she fucking came while I was fingering her, that made me feel so good.

She shouted “Oh my god, Jayson I’ve never cum that hard in my entire life!”

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She passionately begged me,“Please, please Jayson fornicate me..! Bust in my tight pussy with that hard cock of yours!?”

After a few minutes I stopped and told her, ” I’m gonna insert my cock inside your pussy Kay” and at that moment,

She said to me in sensual tone, “I have wanted you to be inside me for so long, I have always thought of you fucking me in every way possible”

She then exclaimed, ”Please … Give it to me..!”   I was stunned for a second, hearing all that but then I shook my mind off it and I asked her “But we’re not using protection, is that alright?”

Cause I didn’t have a condom she responded “Jayson you’ve got nothing to worry about, just stick your dick inside me, give me all you got”

Even though I was still a little bit worried, I became oblivious knowing that she’s a middle aged woman who knows what to do

I pushed her vagina apart with my fingers and gently inserted my cock inside her and then my penis entered her vagina,

She was unbelievably tight I couldn’t even shove my whole dick quickly all at once inside her because of her tightness I had to go slow, I lustfully asked her “How can you be so tight?”

However she didn’t reply all she did was moan. I began plowing her and I could feel my dick throbbing inside her, it felt like silk it was amazing.

My dick got harder with each stroke, I could literally feel my cock expanding inside her and stretching her mature yet close fitted pussy.

I began to thrust harder and harder each time and I felt my cock poking her cervix which felt great, she was having a good time herself.

I then pulled out my dick and just ram it up her pussy and ferociously thrust her will all my strength and stamina and fucked her as fast as I could, even though my dick was still sore it was a bit uncomfortable but it felt amazing and pleasuring.

She then shouted “Ohh fuck! Even my husband is not as good as you… You’re better than him..!” She exclaimed “Aaaaahhh! A young 18 year old stud..!”

While fucking her I even tried to insert a finger or two inside her but that was not possible because she was too tight.

She then told me “Stop, let’s change position, let’s go to the kitchen” I replied “Are you crazy!? What if somebody sees us? Or worse my mom catches us?”

She just replied “No one will see us let’s go, this room is too small anyways” I hesitatingly agreed and went to the kitchen with her

She then jumped on the counter with her pussy facing me, she then held my cock and guided it to enter her tight pussy,

I could feel my dick sliding inside her vagina and I felt her warmness and how firmly her pussy was grasping my cock, the sensations were great.

After a few minutes I asked her “How about you sit on the chair?” to which she agreed as she sat there,

I grabbed her boobs and gently pinched her nipples and this gave her great pleasure, I could tell by her facial expressions and the way she was moaning

That position gave me control so I vigorously started pumping her with all the energy I have left and fucked her in the roughest way possible, in and out of her pulsating pussy

At that moment she widely just opened her eyes and shouted,”Ohh fuck, If you keep fucking me like this.. I’m gonna go insane..!”

After just a few minutes I could feel the tension building up in my balls, I quickly thrusted her as fast as I could and I felt her vagina clenching my cock…

As I was quickly pumping her I could fell the tension building up in my balls and I swiftly withdraw my cock from inside her

I insanely shouted at her, at the top of my voice and announced,“Oh my fucking god I’m gonna cum..!” in a wild manner

And before I could even stroke my cock I squirted spurts of cum all over her and gave a loud moan, I had literally drained her with my cum

I was just as surprised as she was.

She told me “Wow that was fucking amazing and so so hot, I didn’t expect that at all..! You’re quite impressive” I replied “Well I sure am impressive haha” *giggles*

After that she suddenly had a gloomy look on her face and she told me how guilty she felt, because of how young I am and how close she and my mom are…

She also added that her husband wouldn’t satisfy her in bed and that they were also having relationship problems,

I then tried to cheer her up saying that we’re humans we all have our downfalls and I jokingly told her that I’m going to be eighteen in the next two months and she laughed.

She then told me “We should do this again sometime okay” and I smirked and replied “Yes sure, why not” but we kept that secret only between us.

Later my mom returned home and the party started but my balls were aching like hell and I felt like going nuts like literally lol but after sometime it subsided.