Father in law uses me

How it starts:
When it first started it was johns Dad making comments when he thought no-one else could hear him or when no-one but him and I were in the room. We were living at the apartments with johns parents. When we first started living with them john and his mom both worked. It was durning the first summer after john and I had moved in together. His Dad was pretty much always home because he didn’t really work.
It was particularly hot that summer so I wore shorts most of the time. He would walk by and tell me my shorts looked good or they were just short enough he could almost see my ass. I slept in a short cotton gown every night.
One morning after john and his parents had left for work I went back to bed. I woke up because I had heard the door. I laid there for a few minutes but heard nothing else so I rolled on to my side and went back to sleep. After a while I thought I heard our door open but didn’t feel john get back in bed so I went right back to sleep. A few minutes later I felt a hand slowly moving the sheet off me then reaching down and rubbing around my hip and down onto my ass cheek, inner thigh and pussy outside of my panties. I thought it was john so I didn’t move away.I laid there and acted like I was still asleep even when he slowly and gently pulled my panties to the side so he could get his fingers inside my panties. he rubbed his fingers between my lips and played with my pussy he flicked my clit between two fingers.I started to move he quickly removed his hand and As I turned on to my back still pretending to be asleep he waited till i settled down into the bed and he waited for a moment. After i stayed still for a few minutes he slid his hand back into my panties and resumed running his fingers between my lips.
As I began getting wet he pushed his fingers just in between my lips. At first it was just the tip of his finger. But before long his finger was inside of my now wet pussy. he started fingering me slow and easy at first I felt a thump against the side of the bed. He began fingering me faster and again a couple of thumps on the side of our bed. He’s fingering me faster and harder while also massaging my clit with his thumb. At this point the force of him fingering me intensifies and the side of the bed is moving. It was then I realized he had pulled his pants down and was jacking off while fingering me.
I could feel his heavy breathe on me as he quietly panted. I heard him grunt and groan as he was ready to cum. As he came he lost his ability to finger me. he pulled his hand out of my panties and sat back before getting up.He then stood and left the room.
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A few days later he walked by and whispered I am pretty sure you were awake.Next time don’t sleep in panties. I just looked at him like I didn’t know what he was talking about and he kept walking.
It had been a couple weeks of johns Dad making comments and bumping into to me “by accident” to coop a feel. I would tell him to stop touching me and leave me alone. After he had lost his job i knew he would be staying home all day.Wasnt sure what to expect now soThe next day after john and his mom had left for work I was going to lay back down before my grandmother came to pick me up for the day he came out of their room. He walked by and grabbed my ass and I slapped his hand. He said awe don’t be like that no one else is here. I said doesn’t mean you can just touch me. He said didn’t seem to bother you last time.Dont know what you are talking about so leave me alone.As I went into our room he turned and watched me walk in and close the door. I woke up to him standing beside our bed staring at me. As I went to sit up and ask him what he wanted he reached out and stop me from sitting up.I told him I was trying to take a nap before my granny got there.He said well guess we better get busy. No you need to get out of here and leave me alone. He ignored meHe then reached down and started rubbing on my pussy outside my panties. I went to push his hand away and tell him to go away he stopped me with his other hand. He then put his hands on both sides of my hips and started trying to pull my panties down.I told him to stop and tried pushing him back away from me, he said don’t fight we have limited time remember. He pushed me back down placing his hand on my throat and squeezed choking me.I said dont fight me and lay still. As he started pulling my panties back down he got them down to my thighs he resumed rubbing and massaging my clit. He reached up to his mouth and put one finger in his mouth got it wet and returned it to my pussy. He rubbed it from my clit down to my pussy lips.
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He played with my pussy for a little bit before parting my lips just enough to push the tip of his finger in between my lips flicking it quickly up and down. He pulled his finger back out and with both hands he unbuttoned his pants.I asked what are you doing. He said just going to play with myself while I pleasure you. As he unzipped and removed his cock from his pants I remember thinking why the heck does it look so purple and not pink. He had a small tear shaped head, his shaft got thicker as it went down to the base.He caught me looking and said you want to see it as he turned. It was about maybe 7.5 inches with foreskin. He said you want a closer look and I said no.
he shrugged and turned back towards me. He stepped closer and began playing with my pussy again while he played with himself. He rubbed my clit for getting his finger wet again and putting it back down on my pussy. He rubbed it around and down my lips parting them a little bit. Flicking up and down and slightly in and out. As I began getting wet he inserted his finger inside my wet pussy. He said wish this was something else inside you then just my finger.He started fingering me harder and faster. As his fingering quickened so did him jacking off. After a few minutes of intensely forceful fingering me. his hips started thrusting back and forth his hard cock in and out of his hand. He lost his grip a couple times but just picked back up with his motion without stopping. He pumped his finger in and out of me faster and faster making me climax.Took you long enough he said. His hand now resting on top my pussy mound as he darted his finger inside of me.This is taking to long he said. He pulled my panties completely off me and started pulling my legs apart as he started getting on the bed between my legs.I said i dont think so your not fucking me.I tried to move back and sit up. He slaps me hard saying i told you dont try and fight me we dont have much time remember.My cheek burned from his slap. He gets between my legs starts rubbing his cock head up and down my lips. He Pushes inside me and then ramming his entire length inside me in one thrust. I screamed out for him to stop as he starts pumping his cock faster and harder in to me. He is grunting and groaning and kissing my neck.I could tell he was getting close to cumming as he tensed up, i could feel his cock swelling and jerking. He quickly jumps up pulling his cock out He let out a loud deep moan as he came and it landed on my pussy and stomach.As he reached down and grabbed his pants he said i knew you were going to have a tight pussy next time dont fight me you will enjoy it more or just pretend your asleep. Guess you should get ready to go now sure was fun.
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Its been about a month since johns dad forced him self on me. The comments nor the reaching out and touching me have stopped. He had been working up until this morning. It was raining and so he couldn’t paint that day and maybe not the next.
He came in the room as I was trying to change i was standing there in just my panties and covered my self with my gown.I told him to go away I had to get ready to go.That as soon as u got home we were going to see my granny and you would be here with in 30 minutes.He said well good then we have some time.As he walked towards me instarted stepping backwards. . He started unbuttoning and unzipping his pants letting them drop down to the floor.His cock semi hard already. One of two ways this is going to happen. Enjoyable or painful your choice.I will tell john what your doing. He laughed and said go ahead john is very jealous and you know he gets mad easy, what do you think he will do when i tell him you flirted and teased me to get me to do you.I knew he was right about john and wondered what i should do. I didnt want to go back to my parents and i didnt want john to break up with me.I said just hurry up and do what you are going to do.He turns me around and bends me over pulling my panties off.He stepped closer and took his cock and lifted it up along my pussy. He began moving back and forth rubbing his throbbing cock against my pussy.
He didn’t try to put it in he just rubbed his cock franticly against my pussy till i got wet His hand gripping tighter on his cock he pushes the head in and pulls it out then back in several times, with each thrust he pushed in alittle deeper. I couldnt help it and came around his cock.
Dam girl you have some really tight pussy im going to enjoy stretching your pussy. He slaps my ass as he fucks me before grabbing my hips and pulling me back to meet his thrust forward His heavy thick breathe getting more labored with every movement. His cock jerking and pulsing as he reached the point he was ready to come. He stepped back pulling out and pumped his hand on his cock couple more times before cumming on my ass.At which point he pulled up his pants and left the room.
The next day he was home again because of the rain. I had been gone with my grandmother till just after lunch that day. When I got home I went to the room and came out to sit and watch tv. It wasnt long before he came walking thru.
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He said o good your home. I’m horny you have to help. I said I’m really tired and just want to relax and watch tv so leave me alone. He said just think how much more relaxed you’ll be when we’re done and I go and take a nap. He said I’d sure hate to have to keep on and someone get home and catch us.
He stepped closer to the couch and pushed me back on it. He reached down and unbuttoned and zipped my pants pulling them down, I lifted my ass as he pulled them off me. As he went to sit down beside me he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He started playing with my pussy while playing with his semi hard dick. As his cock hardened he leaned down and said let me help you get wet. He has me turn on the couch and spread my legs.He then buried his head into my pussy licking and sucking on my lips before twirling his tongue around my clit. He licked up my lips and on to my clit before sucking and biting my clit. He darted his tongue inside my pussy while sucking my lips i climaxed. As he ate my pussy he masturbated. After eating my pussy for a few minutes he sat back and told me it was my turn to help him get off. I lifted my hand intending to grab his now fully erect cock. But instead he grabbed my hair pulling me forward. As I sat up and got up on knees his started jerking his cock in front of my face.He told me to open my mouth and put it on his dick.When I didn’t he reached down behind my head and pulled it closer telling me to open my mouth. I said no and he said do it I would hate anyone to know what we’ve been doing while their not here.With that he pushed his way into my mouth and began fucking my mouth. His dick tasted nasty in my mouth. It was thin around so I could feel the veins in it. I stopped him and said do not cum in my mouth.He just pushed my hand away and continued what he was doing. The more he pumped the faster the thrust got. It only took a couple minutes before he was ready to cum. I could feel it throbbing and jerking in my mouth. He was thrusting and pumping so fast I thought I was gonna throw up. As I knew he was about to cum I tried to stop him but he just gripped my head harder and came in my mouth i gagged almost threw upI ran and spit it out then raised my mouth brushing my teeth. He walked by the bathroom on his way to their room and I told him that was bullshit and fucked up. He just smiled and kept walking closing their door behind him.
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A week or two later I had gotten up that morning and went to take a shower. As I stepped out of the shower to dry off he opened the bathroom door watching me dry off. He made some comment about me having a hot little body and a nice ass. I told him to go away.I wrapped my towel around me and went to my room to get dressed. I heard the door open and his footstep as he walked in. he stepped behind me turning me towards him.He told me to get on my knees. As I went to argue with him he placed one hand on each of my shoulders pushing me down onto my knees.
He unbuttoned his pants and pulling his cock out. as he gripped his cock he pushed it into my mouth. He began pumping inside my mouth telling me to suck. He told me how good my hot mouth felt around his hard throbbing cock. And how he just wanted to fuck my mouth. He thrusted his hips back and forth hard and fast. He kept pumping for a few minutes moaning and breathing hard before stopping and removing his cock from my mouth. He stepped back telling me to get up on the bed and lay back.I got up on the bed he lifted my legs parting them. He put a foot on each shoulder before burying his face in my pussy.He started sucking my clit twirling his tongue up down around my clit and down my lips. As he went down on me he started jacking off. As he fiercely ate my pussy he pleasured himself. Within a few minutes we were both on edge of cumming. As I came I felt him move grabbing something from the floor. He sat back pumped again and came in a shirt.
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It’s been a week or two since oral escapade. I had been out doing laundry and he came home from work early. John and his mom were still at work. I had went and put on shorts and headed to the kitchen to cook. I was in kitchen by the sink washing and peeling potatoes when he comes up behind me. He reached down in front of me and started playing with my pussy. He pressed his hard cock up against my ass rubbing it around. I tried to push him off telling him no that I had to do dinner that y’all would be home soon.He told me to give him what he wants or you will find out what we had already done. He said you know how John is going to act when he finds out. We only have time for a quickie.He pushes harder against me rubbing harder and faster on my pussy. He reaches around me, unbuttoning my shorts and pulling my shorts and panties down. I feel him reach behind me and pull out is dick. The next thing I know he leans me forward farther and I feel him push his cock inside of me. If hurt as I wasn’t wet. He began pushing inside of me harder. He pushed against me and inside me harder and faster. Banging me into the cabinet and sink time after time over and over. Until he was almost ready to come.I could feel him swelling inside of me and told him not to come inside me. He pumped a couple more times crouching over me harder he pushes in as deep as he can pulling me back into him, his cock head swells and jerks and i feel his hot cum shoot into me grunting. He handed me a towel telling me I better clean up and get dinner finished before y’all get home. As I go to step away to leave the kitchen he zips back up and goes to the living room.
Couple days later i told john my granny wanted us to come stay with her that she needed my help