Shared Wife

To give you a background there are these advertisements which come out in the tabloids of dailies in mumbai. Cannot name the same for obvious reasons. It is meant for couples to come together to have a rollicking times.
I am Ria, around 40 years in age. My husband is about a year older and well built and energetic. We read this ad once which spoke of spending 5000 dollars for a mind blowing friendship tour of couples to Maldives.
It sounded good and we went to the office in Nariman point where we had photos taken and were told that once we got to Maldives we would be introduced to five other couples and then the fun would start. The rules were laid down that we had to follow what was told to us and not to share anything with the spouse. That sounded nice as I always like to surprise my husband Amit. They have us the dress code to wear on once we reached the hotel.
Once at the airport we were taken to Rhodes island, again I cannot spell out the exact name as it will create problems for the organizers. At lunch time we were introduced to the other five couples. Amit was in tight shorts without a shirt and I had on tight shorts with a tight shirt tucked under. The other five couples also looked handsome and we spoke and had our lunch. After that we had to go to our rooms which was indicated on slips given to us. Amit kissed me goodbye and pressed my ass and said, just wait for me to visit your cunt tonight.
From here on it is my story. I drove to this room away and no one was around. I entered the room which was well done up and read the slips kept there. The room was well provided and the action started at eight. There were some packages there which had some sex toys and I was told to wear on this slutty dress. My tits bulged out and the lower part had my pussy exposed through the slut hole.
The next slip to be rated asked me to put on the TV and the channels had changed. There was a movie beginning and it was one of those hard core fuck movies. It went on for one hour and I was told through the slips to watch the whole movie. There was a girl being fucked by five persons and I could feel myself coming and out my fingers in my cunt to take out the juices and was licking the. At nine the movie ended and the message came saying that dinner would be served. The bell rang and as I opened it, there was this huge stud standing with the cart if food and wine. He was one of those couples and he came in. I was just staring at his cock bulge in his tight nylon shorts. I hoped he would leave and Amit would come. But he closed and locked the door and said, baby I am your surprise. So saying he took my hand and led me to the sofa set. We had some wine and sherry and enjoyed a tour course meal. He kept staring at me and asked me to serve the food and I could see him enjoying my almost bare ass.
As we finished he came from behind and started necking me and ran his hands on my body. It felt nice and the liquor played its part. Soon we were kissing on the lips and his hands ran over my tits and took one out and then kissed it. He took my hand and placed it on his shorts and I could feel his rock hard cock. As we kissed he took my hands behind and suddenly clasped them I was stunned as he locked my hands. Now we will have some great fun he said and he made me go on my knees. He asked me to suck his cock in his shorts and I started to do so. His cock tingled and I could make out he had out something on it. He asked me to remove his shorts with my teeth which I did with some trouble. Out sprung his giant cock which could be ten inches long. He made me stand up and then took a whip from one of the packets and said, now let me give you a spanking. So saying he hit my ass hard. It was painful and I almost cried. He said, now this is the beginning and get ready for some more erotic pain. So saying he made me lie down on the bed and undid the clasp only to toe my hands on the bed post. He spread my legs and clasped them. I was in tears but could do nothing as I could feel the organs coming. He started kissing me from top to bottom and turned around and put his cock in my mouth and told me that I should keep licking the tip of hi sock while he licked my cunt. When I stopped as I was horrified, he spanked me on my tit. After fucking my mouth he got up and took out a razor blade. I froze. He asked if I was ever raped and I said no. He said then that this will be my first. So saying he unclasped me and went for a drink. I took this chance to run away and this is what he wanted, he had locked the room and then went after me with the knife saying that I will pay the price. He caught up and slapped me hard. He held back my hands and with the knife cut my bra. He sucked hard on my boobs and bit my nipples. Next he threw me on the carpet and was over me. He took the knife and slit my panty. Holding the blade in one hand and grasping my hands behind, he thrust his huge fucking cock in my cunt and kept ramming hard. Soon he released me and started kissing me hard saying that I hope I was having fun. I was actulLy enjoying it. Soon he got up and clasped my hair and then emptied his cock into my mouth. He pushed me back and asked me to swallow his cum. After that he kissed me gently and said that this was the game he had to play. We slept in each other’s arms and in the night I kept stroking his cock till it became big and then he rammed inside my cunt again and had his cum inside me.
In the Morning he was gone and I had the beach house to myself. No one came and I just kept thinking of the previous night. In the evening again I was asked to watch the movie on TV. This was crazy. It had Amit fucking one of the wives of the other men and doing the same thing. He was enjoying fucking the lady calling her bitch and making her drink his cum. I was spell bound and suddenly the door opened and another stud came in. I was in tight blue shorts that just covered my crotch and he came in his briefs. His cock was jutting from the side and he held me and took me to bed and started fucking me right away. He tore open my shorts first and then thrust his hand in my cunt. It hurt and he did not stop. He put his cock in my mouth and came inside. Next he ripped my top and crushed my boobs. As he kept fucking me in my cunt another husband turned up and took out his cock and kept fucking me in the mouth. As I was overwhelmed with these two cocks, Amit came with one of the other girls completely naked and he kept telling the other two to fuck me like mad. His girl made him sit down and she tied his hands. What happened next was amazing. The first man came in my mouth and told me not to drink his cum but to put it in Amit’s mouth. I did it dutifully and the second one fucked me in my cunt and spurted inside. As I lay down, they released Amit and asked him to lick me clean. He did so and after that all three pounced on the other chic and fucked her like animals.
This is the first orgy that I have been a part of , and believe me it is worth indulging in once in a while. Amit and I decided to do it again.