Expanded Job Duties for Elizabeth

Elizabeth worked as a secretary for Nelson industriesfor the same boss for two or three years. Recently, theboard of directors made sweeping changes in theirmanagement and Elizabeth found herself with a new boss.
Elizabeth’s new boss was a very large black man, veryintelligent, and very attractive. Although Elizabethwas happily married, sometimes when she saw her newboss, Mr. Edwards, Elizabeth fantasized about sex withsuch a man.
During these periods of fantasy, Elizabeth did notunderstand the feelings that would come over her. Shecould feel her nipples hardening and wetness betweenher legs. This was not in character for Elizabeth.Elizabeth had been married to John for the past fifteenyears. They had three lovely children together. Afterher third child, Elizabeth worked very hard to get her5-foot, 4-inch body back into shape.
With 34C breasts, shoulder length blonde hair, and blueeyes, Elizabeth was a very attractive thirty-six yearold Mother. Elizabeth had never been unfaithful toJohn, never even considered it. She performed herdutifully as a wife, having sex about twice a month.
Sex with John was always the same. John would kiss her,massage her breasts, and then crawl on top of her.Sometimes Elizabeth would experience orgasms, but moretimes than not Elizabeth was left wanting more, but notknow what, or how to ask. So after the third child wasin school, Elizabeth went to work with Nelsonindustries. Now working for Mr. Edwards, Elizabethfound herself sexually aroused for another man, a blackman at that, for the first time in the fifteen years ofmarriage to John.

One morning after a particularly poor sexual encounterwith John, Elizabeth decided that she wanted more. Shedecided that somehow she would have to get Mr. Edwardsto notice her, and then seduce her. Elizabethrationalized that is she was seduced, then it would notbe entirely of her own free will and that made italright. That morning, Elizabeth dressed moreprovocatively that usual. She wore a bra that was alittle small so that the milky whiteness of the tops ofher breasts pushed out. Elizabeth chose a blouse withbuttons so that she could control how much of herbreasts Mr. Edwards would be able to see.
Finally, Elizabeth found an a-line skirt that was aboutsix inches above her knees. The skirt was dark blue andhad always accented Elizabeth’s shapely legs, thighs,and hips. Elizabeth finished dressing by slipping herfeet into the highest heeled shoes she had in herwardrobe.
Biting her lip as she pulled on cotton white panties,Elizabeth realized that if she were going to besuccessful at the seduction, she would have to buy somenew things. Satisfied with her appearance, Elizabethleft for work, kissing John quickly and agreeing tomeet him at her office for lunch.
As soon as Elizabeth arrived at her desk she put herplan into motion. Each time Mr. Edwards called her intohis office; Elizabeth undid two buttons giving him aclear view of her breasts. When she sat down, she wouldpart her legs slightly. In one encounter, Elizabeth wassure she caught Mr. Edwards peering up her skirt. Afterthat encounter, her breasts ached to be touched. But,it was about thirty minutes before lunch and Mr.Edwards gave no other indication of any real interestin Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was trying to get a document completed beforelunch when Mr. Edwards asked her to come to his officeagain. Elizabeth undid the buttons, went straightinside. As she went through the door this time, Mr.Edwards asked her to shut the door. Elizabeth, unaware,shut the door and sat down, leaving her legs slightlyparted.
“Elizabeth, I have noticed your… assets… shall Isay, and I was wondering if you would like to show memore,” Mr. Edwards started as he sat down behind hisdesk. Just before he sat down, Elizabeth saw theenormous bugle behind the zipper of his pants. Shethought she knew exactly what Mr. Edwards wanted and totest her assumption, Elizabeth parted her legs a littlemore.

“No Elizabeth, I mean I want to really see your assets,come here in front of me,” Mr. Edwards commanded.
Robotically, Elizabeth stood up and came behind thedesk where Mr. Edwards sat. Mr. Edwards took her padand pen from her hands and placed them on the desk.Elizabeth felt him reach around behind her and grab thecheeks of her ass and squeeze. Elizabeth felt herrespirations increase at his touch.
“There are lots of other ‘duties’ you could perform forme and others in this organization for a little extracash if you’re interested,” Mr. Edwards offered. BeforeElizabeth could answer, she felt Mr. Edwards’s hands atthe hem of her skirt pushing it upward until the white“V” of her panties showed. Elizabeth felt chill bumpson her arms, but stood still and did not answer.
“I will assume your silence is your answer,” Mr.Edwards said and hooked his thumbs in the waistband ofElizabeth’s panties and slowly lowered them over herhips, down to her knees and around her ankles.Elizabeth stepped out of her panties.
Mr. Edwards picked them up and placed them against hisnose inhaling Elizabeth’s aroma. “The moisture and odorof these panties tells me what you want.”
Mr. Edwards opened the bottom drawer of his desk anddropped Elizabeth’s panties inside. Elizabeth still didnot speak. She felt Mr. Edwards hands on the inside ofeach of her thighs, forcing her legs open.
Elizabeth spread her legs for Mr. Edwards. When herskirt bunched around her waist and legs spread, Mr.Edwards face was eye level with Elizabeth’s exposedcunt. She gasped as she felt Mr. Edwards insert onefinger into her wet hole then rub the wet finger acrossher erect clit. A slight moan escaped Elizabeth’s lipswhen Mr. Edwards inserted a second finger and began tofinger-fuck Elizabeth.
“Very nice, your pussy is nice, warm, and wet, just theway it should be,” Mr. Edwards commented. With his freehand, Mr. Edwards unzipped his pants and pulled hiscock out.
Elizabeth looked down and was amazed and how thick itwas. John’s cock was maybe six inches. Mr. Edwards’scock was twice that long and at least three inchesthick. Elizabeth felt the flood of juices cover Mr.Edwards’s fingers as she experienced a mini-orgasm.
Mr. Edwards removed his fingers and stood up in frontof Elizabeth. He went behind her and pushed her to bendover. Elizabeth bent at the waist and put her hands,palms flat, in the seat of Mr. Edwards’s chair. Shejumped she felt the tip of Mr. Edwards’s cock and theentrance to her cunt.
Mr. Edwards took Elizabeth’s hips in his hands andpulled her toward him driving about half his fat cockinto her cunt. Elizabeth moaned and rotated her hipstrying to adjust to the size of the dick inside her.Mr. Edwards waited a moment for Elizabeth toaccommodate him, then shoved the remaining portion ofhis cock into her cunt. Once buried inside her, Mr.Edwards just stopped.
“Please,” Elizabeth begged.
“No, you work for me,” Mr. Edwards ordered, “you wantto be fucked then I suggest you start working.”
At first confused, Elizabeth just shifted her weightfrom foot to foot. Mr. Edwards then took her hips andstarted rocking her on and off his cock, then stopped.Elizabeth understood and started pulling her hipsforward and slamming them back against Mr. Edwardswhile he stood motionless. Elizabeth was basicallyfucking herself on Mr. Edwards’s cock rocking back andforth on her heels and keeping her balance with herhands in the chair.
Just as Elizabeth started to increase her pace, therewas a knock on Mr. Edwards’s door. Elizabeth froze.
“No one told you to stop, keep working,” Mr. Edwardscommanded. “What is it, we are in conference,” Mr.Edwards yelled at the door.
Elizabeth was now working her hips back and forth hard.The enormity of Mr. Edwards’s cock totally filled hercunt and felt wonderful. She was a bit nervous that theperson on the other side of the door would hear her.
“Elizabeth’s husband is here for lunch,” the othersecretary stated through the door.
“Have him wait, she’ll be out in a moment,” Mr. Edwardsreplied. “Better hurry if you want lunch,” he said toElizabeth.
Elizabeth now held onto the back of the chair andpumped her hips faster trying to force Mr. Edwards tocum. She felt her own orgasm building. As she rocked onher heels faster and faster, Mr. Edwards reachedunderneath Elizabeth’s blouse and took both of hernipples between his thumb and forefinger and pinchedhard. This was too much for Elizabeth.
She’d never realized how sensitive her breasts were. AsMr. Edwards pinched her nipples, he pulled them outfrom the bra. Elizabeth exploded in orgasm moaning loudenough where it could be heard through the door. Mr.Edwards said nothing as he tensed. Feeling the swellingof his cock caused Elizabeth’s orgasm to increase inintensity.
Suddenly, Mr. Edwards took his cock from her cunt.Elizabeth moaned her disappointment until she heard Mr.Edwards ordered her to turn around and get on herknees. Elizabeth obediently complied and Mr. Edwards’scock pointed right at her lips. Elizabeth neverperformed oral sex with John but she instinctivelyseemed to know what to do.
Elizabeth opened her mouth and took almost half of Mr.Edwards’s cock inside. As Elizabeth swirled her tonguearound the massive tool, she pushed it into the slit atthe end tasting his precum. Mr. Edwards placed hishands on the back of Elizabeth’s head and forced hiscock further into her mouth. She felt the first splashof seminal fluid on the back of her throat and quicklyswallowed to prevent any from escaping. Mr. Edwardsshot another load into her mouth then pulled his cockout.
“Hold your mouth open,” he ordered as he furiouslystroked his cock. Elizabeth was able to catch theremaining to globs of cum and swallowed them as shewatched Mr. Edwards’s cock slowly go limp.
As Mr. Edwards replaced his cock in his pants andzipped his trousers, Elizabeth stood up and pulled downher skirt, waiting.
“I will not get the panties back,” Mr. Edwards said,“you are now the company ‘Slut’ and you are never towear any panties. You can clean up in my restroom, butyou are not to brush your teeth or drink water.”
Elizabeth hurried into the bathroom and pulled herskirt up and sat on the toilet. She could taste thesemen in her mouth and heard the cum dropping out ofher cunt into the water. She took some toilet paper andtried to wipe the residual from her cunt. Elizabethstood and looked in the mirror. Her face was flushed,but makeup was okay. She “fixed” her hair and smoothher skirt and came back into the office. Mr. Edwardswas sitting behind the desk again. Elizabeth came andstood in front of it.
Before leaving, Mr. Edwards gave Elizabeth specificinstructions. Elizabeth was to never wear panties. Herbras were to always be black and a size too small. Herskirts must be at least six inches above her knees andhis final instructions were that Elizabeth was to shaveher pussy and ass.
“You are officially the company ‘Slut,’ don’t let medown,” Mr. Edwards said to Elizabeth then dismissedher.
Elizabeth exited the office and saw John sitting andwaiting to go to lunch. Elizabeth panicked, John wouldwant to kiss her, but she had just let another man cumin her mouth. Before Elizabeth could think of what todo, John’s mouth was on hers and his tongue probing hermouth. The kiss lasted less than fifteen seconds andElizabeth was relieved when he did not mention her“tasting” funny.
Elizabeth went to her desk and grabbed her purse forlunch. As she walked out of the office with herhusband, she felt incredibly sexy wearing no panties.She felt the cum from Mr. Edwards slowly sliding downthe inside of her thigh and quickly told her husbandshe needed to use the restroom before leaving.
As Elizabeth re-entered the office, she thought shecould feel the stares of the other secretary’s and shewondered if they knew about her expanded job duties.